Monday, May 11, 2009

All you need to know about salmon. -_-

I am not sure whether you all remembered that Smalls and I made fun of Mey, when she said that salmon die after swimming upstream to lay their eggs 'cause they are too tired. *click*

In the same entry, someone commented:

Quoted from a reputable website:

Why do salmon die after they spawn?

Salmon use all their energy for returning to their home stream, for making eggs and digging the nest. Most salmon stop eating when they return to freshwater and have no energy left for a return trip to the ocean after spawning. After they die, and other animals eat them (but people don't)(this increases that chances that the eggs will be left alone by predators) or they decompose, adding nutrients to the stream.

So there you go!! Still don't believe?? Google it.!! =P

Well, I just found out who the person is!!!

The boyfriend wtf. -_________-

When he confessed to me, I scolded him, asking him why did he try to be mysterious, haha. Anyway, in his attempt to educate me on.. err sea creatures, here is what he has to say:

insidious embodiment says:
-____- it does die because of exhaustion
when the salmon in saltwater re-enteres fresh water..
it stops eating

insidious embodiment says:
they do try to go back to sea
the main reason is exhaustion
but the thing is when they die
inadvertantly they prevent ppl from harming its babies

insidious embodiment says:
its just a characteristic
like how come turtles return to the same spot to nest
they die of exhaustion... cos when salmon swim upstream.. they go all the way up to the streams.. before they converge into rivers
usually thats up in the mountains
that can be hundreds of kilometres
some swim up to 3000km from ocean back to the same stream they come from
the baby salmon feed in the streams... i guess thats why..
oh i know i know!!!
i remember why they have to go to the streams
cos the baby salmon don't have the gills to filter out saltwater yet..
so they cant survive in saltwater

insidious embodiment says:
when the babies become smolt (juvenile salmon).. they will actually stay at the rivermouth...
for a few months
there the water isn't so salty

insidious embodiment says:
and they will develop their ability to filter salt..
if not become ham yu :P (salted fish!)
but the eggs will take a few months to hatch
so the mother actually has to lay the eggs in shallow riverbeds
they have to use their tails and flap against the riverbed to craete a nest
then lay eggs there
the baby salmon will then remember the scents of the river.. the different types of plants, rocks, the minerals in the water... which is unique to every river..
and then when they become adult they will use this scent to return to the same river where they hatched from

:O :O :O

Seriously, how does this boy keep so much information in him!! And he wasn't quoting off websites, he genuinely knows these things! But at least now you all know why I am so crazy over him! 'Cause he not only has a big heart, he has a big brain too wtf.

After that I asked him was he a marine biologist in his past life wtf.
And he told me no, he was a temple caretaker WTF.

Apparently he went to a temple medium and that's what he was told HAHAHHAHAHA.


Since we are on the topic of salmon, it is a natural course for me to talk about my Japanese buffer dinner at Jogoya!

'Cause salmon -> sashimi -> yummy Japanese food :P

It was a double date for the boyfriend and I! We don't go for those often, so naturally I was excited. (I am easily excitable)

So excited that I started dancing in the car WTF.
That's the Ray Ban aviators I got the boyfriend, btw!


Vintage red floral dress with white geometrical straps and button-down back: Thrifted
Red corsage: Melbourne
Ice pink beaded bracelet: Diva

Gold bamboo bangle: Topshop

Miu Miu inspired sequined shoes: Macao Bag: Chanel

Our spread! Obviously this was right at the beginning, 'cause check out how clean and tidy our table was. ;)

And we had unlimited access to refreshing coconut water! Yummsss. I tried to make the boyfriend take a picture with 2 coconuts against his chest (or against his groin, up to his choice :P) but he refused WTF.

The boyfriend being very anal about the cleanliness of the utensils. It was a really really busy, crowded night at Jogoya! :/

While waiting for the boyfriend to bring back more food. Evolution stated that men are meant to hunt for food! :P

With the other couple, Ken Hoong and Ai Ling. :)

We had to self-camwhore 'cause the other couple didn't offer to take pictures of us. *cough*

Hahaha, this picture of Ken Hoong feeding Ai Ling is SOOOOO cute!! :P

Err, no pictures of our food 'cause I was too caught up with fighting with the masses for food. Told you it was a very crowded night! T_T

This is actually the second time I have been to Jogoya, and unfortunately, the experience this day was quite disappointing. Due to some promotions that Jogoya was having, there was just too many people, and that means loads of squeezing, clambering, and shoving. Some people can be so rude, I tell you! The food selections were also not that great this time around, probably due to the large turnout of patrons. I also went to Shogun during the week, and had a much more pleasant experience there!

Random fact of the day:
Isn't my dress the cutest!! :))) It was actually like, 6 feet long wtf, but thankfully I did some alterations (thanks to my grandma's nimble fingers T_T), and it fits so well now! :)))


Anonymous said...

love yr dress dear!! :D

your bondouir cust! :P

Anonymous said...

I love your curls
can i know what type of curls is it?

xiang yun said...

Ehhh love your dress loh! At the first look I thought it was from Topshop ar.. hehehe your boyfriend macam a walking encyclopedia only. When I read all the salmon facts, I was like o.O wtf.

Adryna said...

revel! im one of your fans okay. really like the way you write your blog, entirely! just want to do some requests, please please give me some real fashion tips!if you dont mind lahh. :) plus i like your handbags. :)

Anonymous said...

would you mind telling us what blusher you use in the pictures? very prettiful :) xL

Dana Yoshimizu said...

I love your purse! <3

Sasha said...

your dress is prettyyyyyyyyy! <3 you have glowing complexion! so nice! share the secrets ya!!!

and you bf is so knowledgeable i was in awe when i read the salmon facts lol~ i think i should read more >.<

revel in me said...

anonymous: Haha, which one are you! :)))

anonymous: Thanks love! Mine is a digital, 'cause I straightened my hair before! According to my hairstylist, if you have virgin hair, just a normal perm will do.. Hope that helps! :)

xiang yun: Omggg we think alike!! 'Cause when I thrifted the dress, I was thinking to myself that it really looks like something from Topshop, hehe! :P Yaaa he is super super super well-versed in general knowledge!! T_T

adryna: Aww, that's really sweet of you! :) Aiyooo I don't think I am in any position to give tips la! *shy* But if you have any ideas to write about/share for me, do suggest! :P

anonymous: I am currently using NARS!! I got a friend to got it for me from the states, I have been quite happy with it so far! <3

dana yoshimizu: Heh, you mean the bag? Thanks! :)

sasha: Thanks love! :) But no la, it's the flash, I am breaking out now! T_T Haha, ya la, he always like to show off to me how knowledgeable he is! =p

Anonymous said...

which nars colour? my guess would be orgasm? pray tell! xL

PVB said...

i love your dress & your hair..hope i'll be seeing that dress at boudoir boudoir soon hehe!

etcetera; said...

JOGOYAAAAAAAAAAAAA omg i love that. fark i miss the coconuts! lol that sounded wrong.

smalls said...

i realise, most of your readers comments are directed to your dressing and hair ( which is adorable btw )

but they missed the essentials:

I swear, i felt my eyes tear up when I read what your boyfriend said. Such natural inhibitions in the salmons to care and sacrifice for their young *sniff*


smalls said...

i realise, most of your readers comments are directed to your dressing and hair ( which is adorable btw )

but they missed the essentials:

I swear, i felt my eyes tear up when I read what your boyfriend said. Such natural inhibitions in the salmons to care and sacrifice for their young *sniff*


Joshua said...

Smalls: Hahahahha, er, it IS sad *chomps on sashimi, wtf*

I wish my grandma was still alive T.T

I've never double dated before, I should probably try it some day.

SpringSommer said...

I want the dress! Sell me~

revel in me said...

anonymous: Omg, you are sooo clever! It IS orgasm! :P

PVB: Thanks dear!! <3 Unfortunatelyl I don't think I will be selling it off though!

belinda: HAHAHAHA wth!! But I do love the coconuts so much too! I OD-ed on it that night, heh!

smalls: HAHAHHA, DRAMA MAMA! Ehhhh aren't you the one who doesn't like salmon!! I remember whenever we cooked salmon pasta, you hated it! BOOO to you, salmon hater! :P

joshua: Hahahaha, sadist! *chomps on sashimi too wtf* Errr what is the connection to your late grandma.. T__T

Double dating is fun! Like Sweet Valley WTF.

littlefeefee: Eee, sorry, love, I have no plans of selling this dress! :)