Friday, May 08, 2009

I flea-ed for my life!

There is always this great inner peace in me on Thursday nights... 'Cause Friday is so near I can reach out and grab it! :P

Am just randomly blogging now as I wait for laptop to finish installing the latest version of MSN Messenger. Was talking to Jing halfway about cheques (Nuffnang) and shopping (really, what else? wtf), when the installation forced me to close my Messenger windows! T_T

Btw, Jing, when you see this entry you will understand why I suddenly went offline wtf.

Anyway, err, let me blog about what I bought at the flea market a couple of weeks back! There won't be much shopping in my life from now onwards, as I have suddenly decided that I found out the missing element in my life - a Chanel 2.55 wtf. All along I know I need it fervently, but now I want to fast-track my route to owning it wtf. But more on that another day! ;)

In a way, I miss posting up my thrifted buys! I don't usually post up my shopping buys, 'cause really, is anyone interested! T_T But I do like to share my flea buys though! At least you girls can know how cheap I am wtf.

Moving on moving on! *impatient*

Cream lace vest! So cheap, SGD5! And so gorgeous.. T____T
I can think of so many ways to wear this! *heart*

Summer garden floral chiffon top with ruffled tier front.

'Cause I was in my floral frenzy when I bought this top! Might wear it for work too. It's slightly sheer, which is GOOD, 'cause appraisal time is coming up soon WTFF.

White linen blouse with peter pan collar and front sash.

I need more basics in my wardrobe! I used to be very unwilling to spend money in any form of basics at all, but thank god, I have repented! Remember, boys and girls, basics are.. err good.

Dark blue pussy bow top with cap sleeves-- for work!

Vintage bodysuit WTFF.

It's a vintage top from the States, and in mint condition too!

I love the fact that the hem is longer at the back! :)

Satin floral bubblem hem skirt. As I mentioned earlier, floral frenzy! :P

Mod nude dress with red fluncy skirt and kitschy red buttons.
I like how this dress has a slightly mod/retro feel!

A dress by Erin Fetherston (collaboration with Target).

I was sold when I saw the adorable bunny prints! :))))

I wanted to buy this bunny print dress in Singapore (much to my colleagues' aghast -_-) to wear on my birthday recently, but it cost SGD169! Too steep. But this is a great replacement! :D

Hehe, Iam not a T-shirt and jeans kind of girl (much to the boyfriend's disappointment wtf), but I love funky tees though! :P

Black leather shoes... So cheap too! :)

And now to accessories!

Multi-color tweed corsage. It looks a little ... furry in the picture, but it looks better in real life!

Prettyyyyyyyyyyyy fabric applique necklace! Love love love!

Cute bow earrings. I.can.never.resist.bows.

Another one of my favorite buys - an intricate fabric applique headband! :)))

Jade green vintage earrigngs.. I was really amused (and impressed) when I saw that all the earrings were placed on dried leaves! So creative right!

I don't even know how to describe this necklace... I was thinking I could wear it with shirts, and it would like a cravat of some sort! :P The brooch is detachable.

Pretty fascinator! Feathers can be used to tickle the boyfriend's feet WTF.

That's all!! Feels like so little.. T_T But I finished up all the cash in hand I had though! Bad hui wen. :( Anyway, my Messenger is installed, have to go back to chatting with Jing now! Gossip time, byeee!


Jing said...

OMGGGG, everything is damn niceeeeeee! T___________________________T

I. NEED. TO. SHOP. BADLYYYY! *thirsty wtf*

fuzkittie said...

Love your style girl, so sweet and girly yet very unique!! <3

Joshua said...

LOVE IT ALL. Especially the accesories, the floral applique headband stole the show.

Can I PLEASE BORROW THAT WOLF TEE, it's so fucking fierceeeee

sherlyn said...

OMG! u bought so many stuff in once! haha n now only i know tat flea market got so many nice stuff! might need ur advice wen i have the chance to visit singapore~ haha :p i love the poofy floral skirt! really nice~ n its quite hard to find a nice floral skirt~ i love floral too~ :p

etcetera; said...

i like looking at the things you buy! but bad side is, it makes mem think about the lack of places to shop in miri and also how i cant pull off those items :P
i love the leather shoes! so androgynously hot!

Shikin Hambali said...

love allllllllllllllllll of em. especially item 5-7 and allllllllllllllllll the accessoriesssssssssssss.

the headband - eyeball dropper.

Anonymous said...

Your silent reader here and 1st time commenting woohoo!

Btw, has anyone told you that you and your sisters has a lot of similarities to the Kardashian sisters?

Keeping up with the...*insert your family name*

Oh and you have a brother too right? Robert Kardashian wtf.

Nana said...

Haha, kardashian sisters! Yeah true true! I know who's the most sexy/slutty one! :)))

Yeah, love your buys too. When do you wana have a garage sale ? I'd be first in line? :)

xiang yun said...

omg omg omg Erin Fetherson! Bunnies!! What more can you ask for!!!! XD

Gwencws said...

Who said no one is interested in your shopping buys, I AM!!! =D All your stuff are oh so niceeee!

Christian Girl in Harrods said...

VERY NICE STUFF!!! WOW u are really good at this, should go pro! haha

mustardqueen said...

keeeping up with the HOES wtffff hahahahaha and I'm the tallest out of the bunch wtf cheebye -_- wooot i got a lot of headbands with bigbig appliques from melb too we should all wear thattttt one day when im back!!! :D

revel in me said...

jing: Thank youuu! You know your approval always matters! Actually no la WTF! Shopping next weekend! :P

fuzkittie: Aww, thank you love, BIG SMILE! :D

joshua: You know me so well! My accessories are my fave part too! <3 And SUREEE YOU CAN BORROW! Since I am like, bigger than you.. T___T

sherlyn: Is it a lot!! After I blogged, I thought it's quite little, like no 'oomph' to the post.. T_T SUREEE contact me when you come! I love bringing people to shop! :P

belinda: Miri really doesn't have anywhere to shop? :( Come down to KL more! :P And HEEE I love the shoes too! You will FREAK if you find out how much I paid! :P

shikin hambali: Hahhaha whyyyy areeee youuuu sooo cuteee! :P Thank youuu!! <3 Then when I wear the headband will everyone become blind ar WTF!

anonymous: HAHAHAHHAHAHHA Kardashians!!!! Haihhh then I will be kim kardashian, 'cause I have the biggest butt FML! HAHHAHAHA wait till I call my brother robert HAHAHAH!!

nana: Haha, so who is the sexist/sluttiest one??? :P And err I AM actually toying with the idea! But not sure where though! :(

xiangyun: Hahahah ya la the only pets I like WTFF!!

gwencws: Ehh!! *shy* But when I post buys, it's like all objects only, inanimate things wtf! But thank you love! T_T

siewkwan: WAHHH such a huge compliment! <3 Pro shopper ar! My dream! *teary*

mustardqueen: Are your applique headbands as nice as MINE! *competitive wtf* 24th june!! PATIENCE! :D

Sasha said...

love love love all your buys~
the wolf tee is so FIERCE!!! lol~
and the applique necklace can really spice up any outfit! i love to see your buys! so post more~yay!!! SG has really nice flea market ya dear!

speaking of which,i've never been to any bazaar/flea market in KL yet..hahaha..coz every time i either woke up late(around 3pm) or was lazy to go coz no shopping partner! haha..unless i drag my bestie who's a guy
i still remember his facial expression and being all sweaty while waiting for me shop in pasar malam coz i was being indecisive hahaha..

Ailing said...

Omg u should share ur shopping buys too!I love the clothes u buy and ur accessories are to die for!

revel in me said...

sasha: Hahaha your whole comment is so hyper! :P Yaa I think s'pore flea markets are quite nice, but there is a downside to it though-- it will be pricier, 'cause we need to convert! So the prices aren't really comparable to the fleas in KL! And oooh, you should go to the bazaars in KL la, there are so many now! :)

ailing: *blush* You are too sweet la, my dear! Haha, okok, maybe I will do up entries shopping buys in the future! And accessories are my soft spot! <3

Nicole said...

awwww!!! so nice!! everything is so pretty!! great choice girl!!