Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A 4-day weekend...

... make the week so much more bearable!
'Cause I took Monday off, the week now seems so much shorter. *beams*

I am in quite a light-hearted mood now, 'cause HEHE I am only 3 days away from the weekend! :P And though I am currently on a 3-week long job, the working hours are (seemed to be?) more humane for this job, and I have a new manager whom I am working with-- she is really nice! *grateful*

I just had my annual performance review session today, and it went pretty well. :) Goes to show myself that though I am not crazy over what I am doing (that's a mild way of putting it), I just need to put my mind to it. And hey, my manager brought me out for our session over carrot and walnut cake and a steaming cup of honey milk tea, so all is good. :D

On a downside, I forgot to bring my glasses back to Singapore, DAMMIT! Means I even have to wear contacts at home, gahh. And I try to wear glasses to work, 'cause sometimes I work really long hours, and my eyes get uncomfortable after wearing it straight for more than 12 hours. :( But now I am stuck with my contacts-- and I am down to my last pair! Boo. I wanted to buy new ones, but 'cause my power is so high, I need to book them-- they will only arrive in 1 week's time. Double boo. :(

Anyway, slightly backdated pictures!
(You can tell it's backdated 'cause my hair was still blonde-- it's before my new dye job!)

With Jing Super Cat Eyes at Delicious.

We always end up in Delicious whenever we are at OU! -_-


Ultimate cheesy meals:

My french onion soup-- one of my faves since Jac recommended it to me 2 years back.

Jing's cheese and macaroni! It was so cheesy that Jing was gagging halfway through her meal, haha.

Super cheesy right our food! Luckily I ordered some scones to contra-ed it WTF. *ignores high calorie intake*

God my head is big.

HEHEHE I can't help chuckling seeing how much darker Jing is than me. Sibling rivalry wtf.



Red plaid buttoned-up top: Bardot
Blue plaid oversized corsage: Topshop
Black bandeau skirt: Online:
Gold chain (draped on neck): Random
White chain link belt (wrapped around wrist): Miss Selfridge
Black studded heels: Zara
Bag: Chanel


xiang yun said...

Eh what do you guys always order when you go to Delicious? I seem to get all the crappy food when I go there. Or am I ordering the wrong things? =/

Shikin Hambali said...

mmmmmm cod fish *gulp*

anyhooo u girls are so pretty :)

Low;b4t said...

Hi.. i dont know how i drop here n found your blog.. but anyway.. your blog is cool and nice..
n especially.. you look cute with your outfit..
Nice to know you.. Robert...

Low;b4t said...

Hi.. i dont know how i drop here n found your blog.. but anyway.. your blog is cool and nice..
n especially.. you look cute with your outfit..
Nice to know you.. RObert...

revel in me said...

xiang yun: Em, the french onion soup and scones are good.. So is the chicken caesar salad.. Some of my friends love the duck confit pasta, but for me it's so-so.. The sticky date pudding is awesome! Some people adore the chocolate cake (I find it too jelak).. And their wedges are good to share! :P

shikin hambali: Where got cod fish!!! Haha, thanks! :)

lowb4t: err thanks!

jaclyn said...

i'm so hungry now after seeing the french onion soup photos! *slurps*

a scoop of life said...

hi!i reli enjoy reading yo posts & i've read most of dem starting frm yo 1st entry in 2006 :)
i like d way u & yo sisters dress up bcos d styles reflect your personalities & makes u stand out amongst d crowd.
u certainly can b a style guru *wink wink*

g®åc∑ land said...

Great outfits as usual, havent been commenting after awhile, but still an avid reader... ;)

Do check out my new blog ya, xoxo

Irenelim said...

You look really nice in your blonde hair and chick dress... oh, that french onion soup looks nice too! :)

revel in me said...

jaclyn: Jom, when you come back we go minum soup! :P

khai ching: Omgggg from my first entry!! I am so touched! *sniff* So you have seen me growwww!! *drama* Thanks love, I think that's a great compliment to say our dressing reflects our personality! <333

graceland: Why never comment! *attention deficit wtf* And thanks love! <3 Btw I am checking it out right now wtf! :P

irenelim: What chick dress! T__T And haha, my hair is no longer blonde, I am a dark beauty now WTF

Irenelim said...

Dark beauty has that mysterious and yet chic look. :)

g®åc∑ land said...

late is better than never again right? will put my 2 cents more often, okay?
btw, thanks dear for dropping by!

revel in me said...

irenelim: Haha, thanks love! It's a nice change from my previous blond locks! :)

graceland: Thank you, and you are welcomed! <3