Saturday, April 11, 2009

Shopaholic in the making.

Mmm, how nice it is to have a glorious quiet Saturday afternoon to myself. :)

My teeth hurts now! 'Cause I wore my retainers last night after a gazillion years-- my teeth has moved a bit, and they don't exactly fit into my retainers anymore!! Very painful. T_T And I don't know whether I am paranoid, but I feel that my teeth are kind of wobbly!! Like... they are going to fall off any time WTF.

I am craving for an ice-cold teh ais now!

Like this:

Metal mug. Looks like it's served in JAIL right!


The boyfriend who came down last weekend. He was supposed to reach around 2pm, but due to jams and god-knows what other traveling delays, he only reached my place at about 4pm! By then I was so hungry (I was waiting for him to have lunch together)!! He put down his stuff, and we were about to make our way downtown, when he finally insisted on us eating nearby my place first! 'Cause he said I am very scary when I am hungry. T__T And that if we only eat when we reach Orchard, I would have bitten his head off in the MRT. T__T

Whattt! A hungry hui wen is an angry hui wen ok.

I can't help but feel that my entire meal looked very 'poor' WTF! Very old-school, what with the metal mug and the painted cock bowl.

And that's the boyfriend scooping ketchup off my egg for me. I don't understand why Singaporeans have to put ketchup on everything! *grumbles*


Red chiffon polka dot ruffled blouse with peter pan collar: Forever 21
High waisted faded denim cuffed shorts: Miss Selfridge

Vintage multi-color patchwork bag: Thrifted

Cream beaded necklace with polka-dot bow pendant: Forever New (Australia)

Beige suede heels with pleated details: Topshop

Ironically the sign behind me says "Look out for oncoming vehicles' and all I am obsessed with is myself WTF.

We saw some backpackers in the train, and the boyfriend said I could fit into this backpack WTF.

*kicks boyfriend away*

We decided to go to City Hall instead of Orchard, 'cause we wanted to avoid the heat.

It was decided that the day is reserved for shopping, 'cause *gasp* the boyfriend said he wanted to shop!!! The boyfriend, my boyfriend, who only buys new clothes for Chinese New Year wtf.

But he is quite smart eh! 'Cause usually I will insist to pay for everything when he is in Singapore, 'cause I am earning in SGD, and I am the host what! So if he shops here, I will have to pay. *dark*

Who ever said that men don't shop is so horribly WRONG! Look at the amount of guys fighting for shoes!!

And my boyfriend is one of them. *proud, teary eyes*

I was like beaming with pride when I saw the boyfriend tried on like 4,5 pairs of shoes! And kept on asking him, "damn nice to shop right? Shopping is so fun right?" HAHAHAHHAHA.

But actually I was quite bored WTF. Now I know how men feel when they shop with their girlfriends!! I don't understand men shoes... All leather shoes look the same to me WTF.

And we all know right, when hui wen is bored, hui wen shops! It doesn't even matter that I was in a men's shoes shop WTF. I actually asked the sales assistant to bring me their smallest size of brogues!! To make up for the Topshop ones that I didn't buy HAHAHA.

The boyfriend giving me weird looks 'cause I wanted to try on men's shoes with him HAHAHA.

My really adorable necklace! :)))

The boyfriend with legwarmers WTFFFF HAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHA.

Eh sorry la, I was very jakun! But the shop (Pedro) actually had these slacks-cutoffs (of different colors) for you to pull on to determine whether they will match your shoes! I was snickering when I see guys pulling them on, HAR HAR. But to think of it, it's quite smart right! I think they should do it for girls! Like... pull-ons in the form of skinny jeans, flared pants, straight-cuts, capris etc etc-- all in different colors of course! :P

HAHAHAHHA damn gay!

We got the boyfriend 2 pairs of shoes, and I also got him a pair of Ray-Bans aviators! 'Cause he has been looking for new sunnies since his Oakleys were spoiled. He was deciding between aviators or the Hancock sunnies:

DAMN FREAKING UGLY RIGHT! Looks like.. ostrich eyes or something wtf. That's why the moment he found a pair of aviators that he likes, I quickly bought it for him, haha.

What are men for if not to lug heavy shopping bags. :P

We went to Chijmes for dinner (but not before me running to River Island to check out some shoes 10 minutes before it closed :P)!

We decided on Hogsbreath because we don't get pork ribs back in KL.

Pork lover. *shy*

Potato skins! My favorite. :)

The most tender pork ribs I have ever eaten in my life!! It's even better than the ribs I had in Hogsbreath, Gold Coast! I didn't even have to use a knife, I can poke my fork in, and the meat would come off so easily!

Chicken wrap! Something light for me, 'cause I didn't have much appetite after checking my bank balance after a day of intense shopping. *queasy wtf*

Newborn shopaholic. *shiny eyes*

The boyfriend was complaining that his feet is really tired from 6 hours' straight of walking and shopping. I tapped him on his shoulder, and without a word, gestured to my 3.5-inches high platform heels. He straightaway said " Sorry sorry, I will shut up now!" HAHAHHAHA.

And the boyfriend scared me! This was what greeted me when I came out of my bath:

Wearing his new aviators in the room! -_______- Blind man wtf.


Christian Girl in Harrods said...

HAHAHHAHAHAHHAH, blind man! so funny la!

tracy said...

omg the last pic of ur bf, was soo funny.. hahahaha

xiang yun said...

HAHAHHA your bf so cute! Yay to our boyfriends picking up our shopping habits!

revel in me said...

siewkwan: YA LA I nearly dropped my towel when I got back into the room wtf!

tracy: Don't encourage his strange behavior! :P

xiang yun: Hehehehe ya quite fun to make HIM the shopaholic! But hor, in a relationship, only ONE person can be the shopaholic! *flips hair* :P

PVB said...

u look so sweet in the polka dots top. why are u so sweet one lah? and ur bf so nice helping u to carry ur shopping bags!

choco said...

T T which reminds me..I haven't worn my retainers for over 2 years already. damn scared to wear it now hahahah.

AND YA YA I also sometimes feel my teeth are wobbly and gonna fall out anytime soon! Then I keep pushing at my teeth to make sure that they are actually not wobbly. hahahaha

Anonymous said...

hey huiwen, you can try elcerdo in kl. their pork short ribs are good! :)


Jing said...

Three blind mice, three blind mice, see how they see how they run WTF!

I don't know why am i always singing these days wtf but ur bf reminds me of the mice in Shrek, HAAHAHHAHAHAH! :P

And the pork ribsssssss! *tummy rumbles* :D

revel in me said...

PVB: Hahahha where got look extra sweet in polka dots!! Maybe it's my inner 50's child WTF. And ehh men are meant to be our slaves WTFF

choco: OH NOOO then maybe your teeth might have moved quite a bit! T__T But if your teeth is still neat, then nvm la, forget 'bout it! :P And HAHAHA same here, I will also push my teeth! :P

anonymous: I have been there before! :P Love the 'throwing the plate' part! :D :D :D

jing: HAIHH I also dunno why I am dating an extra from 3 blind mice WTFF!! 2 more weeks till home and shoppinggg! <3

KITMEY said...

isnt chjimes a lovely place! :)

Anonymous said...

I swear, you and your bf completely remind me of Shrek and Fiona. I'm sure your hearts are in the right place but your looks...

Jing said...

Anonymous: And you remind me of Courage the Cowardly Dog, the coward AND the dog part! :D

And i'm guessing you're probably single, the bitterness.. Sigh! Better luck next time wtf!

revel in me said...

kitmey: Haha, you know how much I adore that place right! Omg we should so go there for our girlie dinner with smalls! <3

anonymous: I will take that as a compliment! Just for the record, I think my bf is the really gorgeous and is the most lovable boy, and I think I can vouch for him to feel the same way about me. :)

Anonymous said...

Jing: Sorry doll. You're as sharp as a marble.

Happily married, living in an affluent beachside, sunny California community. Can't blame us Californians for having higher standards.

Revel: That's great that you can look past his looks right into his warm heart. Both would not survive in Southern Cali.

zahra said...

People who are truly happy don't put others down with bitchy comments!

HW: Hey babe! Just dropping my your blog, and this person really got me het up! Hope things are good, and hi to Chor Min!

Jing said...

Anonymous: Hehehehe, you're quite sad ar, keep coming back refreshing Wen's pages to see if anyone replied you!

You sure lead a happy life! :D

mustardqueen said...

anonymous: LIKE IN UR DREAMS LA HAPPILY MARRIED HAHAHAHAHAHA oh well hate to say this but good luck surviving in the US with that kinda economy HAHA.

sam dang said...

Oi. Why don't you walk away slowly now before you look more idiotic, fucken ignorant American.

What higher standards in Cali? As I can see, your whole damn country is filled with obese S.O.Bs who still eats 10 burgers a day even knowing that they can't stand up. Are you one of them? That really explains why you have so much free time in your hand.

Too bored? Go get yourself a double big mac with extra mayo, no lettuce and a coke.

and why dont you supersize that bitch.

Anonymous said...

Hi kids. Guess who.

On the contrary, I'm a skinny asian just like (most) y'all making tons of money from the hard sweat & labor from third world countries like yours. Yes, I got time and oodles of money on my hands since I don't have to work.

You forgot I live beachside. Hence, you'd have to have a bikini bod to live here.

I leave you to all your tween-style lives.

Ta Darlings.

sam dang said...

Look who's the tween. Living in her fantasy world. You remind me of one of those World of Warcraft players who gets so consumed in their character.

You are probably just a sad miserable 13 year old, who's actually from either Malaysia or Singapore, but too ashamed to be one because you're too fat to fit in. So you create this little character who lives in the States, Cali- the only state you know- to make yourself feel better.

Well, whatever it is, don't have sex in the sea please. You don't want to contaminate yourself more than you have already.

And most of all. Fuck off and go get some surgery or some sort. Can't afford? Then take up a loan which you cannot pay back. That is what living the "American Dream" is all about right?

God Bless You. I mean it from the bottom of my heart