Monday, April 20, 2009

It's an emergency.

Last Saturday, I had an emergency!

I was sleeping my world away on Saturday morning, but I got a lot of text messages. -_- And phone calls. -_- From Jing's buyers in Singapore.. Smalls (whom was supposed to stay with me over the weekend. Jiren, whom stalks me for Smalls' sake... HAIHHH why can't people let me sleep.. T_____T

After I reluctantly rolled out of bed at 2.30 pm, I called Smalls to make plans for the day. And called Mey to ask her along.

Me: *waits groggily for Mey to pick up her mobile* Hi, Mey! Want to go out later?
Mey: *pause* Haven't you heard?
Me: Huh??
Mey: I have an.. emergency.
Me: HUH? Are you ok? *pause* Do you have to WORK??? (wtf crazy already, jaded by work)
Mey: Hah, no la! I have a fashion show!

Hahahahahhahaha! Only Mey will treat a fashion show as an emergency!

Anyway, to cut the story short, Mey had a last-minute stint to be a model for a designer competition! Her nickname isn't called Daddy Longlegs for no reason wtf.

Pretty Mey. *adoring*

Alas, our plans to support her doing her catwalk didn't work out! *cough Smalls was late cough* But at least we made it for the prize-giving session. The moment Smalls and I reached the crowd near the stage, we were like FUCKK WE ARE TOO SHORT FOR THIS! And stared pushing our way through wtf. We can be very agressive when we want to. :P

Though we were late, we more than made it up with our loud whoops for Mey k! Smalls and I weren't known in our schools (we were from separate high schools btw) for loudspeakers for nothing wtf. And we were like kampung people, hahaha, 'cause Smalls was like, "Is Ah Mey the prettiest there??", and I would nod and say primly "Of course la, our Ah Mey is the prettiest among them all!" HAHAHAHHA I think the crowd wanted to slap us. And Smalls, that idiot, cheered super loudly and yelled Mey's name non-stop when they wanted to award the prize. I had to nudge her, and tell her "Eh, woman, this is not a modelling competition" -__-

Smalls: Huh? You mean not Mey design the dress and model it herself ar? Like Project Runway?

HAHAHAHAHHA OMG seriously a bad case of 'We 'R' Retards' la.

Mey again, I took such a pretty picture of her! :)

I couldn't see what was happening on the stage. T__T I just stretched my hands as high as I could to snap pictures of the stage, and see the happenings onstage through my pictures. Fuck my life. T___T

Got bored of taking pictures of Mey, on focused on other objects. :P

Mey receiving her vouchers, part of her gifts for being one of the models.

I told Mey she is born to be a model, 'cause if someone were to tell me I need to wear a midriff-baring top, no way can it be a last minute thing, they will have to at least tell me 5 days before so I can starve myself wtf. T_T

Coffee time!

Thoroughly engrossed. :)

... with the menu wtf.

Smalls looking like a proud pregnant mother reading stories to her baby in her womb WTF.

Smalls said we look to angry in our poring-over-menu pictures, hence the joyous expression. -_-

Wedges with cheese dip! One of my favorite pick-me-up is deep fried food wtf.

My very tall iced cappucino! Tall like Kit Mey wtf.

Then we hit Bugis for some cheap shopping! :)

Women with a purpose. :P


My bangs are so long that I. Can't. Freaking. See. T_T

My boyfriend praised me just now, saying that I look nice for a girl going through her audit peak period! But later does he know that the pictures were from last week, before I went through work hell. T__T

Good also la, my bangs are so long, can cover eyebags. T__T


Going to tag him on Facebook now HAHAHAHAH.

Mey let out a gasp of deligh and darted into this shop, and I thought she saw a cute dress or soemthing. She actually saw a wig and started admiring the curls and stroking it. -_____-

Then when she left the shop, we saw the sales assistant adjusting back the wig, HAHAHAH. After the sales assistant walked away, I made Mey go back into the shop to take this picture HAHAHAHHA.


Red plaid dress with scooped neck and ruffled tier skirt: Cotton On
Red satin bow hairband: Heeren, Singapore
Pearl strands: Assorted
Beetle bug necklace: Equip, Australia
Studded black heels: Zara
Bag: Marc Jacobs

I actually wanted to match the outfit with my preppy Pedro Lopez shoes! (which totally kills your feet btw) T_T But unfortunately, we were going for drinks straight after Bugis, and being the vainpots we are, we opt for a change of clothes! So I need a pair of shoes that could match both my oufits for the day. T__T

At Hooters. :D
The boys all rolled their eyes when they found out we wanted to dine in Hooters!

The sign behind Smalls said: "Hooters' waitresses are flattery-operated"


Jiren. :)

Who came up amazing insights. -__-

He said that:

Smalls looked young and vibrant.

I looked sexually frustruated WTF, 'cause my hair was messy. -_________-

And that Mey looked like she just put her baby to sleep after a long day, HAHAHA.

Poor thing la, Mey, she was really exhausted after her modelling stint during the day! :(

But still, she looked so pretty in her candid pictures. :)

We spent a huge part of the night talking about strip clubs and their experiences (Jiren's and Mey's) in one. -_-

I am going to one in Melbourne comign August, I promise! Along with my sisters. ;P Will I get stoned to death for bringing my sisters to the dark side ar wtf.

Flat Hair Flat always. :) (I just realised both Smalls and Mey have curls. -__________-)

Looking quite haggard after one whole day of being out, boo.

We were at Clarke Quay, and I think we are getting old! 'Cause we ended in Coffee Club, having iced coffee and eating calamari rings instead of sipping on martinis and getting wasted. T_T

Kenny: Jaclyn is really skinny!
Us: YAA!
Kenny: She is as skinny as a pillar... Like that one! *points*

HAHAHHAH WTF that is a bloody boulder ok! The Kenny got all shy, and said that he meant a thin pillar, hahaha. Anyhow, I tagged Jaclyn in this picture on Facebook, haha!


流浪汉 瑜伽 Yoga Tramp said...

nice blog, hai friend u r invite to my blog, i wan share my living of art to u, thk

Katie ♥ said...

Oooh the Cotton On pinafore looks so cute! I saw it but they were out of small sizes I damn sadddd :(

You look great in it btw! :)

mizzvickz said...

kit mey lokos like she lost weightttt. so thin!! but so niceeee ><

revel in me said...

katie: Singapore got! :P Thank you love! <3

vic: SHE DID! She is so skinny now!! /boo can we meet up this weekend.. :D

Unknown said...
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jaclyn said...

and i was wtf-ing all the time when u tagged that picture that me. i thought u meant i was a tiang lampu cos jian cai and joel have their gf's over all the time and i'm always alone wtf wtf.

anyway, i'm so jealoussssssssssssssss you girls got to hang out *sniff*

Christian Girl in Harrods said...

hahahaha, so funny about the tiang.

mustardqueen said...

EH U GOT COTTON ON THERE HOR BUT I GOT U THAT SKIRT!! PLS DUN BUY ARRR!!!!! T________________________________T OMG if u know any strip clubs bring me there ok i dunno where, heard dandenong got alot wtf very near me AHAHAHAHAH :P and theres this sex shopping complex at hallam VERY NEAR ALSO WTF!!! hahahaha CANNOT WAITTT <33333

revel in me said...

jaclyn: HAHAHAH tiang lampu!! Why are you so cute.. <3 I can't wait till flat hair flat is reunited! T__T

siewkwan: Hahahha damn sohai right!

mustardqueen: S'pore doesn't have! I am so excited to get the skirt from you! :D But I hope it won't go out of style by the time I see you wtf. *dark* Ahem, we buy each other a lap dance k, HEHE!

Jing said...


Ultimate dream WTF!

Joshua said...

I know where got lots of "Gentlemen's Clubs"!!!

Hahah, Ting, the north bank, opposite where Crown Plaza is. :P

Around Rialto.

Omg, I just read about the wallet and the Coach. I think you should definitely consider it your mum's gifts to you, WTF.


Xen ♥ said...

hooters? is it true the waitresses are well endowed? HAHA why no pics?!?

totally non related to your post- just wanna tell you i managed to track down the hairclip! HAHA last piece too (:

revel in me said...

jing: It's 50aud for one lap dance!!! Won't you rather spend it on a skirt. :P

joshua: Why you know so much of the gentlemen's clubs.. Have you been going WTF!! And hahahaha I didn't bring the bag and wallet home, it's still in s'pore! Considered mine by default NYEHEHE!

xen: S'pore's ones not really that well-endowed!! 'Cause asians mah, haha! But they show loads of butt cheek though! :P Shy to take pictures ler, they look like they want to bite people.. T__T And omg, congrats, haha! What color did you get? :)