Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Mystery girl.


It's almost 3am, and I am here eating my dinner. Take-away McD's.

I got off work around 2am, omg. And yesterday, I worked till 5am. Went home, barely had 2 hours-plus of sleep, and had to go back to office again. OMG.

I am amazed with myself. I have been working straight for almost 36hours, sans the pathetic amount of sleep I caught yesterday. WOWW.


This is where I was last Sunday:

Within 3 minutes of arriving at Mount Sophia, I texted Jing:

"Fuck, I am in flea heaven" :D

And my oh my, guess who is down? :P


I swear, the flea was really awesome! I was telling Jing: "it's like Bijou Bazaar, Lapsap Junkyard sale, Showpink sale, Curve bazaar, and even Camberwell market wtf all rolled into one!" Maybe I had that kind of vibes 'cause of the sheer size of the event. There were supposedly 150 stalls there! :O :O :O

I have to admit, for the first time, I failed. For the first time, I didn't visit every nook and corner of a junkyard sale! In fact, I think I totally missed one whole floor. Blasphemy! But I was seriously out of cash. T_T And I knew that had I gone to the floor not visited (the road not taken WTF), I would probably begged or stole some money. -_-

Just a little sneak peek at how humongous the event was!

Every twist and turn you make, you are just surrounded by throngs of people! (very good looking people, I might add, damn those Singaporean girls) And we know how Singaporeans are (in)famous for the 'Kiasu' syndrome right! So you really have to fight for the things you believe in. *gets a little teary* Like a nice belt WTF. I knew those years of doing Body Combat in gym would come in handy WTF.

A random snap of the flea market, and I caught HER in the shot! :P

Yeppss, Smalls is down! For work. But yay, we will have the weekends together! :))) We had all these grand plans of meeting every night to paint the town red, but unfortunately I have just been seriously caught up with work. T__T But this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, we will make up for it! ;)

We looked like we were in some art museum in Soho! *delusional*

We are looking pretty alright for auditors caught in the middle of peak period right! *wipes grateful tears off my eyes*

Damn funny, the moment Smalls had a good look of me, she was like, "Wah! Not bad! You are looking good for peak period!"... Just when I was going to tell her the same thing! I mean, seriously, the girl is looking so rosy and glowing! And after that, we simultaneously suggested that maybe hard work make us more beautiful WTF. Don't tell my boss ar!wtf
And don't let my boyfriend know too! I want to be a tai tai after I get married, heehee.

They had Vespas outside! Which we climbed onto in true unladylike fashion, of course. :P

Smalls testing the functionality of the scooter.
Important function #1: Mirror WTF

Seeing how engrossed Smalls was with her reflection in the sideview mirror, I emulated her to see whether I look better in Vespa mirrors wtf.

This is how fast Smalls talk HAHAHAHHA.

Whenever I see Smalls, I remember her story of how a blind man tried to pick her up HAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAH

Random picture of me waiting for the train.
I swear to god, half of my memories of Singapore consist of me waiting for the train. -__-


Electric blue dress with pleated ruffle neckline: Oopsie Daisie, Bangsar
Light peach 50's floral bow: Vintage
Beige suede heels with pleated detailing: Topshop
Pink shell earrings: Smackthatjellyfish
Gold floral bangle: Topshop
Pearl bracelet: Topshop
Assorted enamel bangles: Diva

I bought more at the flea market than this! Way more than I should, actually. *small voice*

But I left a bag with Smalls. I will post up my buys once I have everything with me, am quite happy with all the things I bought! :)


Sasha said...

hi hui wen~
the flea market looks fun! it's like wowwwwwwwwwww~
can't wait for u to update with your buys! must be very interesting lol~

oh ya u really look glowing! gambatte in your work!

Lynn said...

Hi there!
Im a reader of your blog! I love your blog :)

I noticed that you are working in Spore as an auditor,am I right?
Actually Im going to grad end of this year and would love to work in Spore as an auditor..Mind to tell me how to go about it and more details please?

Is it really difficult to get job in Spore?

Love your blog :)

PVB said...

you look gorgeous in the blue dress and i like it when you tie your hair up!

xiang yun said...

You look at different kind of beautiful with your hair tied up. WTF What am I saying? Does that even make sense! You look pretty as always la hahahaa and the electric blue suits you well! You look very healthy. -___- I swear the finals are jumbling and messing up my mind heee

revel in me said...

sasha: Haha, ya, I really had fun at the flea! :D And thank youuu, I think it's this new mask I have been using! :P

lynn: WHY AUDIT!! Avoid it if you can! T__T Anyway, I went to the company website, and follow the instructions on how to submit your resume. Each company WILL have specific instructions on how t go about it. :) And I don't think it's difficult to get employed in s'pore, it's probably the same all around. Good luck with it! :)

PVB: T__T Thank you!! Actually it's 'cause my hair is so gross now, that I tied it up, but I quite like the way I looked too! :P

xiang yun: HAHAHAH damn funny, your comment! So refreshing WTF. I look healthy!!?? Sound like an ad for bird nest hahaha ok I am not making sense too I hate working overtime.. T___T
G'luck with your finals! <3

Mrs Chong said...

wow...i'll probably resign if i have to work like that...T.T Why audit nonit sleep is it??? They overworked u d la...

Christian Girl in Harrods said...

Wow, I want to go to one after I finish my exam, and yes, Hui Wen, u do look good for peak period! haha

irene said...

omg the flea market looked awesome! and it was on the weekend that i arrived in sg! damn just missed it. not that i have any money to spend. i don't even have enough to open a bank account. have to wait for another 2 wks for my pay check T_T

and you looked great for an auditor! you must've been the brightest and most colourful looking auditor at work!

revel in me said...

ping ping: T____T Overworked, underpaid! T____T

siewkwan: Go to one, i.e. flea market right! Not audit firm.. T___T And haha, that was last weekend! This weekend I look like a zombie! T_T

irene: Wow you are here already? :) How has it been so far? :) And haha, ya la, I have a penchant for colors, so I am always very worried that I will get lectured on my choice of colors. *dark* Email me if you need anything in S'pore k! :)

Sue Lin said...

Wowww, almost 36 hours! If i were u i wouldnt be amazed at myself, i wouldnt be able to function anymore

The Faux Fashionista said...

Two weeks of working 13-14 hours and I look like shit. You're amazing you know that? *salutes* Love the outfit as always! :D

sherlyn said...

oowhh..finally~ hah have been waiting revel to update tis post ~ haha u look nice in blue nehxx! n ur vintage bow so cute! quite unique n different from the other bows~ :p

revel in me said...

sue lin: Haha, I wasn't really functioning already!! Was brain dead and perpetually stoning. :P

faux fashionista: Yaa I read on your blog that you were very busy with work as well! Hahahah, no la, I look like shit now!! T__T

sherlyn: Haha, I updated it a few days ago! But forgot to add 'updated' on top of my post HAHA! And thank you, I love the bow too! It's an authentic vintage bow from the 50's! <333

Jestine said...

woah....36 hours...sounds bad. I don't suppose I've ever done that throughout my audit life! Kudos to you girl!