Thursday, April 09, 2009

Good Friday!

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'Cause not only it's Friday tomorrow, it's also Good Friday, and that means PUBLIC HOLIDAY in Singapore!

*pushes the thought that I need to work tomorrow out of my mind*

Yesss, it's quite tragic that I will need to work over the weekend; in fact, tomorrow I need to go to my client's-- which means it's kind of like a normal working day... BUT I am grateful for the opportunity to sleep in! Will probably go in around 11pm-- which means an additional few hours of sleep! * gets teary at the thought*

I have been exhausted!! Prior to this weekend, I have been working straight (inclusive of weekends) for 20-odd days? And as for the recent weekend, the boyfriend was down, so I had to play host and entertain him wtf. Used a lot of energy to make the boyfriend put on a bird nest mask by force WTF.

I just want to sleep and sleep and sleep and sleep! If I was Snow White, I will purposely bite on the poisonous apple just so I can take a long nap WTF.

And you got it right, it's a 3-day weekend! Usually I would be on my way home back to KL already (in fact, at this time I should have just reached KL T_T)! But I knew that it's the busiest time of my job for the next 2 weeks or so, so I didn't even bother to get tickets. T_T In office just now, one of my colleagues who is from KL as well, just got the bomb dropped on him that he needs to work the weekend-- when he has already bougth bus tickets to go home. All I could do was to pat his shoulder sympathetically. :(

I am just trying to focus on one good thing at a time... The long weekend (though I have to work), Smalls coming down on Sunday for 1 week (hip hip hurray), and then the week after that-- I WILL BE HOME FOR 1 WEEK! :D :D :D

My mild grin which looked more like a grimace wtf. Maybe the boyfriend was reciting one of his famous lame jokes! Like:

Papa red bean pau, Mama red bean pau, and Baby red bean pau went out shopping. Suddenly, a car came and banged Baby red bean pau down. Why did Papa red bean pau slapped Mama red bean pau after that?


'Cause Baby red bean pau was oozing kaya.


Me and King of Lame Jokes wtf.

Pictures were al from his weekend down here! Strictly speaking, he wasn't down for a weekend, more like a day only! So short. T_T

We were at New York New York. I think there is a branch in OU (ground floor, new wing)!

White chocolate mocha. I need caffeine to get me through the day!

Roast chicken sandwich. Which I deeply regretted, 'cause we all know that I have an appetite of a horse WTF.

The boyfriend's cream sauce spaghetti and grilled pork chop. I felt like this was a dish right out of Kim Gary's! :P

Caution: regrowth alert! I can't wait to go back home, to go back to Yen, and let her salvage my hair. T___T

New hairstyle coming up soon, I promise, I swear! *excited*

Super obscene picture WTFFF.

Hhahahah they were actually banana containers. WTF man who keeps individual bananas in containers ahahahahhaha!

We were actually in Daiso! I never knew that there were so many things in there.. T__T In fact, both of us got separated in the store, and couldn't find each other for like 15 minutes. T__T But very fun to browse through! :) In fact, I bought quite a few things there.. T__T I can shop anywhere wan.. T_T

And I found pearl hangers, sooo pretty! My new wardrobes would look so good with them... *dreamy sigh* But it cost SGD2 for one! I did a quick tabulation, and I would need about 200 hangers to fill up the 2 new cupboards... which is about SGD400 WTFF. Then I thought I will just get ONE! Use as decoration WTF. But I forgot. *dark*


Electric blue floral dress with retro tie-knot cape: Vintage (Australia)
Electric blue nautical peeptoe wedges: Charles & Keith
Yellow flower earrings with pearls: Topshop
Plastic pale yellow bangle with danglies wtf: Topshop
Bag: Marc Jacobs

4 minutes away from weekend. *bliss* :D


electronicfly said...

there's Daiso in the Curve.

But I've not gone before.

Hope you find your pearl hangers there.

But don't spend too much ya.

HAHAHAHA playing with smileys so fun.

KITMEY said...

erm did i read it wrongly, are you going to work at 11pm? so hardworking?!? hahahah!

Ga yau at work! n i love newyork newyork!

PVB said...

hui wen i like your hair, i like your shoes, i like your bangle, i like your dress. can't wait to see your new hair..fai tit fai tit!

Joshua said...

Love the shoes!

T.T I hate peak periods too. I've got a week's break for Easter but lots of homework, MEH

xiang yun said...

WTF too excited bwahahhaa =]

Drink more water. Don't know why I said that, but since you're overworking, just remember to drink lots of water :)

Jade said...

Hui Wen are you going to take your CPA exam?

revel in me said...

electronicfly: Hahahhaah why you so cute! :D

Even cuter than me. D:

But ooh, I didn't know there is Daiso in Curve! :D

I think I will shop a lot there. D:


kitmey: HAHAHHA oops I meant 11am! T___T We will meet up next week right, when smalls is here! :)

PVB: Why are you so sweet! <333 I hope the curls will turn out right! What if I look like an auntieee!!

joshua: Hehehe, cute right! I wear them for work WTF. And oh no, that sucks! Working during holidays should be BANNED! >=(

xiangyun: From charles & keith!! Maybe they still have it! :P And /boo you are so caring! <3

revel in me said...

jade: YESHHHH coming end april! :)

Accyee said...

LOVE the dress! i want to get lost in your wardrobe!

pinogal said...

is it possible to ask you to help me get the hyluronic acid essence juju that you recommanded? cause it is no longer selling in sg =l

revel in me said...

accyee: Hahaha, waht if you suffocate underneath! T___T

pinogal: Hmm, is it the serum that I am using? Sure thing, email me? :)

pinogal said...

hmmm, i donno your email...LOL

my email is though. ya the serum you're using, i saw your entry and asked sasa and they said they don carry it anymore...! SOBS

btw, i'm as much as a shopaholic as you =D just tat i don have so many closets to squeeze my clothes plus don have e income also...LOL! Students are poor...=l

Sasha said...

hui wen,your marc jacobs bag is sooooooooo pretty! *screams*
and your bangle looks like baby toy lol..u know the one that we use it to distract babies? cute!

revel in me said...

pinogal: My email add is on my blog! :P And haha, if you don't have closets, then how to keep the clothes! T__T Put them on the floor like how I did ar.. T___T

sasha: HEEEE I super love my mj bag too! One of my best best buys! <3 And HAHAHAH I never thought of my bangle as that! But quite true HAHA! :P