Monday, April 27, 2009

I 'loaf' birthdays.


What I have been up to recently...


Or precisely, what I was up to on my birthday! :P

Floral playsuit (worn as top): Bardot
Navy poof skirt: Tea & Sympathy
Striped belt with red buckle: Blackjetta
Red maryjanes: Topshop
Red 50's bow (on hair): Vintage
Gold bamboo bangle: Topshop
Chanel bag: Borrowed from Jing, heehee

This sounds so superficial, but I really couldn't decide what to wear on that day! Especially when Jing kept on telling me to be really dressy and fancy ('cause I was the b'day girl).

She tried brainwashing me that I am entitled to wear a ball gown since it's my birthday. -___-

In the end, I just decided to stick with bright colors, happy prints and bows and flowers... All my favorite elements. :P

But trust me to pick an outfit with urination complications WTF (read: playsuit + skirt -_-).

Fierce emo Jing. She got a new personality to suit her new dark hair wtf.

Why are my calves so muscular. T_T

Sisters: slitty eyes and big toothy grins.
We blame it on bad angles, heh,

My sister, the perennial beauty.

Err, I learnt a new word today-- 'perennial'! (sorry, I have no idea why my English has deteriorate so much, SIGH). Learnt it from a menu, haha!

I purposely wore this bamboo bangle on my birthday. Bamboo for longevity WTF.

We went to Pavilion... for a purpose. *mysterious grin wtf*
Will be revealed later. ;)

We had lunch/tea at The Loaf.

In full sohai glory. -_-


This is a really unique drink! It's called the Deep Freeze Latte.

When the waiter served the drink, I almost wanted to scold the poor guy wtf. 'Cause there were only a few brown cubes in the glass! As it turns out, the brown cubes are actually frozen coffee! Hot steamed milk will then be added, and voila, you get iced latte, literally! :D

The frozen coffee. I have always had asoft spot for food/drinks that are out of the norm. :P

Quite yummy too! :)

Jing's carbonara.

I looked like I had toothpicks stuck up my nose. -_-

My breaded prawn sandwich.

Food at The Load is pretty decent, and priced around RM20-RM40. However, the interior leaves much to be desired though! It reminds me of an old-fashioned restaurant (not in a good way). :/

Jing coudln't take the heat, and was forced to take off her leather jacket. Is it just us, but has it been really really unbearably hot recently??

We are talking about really really scorching hot aight! 'Cause Jing never ever lets anything ruin her pre-planned outfit, haha.

Being paranoid-- taking pictures and checking for wrinkles WTF.

My many expressions mid-chatter.

Hahaha, damn funny, Jing told me to remove the third picture, 'cause she said she doesn't want people to think that she is such a big glutton-- being able to polish off her plate of cream pasta, hahaha!

Obligatory pictures in the washroom. It used to be the Curve!

And now moving on to my presents! :)))

Remember that my laptop crashed?

HEEHEE, courtesy of daddy! :)))

And my dad is seriously damn joker! 'Cause he and Jing were the ones to book and customise the laptop... When the laptop arrived, my dad went to inform my sister "Nah, this is your sister's new latop", showing her his ancient VCR player! Jing's jaw nearly dropped on the floor ('cause her brain is damn slow)! HAHAHAHHA why is my father so random. Shit, I feel like walking to him now to pat his back and tell him "Good one good one" wtf.

And another very important present! :D :D :D

Courtesy of mommy (but using dad's credit card WTF).


I think you all can guess what it is right! *shy*

My new wallet! :)))) It's in a very cheery hot pink shade. :))))

Such a welcome change from my old wallet.

Jing saw this picture and screamed in horror wtf. Drama queen. -__-
But it really does look disgusting right! Never ever buy Dior wallets, the leather peeled off within 1 week for mine! =/

But aah, I love my new wallet, so pretty. :)))))


A nw year ahead of me, time for bigger, more powerful strides. :)


PVB said...

nice skirt! and you look so lovely..can't wait to see your presents now :P

Joshua said...

Jing's outfit really rocks her new hair!

I thought the red bow was your Ferragamo bow! Haha. We haven't seen you wear it yet!

(Wait, you bought red right? Not black?, cannot remember wtf)

Can't wait to see your new hair, finale wtf

jaclyn said...

awwww... i wish i could be there to hand you presents myself, but alas i am a bad friend for wishing you late and giving you a belated present (which will arrive when julie goes back to kl, or when you come). still love ya tho!

sherlyn said...

gal. i love ur top!!!!!! n u r so damn cute wit the bow!!!!!!!!!!*SWEET n CHARMING*

xiang yun said...

Flowery things just look amazing on you =] and the bow :O:O:O so BERCANTIK!

karyn said...

you look forever young and pretty!! *jealoussss* hahaha. happy belated birthday dear! hope you had many happy returns. :) cheers!

revel in me said...

PVB: Thank you, it's my sister's! She is a collector of skirts wtf. :P It's up! :D

joshua: YAAA but unfortunately for the most part of the day she felt like a roasted chicken ('cause too hot in her leather jacket) wtf! My ferragamo bow is black! How can you forget!! Are you a true friend wtf!! I wore it for the night's dinner! *shy*


jaclyn: Haha, you are not a bad friend! /boo I miss you!! LIFE SUCKS how many years haven't you celebrated my b'day with me.. T__T

sherlyn: It's not a top! It's a playsuit, hehe! Super impractical when I want to pee! T__T

xiangyun: Wee..ell, floral prints are my weakness.. so YAY! :P EHHH you so clever, that's my favorite bow! :D

karyn: AAHHH why jealous! I bet you are way younger than me! T__T Thank you dear! <333

Katie ♥ said...

Happy belated birthday Hui Wen!:)

Oh I've been searching for that floral playsuit everywhere and I couldn't find it anymore :(

I was at Prada today and I saw the exact same wallet and I wanted to get it in purple! But then I went to LV and saw another bangle which I like more. Sigh, girls are so fickle. Haha.

Love the wallet! :)

Jing said...

'Loaf' Birthdays, good one good one wtf! :D :D :D

And damnittt, ask u not to put u still put, now the whole world knows i am a fat glutton, F my life WTF! T____T

PVB said...

omg nice prada wallet @_@
so did u sleep with your new wallet hehehe

mustardqueen said...

eh i thought ur getting a long one but the pink very nice!!! Should i now get a longer version wtf!!!!! :D AND BOOOOO i dun get to try new places with you all and good news my exams finish on the 23rd of June so i can be back SLIGHTLY earlier and i might go back later cos first week of uni is bullshit wtf

The Faux Fashionista said...

EEEEEE nice wallet! Love the color! And awesome outfits as usual. Happy beelated birthday! <3

IntanCHLY said...

Yes it has been so hot lately!!

I wanna see your new hair already!

revel in me said...

katie!: Thank you! :) Is the playsuit from a more recent collection? 'Cause I got ti from Camberwell for like AUD3, hehe! I thought it's vintage or something WTF. And I can't get purple, 'cause Teeny has one in that color! Sisterhood yo. And pink is more me. <3 But yea, I saw your blog, the lv bangle IS very very pretty! <3

jing: Ya la, wit runs in the family! *clutches hand* :P And AIYA I thought everyone knows already WTF! :P

PVB: Thank you! :) Heehee, I didn't sleep with it in bed, but it's still at my bedside, nicely wrapped and all! Sayang to use.. T__T

mustardqueen: I would have preferred it long (wtf sounds so wrong!!), but they don't have that shade in a long version! And err where you get so much money to buy a new wallet.. *scared* And what about your purple one!! -_-

YAYY faster come home! I want to quit my job and just stay home and be with you girls and live happily ever after.. T_T

faux fashionista: Heee I know, I fell in love with the color immediately! <3 Thanks love! :)

IntanCHLY: YAA so annoying! I need an internal air cond wtf! Your wish is my command! :P

Eve said...

happy belated birthday!!
you seems to be always so happy and chirpy!! and also damn lucky ... :)

Christian Girl in Harrods said...

Yea, when u stated playsuit I was thinking how did u pee then??hahaha. Anyways, glad u enjoyed your birthday! I especially love the last line of this post. :)

Anonymous said...

i loveee your red maryjane frm topshop !
may i knw which topshop ? cs ive been looking ft that shoe like , forever :):)

Anonymous said...

and and are you the owner of velvet ribbon ? cs it looks like you . :D

Anonymous said...

where is your boyfriend? the important ones :)

Anonymous said...

happy belated birthday hui wen! :)

tiff said...

happy belated birthday :D :D

stay fabulous. and keep posting pictures of your pretty outfits. very inspiring :D

revel in me said...

eve: Hahaha. don't forget noisy and loud! :P Hee, thanks! <3

siewkwan: Hahahaha ya la, I always wear the most inconvenient outfits wtf! Remember when I wore a swimsuit and high waisted jeans!! -_- Thanks lovee! :D

anonymous: I LOVE THEM TOO! :D My sis bought them for me, 'cause I gave her strict instructions to hunt them down for me (although I was in s'pore), hehe! but I saw one or 2 pairs left in midvalley today! :)

And I am not! My sis is VR's owner! Do we look alike!

anonymous: He hasn't given me yet! T____T

anonymous: Thank youuuu! :D :D :D

tiff: You are too sweet! :D I WILL! <3