Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Oh baby, nothing can stop me.

Let's talk about the biggest highlight in my life now!

Going to Melbourne this Sunday!! *bounce bounce bounce* :D

Finally, after so many obstacles, it's safe to say that, YES WE ARE GOING.
'Cause can you believe it, even after our tickets were booked, there were deterrents cropping up!!!

Let me start from the very beginning. Since last year, I have already planned to go back to Melbourne sometime this year (after Air Asia started flights to Melbourne, heh). Jing and I started talking, and obviously she was really keen to join in the trip. But unfortunately, we know our father too well. He would never let Jing go to Melbourne!! 'Cause he has the inane paranoia that we will all lose our passports when we travel alone. -__- Quite crappy right, considering that we (at least for Teeny and I) have to travel to Melbourne (and now Singapore for me) alone all the time. But he has always had this fear that we will lose our passport and never be able to travel, and hence, foregoing our international education. -____-

It's really hard to explain it, but all I can say is, my dad is really, really, really, really protective.

But surprise!! When we brought it up with dad, he didn't object! Our deduction is that not having Teeny and I at home is making him soft and mushy, hehe. So amidst loud cheers, the next step was to decide when to go.

I knew I have to go sometime between Aug - Oct, 'cause this is my off-peak period, and it'd be easier to apply for leave. Unfortunately, Jing can't do anytime after September, as she would be having her finals. So, fine, August it is! I prefer August anyway, 'cause it's almost spring, so the weather should be quite pleasant. :)

(or so I thought. Apparently Melbourne's weather is really fucked up this year; it's cold and rainy now FML)

We started planning for dates in August. But guess what. Jing couldn't confirm! 'Cause she has some compulsory community service projects during these few weeks, which she couldn't skip. So we were back to square one.

At the same time, my manager approached me to cancel my leave in August, 'cause she wants to put me on a job which she thinks I will enjoy (hint: loads and loads and loads of make up and beauty products :P).

But in the end, we managed to sort things out. Jing managed to talk to her group leader to arrange for her to be in charge of aspects which could be carried despite her absence; and my manager has agreed for me to join the aforementioned client after I come back from Melbourne.

Then up came H1N1. -___- And there was the whole drama where my parents refused to let us go which I have blogged about earlier.

However, we finally managed to convinced them to reunite with Teeny. And we went to book our tickets. And found out that the cheap tickets we were eyeing on Air Asia have sold out FML.

Nevermind. We will buy the more expensive tickets. Proceeded to purchase the tickets online. Completed our visas online as well. Yay, trip, green light!

Then, last week Jing found out that she has a presentation during the time where we would be in Melbourne-- a presentation that is compulsory, and has important weightage in her finals. Her only alternative is to come to Melbourne after the presentation, which would make her stay in Melbourne a grand total of 5 days. T_T

Almost at the same time, I found out that a colleague I have been working with for a day is suspected of having H1N1. T___T What bad timing. T________T I really can't afford to be sick and quarantined so close to my trip! T___T

But I think my rain-dance worked WTF. 'Cause all these obstacles are cleared! Jing's school work is taken care of; and as for me, I don't (think I) have H1N1!! It has been about 5 days since my last contact with the infected colleague, and I don't have any symptoms. *touch wood* Originally, I was damn worried, 'cause I had shortness of breath and muscle/joint aches (H1N1 symptoms), but I realised that it's 'cause I went to gym WTF.

Now all I can do is cross my fingers and hope that no more funny things crop out to stop us from going to Melbourne. :(

Expect pictures like that from us the Village! (where Teeny stays in Melbourne wtf, damn ulu)

At the Apartment, for one of our very rare GNOs. :(

I can feel my blood boiling when I see this face wtf. Tell you all later in this post, rawr!

Poor thing, I had to eat plain bread as dinner. T___T

Teeny and Jing sat together so they camwhored a lot.

Whereas I had no one to photoslut with. T__T

A prominent activity in our outings. :D

Like Chinese ghost.

Hungry Ghost Festival. T___T

I think we will be in Melbourne on that day!! Western ghosts shouldn't be aware of this occasion right... *sigh of relief*

Oh wait, I just checked my calendar, we have just came back from Melbourne on that day FML.

I shoot you...

... shooting her...

... shooting me.

This cracked us up:

My dad's reply when I texted him to tell him we would be back late.
The joke?
His reply is ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS the same, hahahaha.

Caught me offguard when I came back from the ladies'.
Notice I am still tucking in my top... Unglam wtf.


Yellow and black geometrical print silk tie top: Bangkok
Black satin harem pants: Singapore

Crystal studded black bow (worn in hair): Tropicana City Mall

Gold studded bangle: Teeny's

White bangle with gold chain link: Diva

Crystal studded ring: Teeny's
Balmain-inspired studded heels: Zara

Brown studded sling bag: Singapore

There are so many ways to wear this top!! It has this long sash and a weirdly placed arm hole, but there are easily 5 ways to wear it! Maybe one day I will blog about it. :P

Pretty bow that caught my fancy while walking in Tropicana City Mall. ;)

Group picture:

More coming in one week's time. :)

Nah, one more group picture...

... Heh.

Anyway, I am damn angry at Hoe Hui Jing now!!! She went ahead and book 15kgs of luggage weight for us. WHAT THE HELL RIGHT!! How are we going to shop!! How are we going to pack for winter!!! Doesn't she know that I am planning to bring 11 coats wtf. One for each day. T__T


jeanchristie said...

i see you have 11 days in the hui-wen week :P

and your sister under estimated your shopping enthusiasm hahaha, no offence jing

Anonymous said...

u will still be able to change your luggage to 20,25 or 30 kgs.

jus go to the website and click on Manage my booking. jus need to pay the fees difference. :)

Adryna said...

wow you all are wearing studded heels! me likey ;)
have a nice and safe (hee!) trip to Melbourne. wish u shop well too wtf. hehe.
anyway what digital cam are u using?

electronicfly said...

remember to at least double the weight for your trip back. :P

have fun there!

Christian Girl in Harrods said...

hahahahhaha, erm ship back the things la...

Jing said...


I am a really light packer and the other options are really exp so i opted for the cheapest one!! T____________________________T

Please don't kill me!! I'm screwed cos the collection of shoes i'm bringing keeps increasing GRRR!!!

Jean, we're going for 11 days and i think my shopping enthusiasm is comparable to my sister..

Anonymous said...

i can't wait!!! super duper excited!!!! can't wait for all d lovely pics to come!!!!! take more n more n more!!!

have a funtabulous trip!!!!

Joshua said...

In reference to the previous post comments:

Broad shoulders good for guys maaa. Though maybe not so much for girls. But swimming is the one workout you don't sweat, that's why I like it. :P

And oatmeal can be healthy and tasty with honey and/or some fruits. :)

I never eat it on its own, I try putting sliced bananas or apple cubes or honey.

mustardqueen said...

eh i thought i commented but why didnt show. T_T anyway ask jing to upgradeeeeeeeee the weight cos i need u all to bring some shit back for me!!!!!!!!

revel in me said...

jean: Hahhh? I am not going for 1 week only!! That's too short! And haha, I think more like she under-estimated how often we want to change outfits wtf.

anonymous: OMGGGG this is the most uplifting comment I have gotten ever, ever!! T____T Thank you thank you thank you!! Will get jing to do it asap!! T___T

adryna: HAHA YAAA!! All of us wearing studded heels hor! :D Thank you my dear, I will ask shopping god to give you some loving too. *ohmmmm* We are all using Canon!! :D :D :D

electronicfly: You know me too well. *shy* :D

siewkwan: HAHAHHA but like so crappy!! I shipped back things when I left Melbourne last time, now I ship back stuff again for a less-than-2-weeks stay?? :P

jing: Light packer!! Then what is this I hear about the expanding shoe collection!! Faster go add on our weight limit.. T___T This is an order wtf!

anonymous: HEEEEEEEEE I see your comment, I get even more excited!! Whee wheee wheee!! We have started planning things to do already, really getting us into the mood! :D

joshua: EHhh I have always wondered, do we actually sweat when we swim, but just that we are in the pool, so we don't KNOW?? wtf

I know!! A lot of people tell me that oats could be yummy with fruits, but it's still rabbit food to me. T___T

mustardqueen: Not unless you buy me the booties!

Sasha said...

LMAO when i saw "like chinese ghost" poor Jing! lol~

wow can see that all 3 sisters love studded heels! all different versions but equally pretty! hehe..

have fun in Melb ya! and do visit Rose Street Sunday Market..i heard there are lots of good bargains! and my friend who's a designer is selling his own label there too! tell u more in msn ya~ hehe..

rebecca_t said...

hellooooooo! someone's coming to melb, so does that mean a tea session where we gobble all things yummy is in place ? =D i havent seen u in a million years !!

Hayley said...

so nice.. going Melbourne. *jealous*

anyway, have a safe journey! do get yourself some H1N1 prevention injection before going... ;)

revel in me said...

sasha: Haha, who asked her to wear a red veil at midnight WTF. Ooooh rose street market? I haven't heard of that before!! Sounds tres interesting though!! UPDATE MEE! :)

rebecca: Haha, yayyy another tea session for us! The last one was damn long ago. T_T Are you working now? What time/day would be good for you! :P

hayley: Haha, damn happy!! I thought it would never materialise. *dark* Hehe, thanks for the concern, love! I am eating a lot of vitamins now. T_T

Sue Lin said...

Have a blast in Melb!

My father uses the same phrase - "Not so late"

Julie Ann said...

i came back from melb last week. and then i had body aches and chest pains. i went for check ups only to realize i went back to the gym after one month in melbourne. urgh. scared myself silly.

have fun love!!
and pwoarrr how can 15 kgs?! my check in luggage was 20.2 and handcarry was 6.7 coming back, hahaha. band i reckon, you'd be needing more than 20 kilos!!

safe trip!

jeanchristie said...

jing, huiwen, did i mention i was green with envy wtf hahaha

jing, then how will u bring back all your shopping!!

rebecca_t said...

yes workinggg :( but im sure we can always meet up for dinner or late tea (after 5) on weekdays..or or bfast/lunch/tea/dinner on weekends if you're not too busy shoppingggg !!
haha let me know :)

Anonymous said...

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