Thursday, April 23, 2009

Once a year.

Last year, I posted this up.

I promised that this year's Dark Ages picture will top last year's. Being 14 was my darkest hour WTF.

Still debating on whether I should post it up!!! :P


It was such a stressful day for me, my leave only got officially approved at 6.25pm today!!! And I booked my bus ticket home at 6.30pm-- for my 8pm bus!! Phewww.

I didn't want to be a whiner earlier on, but what happened was, on Monday, a job came up, and in short, my leave was sort of retracted-- my manager told me I can't go on leave unless I finish it up. T___T Even today itself, I wasn't sure I could complete the task on hand! But I brought along my luggage to work anyway, I thought it's a risk worth taking.

A risk worth taking, 'cause I AM HOME NOW! :D

Feels a bit surreal to be home after a month, but I am not complaining. :)

Am just glad to be home for my birthday. At least for this very moment, I can say that for the first day of being 24, life is looking pretty good. ;)


Jing said...


I love you loadssssssssssss! *MUACKKKS*

Ovay West said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

Kim Cao said...

happy birthday!

24 is just a number :)

Anonymous said...

omg you don't look like you're 24!! i thought like max 23. happy birthday!!!

tze said...

happy birtday babe! eh 24 can get married ady wtf

wanli said...

Happy Birthday! Being home is like the best thing ay :D

Yan Ping said...

Happy Birthday Gal! May all your dreams and fantasies be fulfilled ! =)


PVB said...

welcome home & happy birthday!!!!!

fire said...

happy birthdayy...may all ur wishes come true! =)

mizzvickz said...

hui wennnnnnnnnn happy birthday!!

xiang yun said...

Happy Birthday!!! Although you are year older, you are also getting more and more fabulous! Hops you had a great one =]

ally said...

happy birthday hui wennn :)

Christian Girl in Harrods said...

Awwww, happy birthdayyyyyyyy! Many many many happy moments kkk! :D

choco said...

I thought you were only 22. :/ no joke.

mann, I wanna look like that when I'm 24 also! hehe

kiM said...

Happy Birthday pretty!!Dream come true!!!

Joce said...

Happy birthday :D

revel in me said...

jing: Love you loads too! <333 More sisterly time this week! :D

ovay west: Thank you! :D

kim braceface: Haha, a very big number WTFF! :P

anonymous: Heee thanksss! :P

tze: WTFF actually I think my mom got married at this age too WTFF

wanli: /boo Agreed! Thanks love!

yanping: Haha, got fantasies some more! :P Thanks love! <3

PVB: It's feels AWESOME to be home! :D

fire: Aww, thanks! :)

vic: Vicccc thank you! Seeeee you tomorrow night k! :D

xiang yun: Haha, more and more fabulous? Souds like a tagline from tyra banks WTFFF! Thanks dear! <3

ally: THANK YOU! :)

siewkwan: Fingers crossed! Thank you! <3

choco: Hahaha, you make me damn happy la! Tell me I look 18, even BETTER! :P Thanks dearie! :)

kim: Thank you! <3

joce: Thanksss! :)

Sue Lin said...


Kathryn said...

happppy birthday babe!
age is not a matter

u r still young at heart :D


Mrs Chong said...

happy birthday!!!!!! =))

I wish I can look like u when I'm 24...

Elaine said...

happy birthday!!! you are looking so radiant!!! and im like so haggard when im younger than u!!! hehehe... enjoy urself! have a nice one!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday! enjoy ur big day and hav a great 1


*arnie bunny* said...

happy birthday,dear!!!
*fly kiss*
:D :D :D

The Faux Fashionista said...

Happy birthday love, have a good one, and don't forget to post pictures of all the lovin you're receiving!

irene said...

Wow can't believe you left for KL straight after work!! It must've been so tiring! How long does the journey take?

I thought I would travel back to Msia quite often too once I start working. But I've been so tired from work that the weekends are the only time I can relax and catch up on replying emails, reading blogs, etc. I don't know how you do it.. work AND blog AND have a life at the same time!! *bows in respect*