Sunday, April 19, 2009

Birthday plans!

Ok, my brain was so dead on Friday night that I left out a really important point...

Y'see, I was supposed to be going home next weekend for a week!











*echo wtf*

It's great enough that I get to go home-- I haven't been back for 1 month!! And you all know I used to practically spend all my weekends back home in KL right. *dark* Add that to the fact that I will be back for ONE GLORIOUS WEEK, SEVEN, oh wait, it's NINE ('cause it's 5 weekdays + 2 weekends) SPLENDID DAYS! WAHHH!! :)))))

Actually I will be going home to sit for my professional exams-- the week is actually my study leave. *ignores this tiny bit of fact*

However, I have actually been trying to get my leave to be extended to start from next Thursday instead!!! So that I can celebrate my birthday back home. :) But my leave application was rejected, 'cause I was allocated to this job.

But well... Since we rushed and slogged last week, we are almost done! And my leave for next Thursday and Friday is NOW APPROVED! :D :D :D





God I am annoying. :P

Sorry, I am just so hyper over the fact that my break is going to start so soon! Like... in 3 days time. *teary eyes* And the fact that I get to be home for my birthday!! *starts bawling wtf* I really thought I will sit at home and blow candles to myself or something. :( And well.. the past 2 months have just been intense, non-stop work, I really wouldn't mind going home to be treated as a princess again! (i.e. don't have to do my own laundry, having meals served for me.. T__T)

Of course, I am also really hyper because I had a fabulous weekend with Smalls and Mey! Haven't laughed so much in quite a bit. In fact, I think I have quite a bit of abs now from all the laughing wtf. Will post up pictures once I compile everything from Mey's and my camera! :D

Anyway, 'cause it's so unexpected that I would get to be home for my birthday, I do not have any plans for the day! What should I do! Should I throw a party like last year? Have a quiet dinner with the boy? Nice girlie dinner with some close friends? Big house party like my 21st?

Come come, give me some ideas! 'Cause my birthday is like.. err 4 days away! Oh shit. =/

Ohhhh, speaking of my birthday! There is this Prada wallet I have been eyeing to get for myself as a birthday present... (to which I have been severely hinting to Jing to get for me WTF) And surprise surprise, last week, my cousin knocked on my door, and when I opened it, she handed to me a Coach paper bag and a Prada paper bag! :O :O :O And when I peeked into the Prada paper bag, I saw a wallet-size box in it. :O :O :O I really thought God has heard my prayers wtf.

But boo, it's actually my mom's shopping, from her last trip in Singapore. -_- She left it with my aunt, 'cause she thought I could help her claim the tax rebates if I catch a plane home, and since that didn't happen, my cousin just picked it up from my aunt's for me to bring it back home. Super anti-climatic lor. -__-

Anyway, I checked out the Prada wallet that mom bought, it's this full metallic gold long wallet! Not really my style. But err, I highly doubt my mom remembers these purchases of hers (it was in December), so I could just, ahem, borrow the Prada wallet and the Coach bag. Ahem. :P


Christian Girl in Harrods said...

Hahaha so funny one, God has heard your prayers, then super anti climatic...LOL.

Erm, birthday ah, gooo for a one-day trip with your loved ones, when you do not need to do anything and just relax and eat? :)

Yay for getting a week off!! :D

Anonymous said...

weeee! happy holidays! lol

are u taking CPA exam??

jeanchristie said...

happy birthday in advance dear =)

we really really must meet up soon okay!

btw, u can't claim GST rebates cos we've got EP -______-

pinogal said...

i sent you an email but you haven reply...wanna get the juju thing leh *lol

emilia said...

hi dear,

is emilia here, pls pls reply my mail regarding the parcel, i've wait for it more than a week -_-

hope to hear from u soon aite.


Jing said...

OMGGGGGGGGGGG I CAN"T WAITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!! :D Go sell her wallet and get yourself the one you wanted WTF! ;P

And Emilia I AM SORRYYYYY, i am supposed to ship it to you but i TOTALLY FORGOT, i am sooo sorry! T_____________T

revel in me said...

siewkwan: Haha, ou don't feel so mehhh!! I really thought presents were falling from sky to me. :P

Mmm, a trip sounds good! But my b'day will fall on a weekday though! *pensive*

Yayyy to break! <3

miss hazel: HEEHEE damn happy! And yess, why you so clever! :P

jean: Haha, so fast! :P Your off-peak started already? And BOO I didn't know that! T_T

pinogal: Oh no, so sorry, I have been so busy I didn't check my email!! Will reply you NOW! :P

emilia: Hi love, mailed you already! :)

xiang yun said...

Harlow ah, where is my dress which was previously yours? wtf

I think since you have been slogging off and working your bum-bum off, you deserve a nice relaxed dinner with your close ones at a fine/atas dining place. =] You deserve it ;)

Anonymous said...

awww so happy for you, huiwen! enjoy your holiday and good luck for your exam :) xx


Julie Ann said...

does that mena u'll be back this by this friday?
wanna go zouk to support jin at his cleo bachelor thing on friday? haha.
then erm, since we're already at zouk, you know what comes after *grins*