Saturday, April 25, 2009

Hair: Phase 1.

I went to do my hair today! :)

Goodbye, hairstyle I have had for the past 4 months. That's 1/3 of a year! A really long time. :/

Our outfits! Feels so good to be dressing up with Jing, borrowing clothes, sharing make-up.. :)

Jing's happy-clappy outfit. The beanie was intended, 'cause she was afraid Yen will scold her for not blowdrying her hair right, HAHAHA!

Red shift dress with high-neck lace collar: Singapore
White leather belt with gold chain link: Miss Selfridge

Pink orchid corsage: Accessorize
Bracelet/bangles: Assorted

Bag: Prada

Floral print shoes with green rosette: Mom's

Feels sooooo good to not be working on a weekday, WAHAHAHA! *hysterical wtf*

I love love love love the high-neck red lace collar of my dress! But when Yen saw me, she asked me why did I dress like it's the first day of Chinese New year wtf. -__-

Eating take-away toast while I got my hair done. -_-

'Cause doing my hair is always a whole-day agenda! So we didn't even get to have lunch-- we went to Yen's straight away after we woke up (at noon wtf).

I hope Yen won't ban us from her shop.. T__T 'Cause we are starting to get a little too comfortable there! Here is the amount of food we consumed (and amount of rubbish that we created), heh.

Jing-- feeling the peer pressure 'cause everyone else in the shop was getting their hair done. So she shoved her head under the.. errr fish-bowl hair contraption wtf to fit in, hahaha!

Happy shoes! :)

And on to what I did to my hair...

I think you all can probably guess what I did? :P

Looking as if I had some medical contraption stuck on my head. I felt like Dr. Octopus from Spiderman! T___T

Acting like a monster. -__________-

And then, and then!

The sweetest thing happened. T__T

Halfway through steaming my hair (for the upteenth time for the day, I might add), suddenly Yen brought out a birthday cake with a candle all lit up! And all her assistants wanted to burst into a birthday song, to my immense protest wtf. But damn sweet right! T___T She said she wanted to text me yesterday, but decided to surprise me instead 'cause she knew I was going to go in. T___T

But I felt very akward, 'cause I felt trapped under the steamer, whilst everyone is chiming into cheers and songs around me!! Then Yen told me that she has been waiting for the whole day for me to be trapped like that, in order to get the perfect moment to present the cake to me. T__T Why is the world so harsh. T__T

Anyway, no pictures of my hair for the meantime! 'Cause technically my hair is only half-done! Work in progress wtf. 'Cause I still need to get a proper dye job! Feel like stabbing myself whenever I see my regrowth, bah. But I can only get my hair dyed on Monday... So more pictures then! :)

At the meantime, I am still trying to get used to seeing my new hair! Got a shock when I went to wash my face just now. -__-


Anonymous said...

hey ! where do you do hair ? mind to share ?

mustardqueen said...

Eh eh i thought jing wanted to do the same thing also?? Then u two will STILL look the same wtfffff :P:P:P

Joshua said...

Ting: LOL! Err, they'll have different hair colour?

Happy Birthday again! Wtf. Yen's so sweeeeeeeett, and the tongue-out pic is very scary/funny hahahahahaha

Can't wait to see pictures on Monday, please update promptly wtf


KITMEY said...

Ouuu u curled ur hair am i right.

irene said...

ur hairdresser Yen is so nice!!! happy belated bday!! :D

p/s: can't wait to see ur new hairstyle!! *excited*

pinogal said...

I've sent you email abt the juju thingsy asking for your acc no...=l no reply yet.. *SOBS

revel in me said...

anonymous: I do my hair at Wenawave, my hairstylist is Yen! She is the most awesome everrr! :)

mustardqueen: T____________________T Ya la! But don't worry I already apid off Yen, she si going to give Jing an afro WTFFF

joshua: HAHAHAHA (to the different hair color) :P

Thank you!! You are so sweet too! Besides the fact that you called me scary wtf. Err I come over in august and help you cut?? *innocent* :)

kitmey: Come back and see!! See whether you approve or not.. T_T

irene: Hee, ya she is damn nice! <3 Thanks love! And AAHH can't wait for my dye job on monday, for the full transformation to take place! :P

pinogal: Oh sorry love, I thought I replied you? Hmm.. I will go reply you now! :)

Christian Girl in Harrods said...

U did curls??? WOOHOO, I can't wait to see!!!! excited!

Anonymous said...

weeeee! i cant wait to see ur curls!! XD

Shikin Hambali said...

huhu so cute

xiang yun said...

Happy Chinese New Year ---- I mean Happy Birthday! wtf ahahahhaa why your hairdresser so sweet! I doubt mine even knows my name! wuwuwu

Eunice said...

Happy Birthday! :D

PVB said...

*waiting impatiently for hui wen's new hair pictures :) i'm sure you look good

Anonymous said...

wenawave in sg wang?yen the loreal ambassador?

Anonymous said...

how much for for dying ur whole hair?

The Faux Fashionista said...

OOOO I can't wait to see pikchahhhhhhs!!!! I seriously need a dye job but I don't want to stress my already fried hair out :( Plus regrowth is SUCH a pain...

revel in me said...

siewkwan miss hazel: hehehe, soon! :P

shikin hambali: Thanks! :P

xiang yun: Are you still delirious from your finals! :P Yaaa I also dunno why is she so sweet! T____T

eunice: Thanksss! <3

PVB: Awww, you are so sweet, love! <3 I am going for my dye job tomorrow, cross your finagers for me! :P

Anonymous: Yep, Yen, Wenawave, Times Sqaure!

Anonymous: It's RM350 for me, but I have a massive amount of hair, so that's not a good gauge! :)

faux fashionista: My hair is quite fried too, I think! T__T But I desperately need (and want) a hair makeover! :P