Monday, April 06, 2009

I dedicate this to you.

The boyfriend left today. :(((( It's bad enough to have the typical Monday blues, imagine I had to leave the boyfriend at the train station to board the MRT for work (he didn't have to leave yet, 'cause his bus back to KL will depart at a later time)!! And the next time I will see him will be 3 weeks later. :((((

Usually whenever we part ways when he come visit me in S'pore, I will cry. :( But I didn't this time, 'cause I had to put on a strong front and brave the throngs of working people. :( Have to put on a strong front, 'cause work is awaiting me. :(

And the funny thing is, I am not sure whether it's a blessing in disguise, I was so busy today, I didn't have time to be emotional or think about the boyfriend going further and further from me in the bus! So busy until I didn't even have time to breathe.

Until I come back into my room, that is. :( What I wouldn't give to see his denim jeans strewn so carelessly on my fan, and scaring me into thinking it's a leg WTF.



I am going to dedicate this post to him. The boy who claims he is SO broke, but buys two Oasis concert shirts. The following entry is actually about Confessions of a Shopaholic! :) Jing and I managed to catch it when I was back last weekend! :))))

And it's dedicated to the boyfriend 'cause he's fast turning into one of us WTF. He unleashed his inner shopaholic in Singapore this weekend, hahaha! Wait till you all hear what he bought! Or rather, what I bought for him. *gloom*

Enough about the boy, pictures of us when he was down will be up in another entry (Oasis wooot!), at the meantime.. HAVE YOU ALL WATCHED CONFESSIONS OF A SHOPAHOLIC YET! :D :D :D

Jing and I, on a very impromptu whim, decided we had to watch Shopaholic together! Which makes sense, 'cause who a better partner to watch the movie with than each other's favorite shopping partner! /boo (Teeny don't be jealous wtf, if you are here, you know we will watch together /boo) And as I wouldn't be home for another 3 weeks, it was kind of a do-or-die thing!

Which is okay, except that we decided to watch the movie at 5pm. And we all know how hard it is to get tickets on a weekend right! As we were out (lunching in Sushi Groove), we had no choice but to call our brother to book for us online. He refused to! 'Cause he was at the cybercafe and he rather continue gaming wtf. With a stroke of brilliance, Jing called her boyfriend (in Canada) to book for us-- with the Internet, there is no geographical barriers wtf. But Jing's boyfriend was at a funeral!!! Jing turned to me with wide eyes, and asked me whether my boyfriend could help us book. And I had no choice but to break the news to her that my boyfriend was in Penang cleaning gravestones for Cheng Beng.

In the end, we decided to take a risk, and just pop by at Pavilion (not without trying on 101 outfits first wtf)! Our hopes was that the cinema will release those phone-booking tickets. And we succeeded! Best seats in the house in fact. *shiny eyes*

I knotted my hair in a bun for most part of the day, and voila, when I let it down, I had soft waves! So pretty! *teary* But it became straight after like 15minutes. *dark*

Good face day! Haven't had much of those since my peak period started. T_T



I can't help giggling whenever I see these pictures, 'cause we look like we were superimposed onto it right!

Red satin tube bustier dress with red back bow: Curve
Leopard print chiffon corsage: Miss Selfidge
Harlequin print corsage: Topshop
Rolled-up mgazine clutch: Singapore
Multicolor sequined pumps: Macao

Love the bow at the back! :)
This dress will be going onto Boudoir-Boudoir soon. :)

It's scary the amount of guys in the cinema for Shopaholic! :O In fact, on either side of us, there were 2 pairs of guys! Like, boy + boy, not as in boys with a group of friends! Looks like the world is more metrosexual than I thought wtf.

I think the movie was so-so only though! I thought it was not frivalous enough, haha! There were not enough shopping! Though I can identify about they stressed in the movie that shopping makes your life better... *dreamy*

Ghost wtf.

Don't you adore my magazine clutch!!! If I tuck it under my arm, it completely looks like a rolled-up magazine!! I will never be robbed! :D

But of course now that I show the whole world, everyone will know it's not a magazine. *droops head*

Just the thought of shopping puts us on a giddy high wtf.


PVB said...

hui wen you look gorgeous in red and i heart your shoes!

Nana said...

I heart your mag cluth! :)))

Joce said...

Nice outfit! Love how u match the mag cluth, harlequin print corsage and multicolor pumps with a plain red dress.. stands out so well! :D

melissa said...

love the spontaneous and colourful portraits and you do look nice in bright colours!

Christian Girl in Harrods said...

Yes I like your clutch! I like your everything la. :D

Anonymous said...

i like jing's Q outfit..

xiang yun said...

Love the last picture =] reminds me of a time when we were all carefree and had nothing in the world to worry about but just being happy.

Sorry, emo phase wtf

mustardqueen said...

HAH!! I watch it like early march wtf why u so late wan hahahahaa =PP and yes i know even im not there we'll ALL dress up for the movie T_T

sherlyn said...

wow u both look fab! i love ur Harlequin print corsage ahha~ so cute:p n ur shoes r so stunning!!!i wanna meet u in person one day!!! weepie!!! i ve meet Jing tat day n i was like ..owhh cant sleep! hahah u both really good in dressing up! Jing's oufit colour matched up in a really nice n comfortable way...owh *lovie* :p

revel in me said...

PVB: Woww, thanks love! <333

Nana: Hehehe, damn cute right! :D

joce: Thank you! :) I love colors la! :P

melissa: That's really sweet of you! <3

siewkwan: Hee, you too nice to me la! :P

anonymous: Haha, ya, we were trying to emulate a little it of isla fisher in the movie, plus bits and pieces of our personal style! :D

xiang yun: Haha, ya la, why you so emo! :P

mustardqueen: Err 'cause m'sia recently released the movie? -_-

sherlyn: Wahhh why you think so highly of us! T____T What if you meet me and hate me.. T_____T Mwahhsss, let fate bring us together! *drama* :D :D :D

Jing said...

My love, you look very pretty in the first picture! T__________________T

Thank God there were tickets, because no way can we channel Isla Fisher AGAIN HAHAHAHAH!!!

Sue Lin said...

Yeah, ur first few pictures are REALLY REALLY GOOD, red suits ya!

Its Wednesday, maybe go catch the movie with my sis n mom later!

Accyee said...

I love your shoes!

Eve said...

i really like your earring! It's really nice :D

and your sister dressing was fab. you guys always amaze me dressing up like that going to Mall or just a stroll out..haiz, i'll never have the guts to wear like you guys.. envy..or afford to dress like u guys hehe

etcetera; said...

yealoh yealoh(not very relevant to post), when i walked into the departure hall, i almost ran back to my bf. :(
i'll only see him in 2 months' time.

revel in me said...

Jing: Thank youuuu! T__T Remember when I snapped the picture in the car while you were driving, and I told you, 'omg omg i look so pretty in these pictures!' and you ignored me WTF. :P YAAA stress-nya to think of another outfit! *clutches hands*

sue lin: Hahhaa really meh, it's red?? I thought it's just 'cause i had enough sleep, haha! :P

accyee: I love them too! <3

eve: The earrings were my sister's! :) And haha, we think life is too short to NOT dress up! :P

belinda: Aaah I know that feeling too well! T_T But look at it this way, 2 months will pass by before you know it! :)))

Anonymous said...