Thursday, April 30, 2009

New hair: Phase 2

*New updates at Boudoir-Boudoir!*

Sorry for the semi-disappearance! And huge apologies to those buyers of mine whom I promised to ship your stuff out.. T__T

The reason being, I was busy studying! 'Cause on Monday I suddenly remembered the reason I am home for one week wtf.
My professional exam! *shifty eyes*

I only found out very recently that if you are the top student for the exam, you get AUD700!! And god knows I need the money. *ka-ching in eyes wtf* But too late, if I really wanted to aim to be the top scorer, I would need to start studying a loooong time ago. Instead of only opening the carton which store my books the day before I pack to come home. Heh.

Haih, sometimes I am quite disappointed in myself. What happened to the girl who used to be so competitive and driven! The girl who is an extreme high achiever. Now I only aim to pass. -_- I mean, I am only home for ONE week! I much prefer playing and err shopping! Better utulisation of my time. :p

Anyway, the main point is.. I finished my exam this morning, WOOHOO! Time to pack away the books, and put on my party hat. :P


A lot of you have been asking me to post pictures of my new hair! *shy*

May I present you with some then! :)


Heehee, this is my favorite maggi goreng + ayam goreng at Melor's at USG20, by the way. :P

This is my new hair!

Sported some new curls, and a darker shade. :)

The darker shade is against my will though (and to Jing's dismay as well, 'cause we look similar again! -_-). I was supposed to get a shade only slightly darker than my previous shade... But when it was done, there were patches on top of my head which were still dark! T____T 'Cause my hair is really jet-black, so it is almost impossible to get any color onto it. T____T

So Yen had to re-dye the top of my head again, using a slightly darker shade, in order for the dye to turn out visible. So now my hair is darker on top, with lighter-clored ends! Fuck this shit. T____T

And during my dye-job, I accidentally got a little hair dye on my cheek, and no one realised. Now the patch won't budge no matter how hard I scrub and rub it... I look like I have a big pigmentation on my left cheek! F my life. T____T


Vintage floral midriff sweater with front pocket: Oldblossombox
Black pleated skirt: Times Square
Black bow hairband: Diva
Black ribbon strand pearls: Sister's
Canary yellow patent pumps with wooden wedge: Sunway Pyramid
Mustard yellow patent bag: Topshop


Anonymous said...

Now u look a lot like ur mum :)

Yen didn't use the solution to perm ur hair to wash the stain? Just wipe it and it'll come off :) Most hairdresses will know how to remove it & they'll remove every stain for u on the spot :)

KITMEY said...

yayyay finish exam!
so amusing to find it just an inconvenience of our time lol. but never more true.

Xen ♥ said...

still as cute as when I first met you in MUFY. HAHA i know im late but, happy belated babe! (((:

mizzvickz said...
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mizzvickz said...

your hair doesn't look as curly as the day we met up!!! need to scrunch it more! hehe

this hair colour looks better on u now! :)

mustardqueen said...

eh r u suppose to have like sausage like curls or jst normal waves??? T_____T i wanna grow my hair longer too but it doesnt seem to be growing lor fuck the salt here la everything damn chat salty im balding T_T

Christian Girl in Harrods said...

Wow, punk-rockish now. Still nice!! :D

liss said...

i love the new hair! u look really gorgeous =D

revel in me said...

anonymous: Is looking like my mom a compliment! T__T Or do I look old.. T__T

And Yen didn't know about the stain! But if she used the solution on my face, wouldn't it be too harsh on my face? :(

kitmey: Hahahaha YA LA super inconvenient, HEHE. Girlie time! :)

*xen: Hahaha, I very cute last time meh! You said my eyes damn small last time, HAHA. Thank you love! :)

vic: 'Cause I never wash! And I did waves, not curls actually! :P Thank you!! but is it too dark? T_T

mustardqueen: WHAT ARE SAUSAGE CURLS???!! I got waves! :) And wooo, I can't remember you with long hair! Oh wait I can-- DOU SI TAO WTF!!

siewkwan: GOT MEHHH!! I thought I look super soft and romantic and feminine now, HEH. :P

liss: Yayy, thanks!! I love it too! My sister said I am super obsessive with my reflection now, haha!

Anonymous said...

It's a compliment :) Your mum looks gorgeous :)

Not if she mixes them a little with water :)

Sasha said...

hi hui wen~
your curls look nice on u~
din realise your hair is so long d hehe..rmb when i first started reading your blog it wasn't that long lol~ u look even younger with darker shade~

revel in me said...

anonymous: Aww, thanksss!! I go tell my mom now, I am sure she will be daaaaamn happy! :P

sasha: Hahaha, YAA I was quite surprised that even after I curled it, my hair is still considerably long! :P WAHH does it mean I should stick to dark shades from now onwards! :P

fourfeetnine said...

your hair is so cute!!! and dark hair is the in thing now isit! mine is super dark too!

and that day i redyed and chose light warm brown and it came out totally black WTF FML never mind i am in now since everyone is going dark too *convinces

oi and meet up may 16 okkkk <3 days after darurat WTF

PVB said...

surprisingly i love your hair! the curls volum up your hair, very nice, i like! i really mean it :)

eggster said...

omg babe i like your new hairdoooo! nice nice niceeeeeee! : )

revel in me said...

fourfeetnine: YAAA according to my hairstylist, it's 'cause fall is coming soon, so have to have dark hair to match all the dark clothes! T_T

Thanks dear! /boo and you look super cute in your new short hairdo too! <3 16 May! :D :D :D And hahaha darurat wtfff!!

PVB: Haha, why surprisingly! You thought you will hair it isit! T_T Thank you loveee!! :)))

eggster: THANK YOUUUU love! :)))

sherlyn said...

jyiup~ finally got to see ur hair~ wakka~ ur top so cute nehxxx! u look younger wit tis new hair style~ hehe