Saturday, April 04, 2009

Never die before ar!

*sniffs around*

The air smells fresher on weekends! :P

Yellow mini rose corsage (worn in hair): Heeren, Singapore
Black and white floral tie-up straps dress with full skirt: Vintage
Yellow patent pumps: Thrifted
Red rattan folder bag: Thrifted
Sunnies: Chanel

Haven't worn my sunnies out in a bit! 'Cause I avoid the sun like the plague now.T_T

I have been eyeing this Tom Ford ones for eons (since I was in Melbourne!!), it looks so good on me! But I can't bear to part with the cash. T__T

Took this picture to showcase the buttoned front... Yep, you got it right, this dress is going onto Boudoir-Boudoir soon! :)
And just want to point out that if I ever go for Botox for my lips, I want my mouth to look like that wtf.

Spot the similarity! Hint: Flowers behind me.



Before you all think that the boyfriend and I are so sweet/loving/meant for each other etc. I tell you ar, I am going to kill that boy!!!

To start at the very beginning, we all know I am going for the Oasis concert on Sunday night right!! And one of my colleagues, Shenton (a good friend of both the boyfriend and I as well) is going too. I found out that he bought seats for the concert, and gave him so.much.shit for it!! Hahahah, I kept on making fun of him:

Who sits down at a concert!!
You think you are going to Richard Clayderman's recital arr!
Old age caught up with you ar!

Guess who is sitting at the Oasis concert as well. T_______________________T

When I found out that the boyfriend bought seating tickets, I went hysterical, laughing and scolding him: "Do you know how stupid I look!!" "Do you know how much shit Shenton is going to give me!!" "How am I ever going to live this down!" "WHY YOU BOUGHT SEATS??"

And you know what he replied me???!!!

"I was afraid that if we were standing, you won't be able to see..."

WALAOOOOOOOOOOO!! Somemore want to insult that I am short!!! *sees red wtf*


That's not all! Aiya, my birthday is coming up la (*shy*), and there is this Prada wallet I have been eyeing. I am not ashamed to admit that I have been hinting non-stop for Jing to buy it for me WTF.

Then 2 days ago, the boyfriend asked me what would I like for my birthday. I told him that there is really nothing in particular that I want! After much pestering from him, I nonchalantly mentioned the Prada wallet la. And to play with him, I asked him whether he wants to join funds with my sister to get it for me or not. He then asked me to ask Jing whether he and she can chip in together. On one condition: there must be more than 5 people chipping in together WTFFF.

*kicks boyfriend away*


Haha, ok, enough with my complaining and plotting to throw away the boy. He is coming down tomorrow!!! I need to go catch my beauty sleep now, and set off to tidy up my room before he arrives! My room looks like it exploded 3 times over now. =/ I think he will throw me away if he sees my room in its current condition, haha!


Jing said...

OMG, no wonder we are my loves! <3 Cos when i stole your dress, i stole ur pumps too wtf! :D :D :D

And yalah, sounds good, if got more than 5 ppl excluding him and me then i'll deeply consider it WTF!

PVB said...

haha ur 1st picture the pose very funny lah! like wana telan orang haha!

xiang yun said...

Eh how come you look so pissed off in the first picture? Is it because you wanna kick the boyfriend away wtf

Cute flower =]

revel in me said...

jing: HAHAH YAA I realised too! Amidst my anger then I also noticed wtf, HAHAHA!



xiang yun: Hahahaha! 'Cause that was the upteenth picture that he took la! He doesn't know how to present my bets angle wtf, cissss!

jean said...

out of curiosity, what's the average price of a prada wallet?

btw hello! i stumbled upon your blog last year and have been reading from time to time :)

Sue Lin said...

Hahaha, ya la, i also need to throw my bf away, he also cant take me at my best angle

revel in me said...

jean: The price range is generally from around $1500 to $2200? :) And haha, HELLOOOO!! Happy reading wtf! :P

sue lin: HHahaha ya la, they should send boys for classes or something! *flips hair* :P

Boss Stewie said...

what's that last pic! isit you taking off your dress and hanging it at ur ankles! wtf

Vivien said...

*points above*
(wtf please tell me i'm right ._.)

i know!! a chanel flap in white is my ultimate dream bag as well :( :( but i don't think i will carry it around wtfff. if i do manage to mentally coax myself into carrying it, i will prolly put it in the dustbag and proudly parade around with it wtf!

should i invest in a pink/black one! :(

revel in me said...

boss stewie: HAHAHAHAH WTFFF!!! WTFFF!! It's my boyfriend and I putting holding hands in my pocket HAHAHA WTFFF!!

vivient: Hahhahaha ya la why is he like that!! OMGGG that is EXACTLY how I carried my white Miu Miu last time!! In the dust bag WTF hahahah! /boo pink so pretty but black so classic <3