Friday, April 03, 2009

Career move.

Sometimes I think I am really damn damn funny.

I made people laughed till they spurt rice and tears streamed down their faces today.
Not by doing something stupid hor, 'cause of my witty punchlines. *pats back*

There're loads of things you can say about me, but you can never say I am not entertaining. ;)

Haih, maybe I should be a stand-up comedian wtf. At least it will be a more fulfilling job than what I am doing now.

It's Friday tomorrow!!!

*perks up*


Anonymous said...

yay oasis!!!!!! when is it and where??? so lucky!!!

PVB said...

enjoy the concert with the boyfriend ya!

fourfeetnine said...

when are u going to be free to meet up with me and er renew our friendship WTF

Mrs Chong said...

I think you are funny too... =)) From your blog post and all...hehehe...I was leaving a comment in audrey's blog and I was thinking, why I never leave a comment in your blog? So I decided to drop by and say hi for the first time. =)

revel in me said...

anonymous: This Sunday, in singapore! I KNOWWW!! *excited* :D

PVB: Thank you dearrr!! :)))

fourfeetnine: Last week of april!! CONFIRMED!! Restrenghten the bond WTF *clutches hand

ping ping: Aww, that so sweet of you! :)))) Thank you.. T____T