Thursday, April 30, 2009

New hair: Phase 2

*New updates at Boudoir-Boudoir!*

Sorry for the semi-disappearance! And huge apologies to those buyers of mine whom I promised to ship your stuff out.. T__T

The reason being, I was busy studying! 'Cause on Monday I suddenly remembered the reason I am home for one week wtf.
My professional exam! *shifty eyes*

I only found out very recently that if you are the top student for the exam, you get AUD700!! And god knows I need the money. *ka-ching in eyes wtf* But too late, if I really wanted to aim to be the top scorer, I would need to start studying a loooong time ago. Instead of only opening the carton which store my books the day before I pack to come home. Heh.

Haih, sometimes I am quite disappointed in myself. What happened to the girl who used to be so competitive and driven! The girl who is an extreme high achiever. Now I only aim to pass. -_- I mean, I am only home for ONE week! I much prefer playing and err shopping! Better utulisation of my time. :p

Anyway, the main point is.. I finished my exam this morning, WOOHOO! Time to pack away the books, and put on my party hat. :P


A lot of you have been asking me to post pictures of my new hair! *shy*

May I present you with some then! :)


Heehee, this is my favorite maggi goreng + ayam goreng at Melor's at USG20, by the way. :P

This is my new hair!

Sported some new curls, and a darker shade. :)

The darker shade is against my will though (and to Jing's dismay as well, 'cause we look similar again! -_-). I was supposed to get a shade only slightly darker than my previous shade... But when it was done, there were patches on top of my head which were still dark! T____T 'Cause my hair is really jet-black, so it is almost impossible to get any color onto it. T____T

So Yen had to re-dye the top of my head again, using a slightly darker shade, in order for the dye to turn out visible. So now my hair is darker on top, with lighter-clored ends! Fuck this shit. T____T

And during my dye-job, I accidentally got a little hair dye on my cheek, and no one realised. Now the patch won't budge no matter how hard I scrub and rub it... I look like I have a big pigmentation on my left cheek! F my life. T____T


Vintage floral midriff sweater with front pocket: Oldblossombox
Black pleated skirt: Times Square
Black bow hairband: Diva
Black ribbon strand pearls: Sister's
Canary yellow patent pumps with wooden wedge: Sunway Pyramid
Mustard yellow patent bag: Topshop

Monday, April 27, 2009

I 'loaf' birthdays.


What I have been up to recently...


Or precisely, what I was up to on my birthday! :P

Floral playsuit (worn as top): Bardot
Navy poof skirt: Tea & Sympathy
Striped belt with red buckle: Blackjetta
Red maryjanes: Topshop
Red 50's bow (on hair): Vintage
Gold bamboo bangle: Topshop
Chanel bag: Borrowed from Jing, heehee

This sounds so superficial, but I really couldn't decide what to wear on that day! Especially when Jing kept on telling me to be really dressy and fancy ('cause I was the b'day girl).

She tried brainwashing me that I am entitled to wear a ball gown since it's my birthday. -___-

In the end, I just decided to stick with bright colors, happy prints and bows and flowers... All my favorite elements. :P

But trust me to pick an outfit with urination complications WTF (read: playsuit + skirt -_-).

Fierce emo Jing. She got a new personality to suit her new dark hair wtf.

Why are my calves so muscular. T_T

Sisters: slitty eyes and big toothy grins.
We blame it on bad angles, heh,

My sister, the perennial beauty.

Err, I learnt a new word today-- 'perennial'! (sorry, I have no idea why my English has deteriorate so much, SIGH). Learnt it from a menu, haha!

I purposely wore this bamboo bangle on my birthday. Bamboo for longevity WTF.

We went to Pavilion... for a purpose. *mysterious grin wtf*
Will be revealed later. ;)

We had lunch/tea at The Loaf.

In full sohai glory. -_-


This is a really unique drink! It's called the Deep Freeze Latte.

When the waiter served the drink, I almost wanted to scold the poor guy wtf. 'Cause there were only a few brown cubes in the glass! As it turns out, the brown cubes are actually frozen coffee! Hot steamed milk will then be added, and voila, you get iced latte, literally! :D

The frozen coffee. I have always had asoft spot for food/drinks that are out of the norm. :P

Quite yummy too! :)

Jing's carbonara.

I looked like I had toothpicks stuck up my nose. -_-

My breaded prawn sandwich.

Food at The Load is pretty decent, and priced around RM20-RM40. However, the interior leaves much to be desired though! It reminds me of an old-fashioned restaurant (not in a good way). :/

Jing coudln't take the heat, and was forced to take off her leather jacket. Is it just us, but has it been really really unbearably hot recently??

We are talking about really really scorching hot aight! 'Cause Jing never ever lets anything ruin her pre-planned outfit, haha.

Being paranoid-- taking pictures and checking for wrinkles WTF.

My many expressions mid-chatter.

Hahaha, damn funny, Jing told me to remove the third picture, 'cause she said she doesn't want people to think that she is such a big glutton-- being able to polish off her plate of cream pasta, hahaha!

Obligatory pictures in the washroom. It used to be the Curve!

And now moving on to my presents! :)))

Remember that my laptop crashed?

HEEHEE, courtesy of daddy! :)))

And my dad is seriously damn joker! 'Cause he and Jing were the ones to book and customise the laptop... When the laptop arrived, my dad went to inform my sister "Nah, this is your sister's new latop", showing her his ancient VCR player! Jing's jaw nearly dropped on the floor ('cause her brain is damn slow)! HAHAHAHHA why is my father so random. Shit, I feel like walking to him now to pat his back and tell him "Good one good one" wtf.

And another very important present! :D :D :D

Courtesy of mommy (but using dad's credit card WTF).


I think you all can guess what it is right! *shy*

My new wallet! :)))) It's in a very cheery hot pink shade. :))))

Such a welcome change from my old wallet.

Jing saw this picture and screamed in horror wtf. Drama queen. -__-
But it really does look disgusting right! Never ever buy Dior wallets, the leather peeled off within 1 week for mine! =/

But aah, I love my new wallet, so pretty. :)))))


A nw year ahead of me, time for bigger, more powerful strides. :)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Hair: Phase 1.

I went to do my hair today! :)

Goodbye, hairstyle I have had for the past 4 months. That's 1/3 of a year! A really long time. :/

Our outfits! Feels so good to be dressing up with Jing, borrowing clothes, sharing make-up.. :)

Jing's happy-clappy outfit. The beanie was intended, 'cause she was afraid Yen will scold her for not blowdrying her hair right, HAHAHA!

Red shift dress with high-neck lace collar: Singapore
White leather belt with gold chain link: Miss Selfridge

Pink orchid corsage: Accessorize
Bracelet/bangles: Assorted

Bag: Prada

Floral print shoes with green rosette: Mom's

Feels sooooo good to not be working on a weekday, WAHAHAHA! *hysterical wtf*

I love love love love the high-neck red lace collar of my dress! But when Yen saw me, she asked me why did I dress like it's the first day of Chinese New year wtf. -__-

Eating take-away toast while I got my hair done. -_-

'Cause doing my hair is always a whole-day agenda! So we didn't even get to have lunch-- we went to Yen's straight away after we woke up (at noon wtf).

I hope Yen won't ban us from her shop.. T__T 'Cause we are starting to get a little too comfortable there! Here is the amount of food we consumed (and amount of rubbish that we created), heh.

Jing-- feeling the peer pressure 'cause everyone else in the shop was getting their hair done. So she shoved her head under the.. errr fish-bowl hair contraption wtf to fit in, hahaha!

Happy shoes! :)

And on to what I did to my hair...

I think you all can probably guess what I did? :P

Looking as if I had some medical contraption stuck on my head. I felt like Dr. Octopus from Spiderman! T___T

Acting like a monster. -__________-

And then, and then!

The sweetest thing happened. T__T

Halfway through steaming my hair (for the upteenth time for the day, I might add), suddenly Yen brought out a birthday cake with a candle all lit up! And all her assistants wanted to burst into a birthday song, to my immense protest wtf. But damn sweet right! T___T She said she wanted to text me yesterday, but decided to surprise me instead 'cause she knew I was going to go in. T___T

But I felt very akward, 'cause I felt trapped under the steamer, whilst everyone is chiming into cheers and songs around me!! Then Yen told me that she has been waiting for the whole day for me to be trapped like that, in order to get the perfect moment to present the cake to me. T__T Why is the world so harsh. T__T

Anyway, no pictures of my hair for the meantime! 'Cause technically my hair is only half-done! Work in progress wtf. 'Cause I still need to get a proper dye job! Feel like stabbing myself whenever I see my regrowth, bah. But I can only get my hair dyed on Monday... So more pictures then! :)

At the meantime, I am still trying to get used to seeing my new hair! Got a shock when I went to wash my face just now. -__-