Saturday, May 02, 2009

A bloody affair.

OMG I am so traumatized!

I innocently opened my bathroom door just now after reaching home, and was greeted with droplets of blood on my bathroom floor! Like.. blood splattered all over the floor!! T____T

Ok la, no one chopped up anyone la (though don't we all love drama wtf)! My brother accidentally cut his leg (he is still unwilling to reveal how he cut it; I suspect he was juggling knives WTF), and he went into my bathroom to clean the blood! He got stitches, so you can imagine how bad the cut was, and more importantly, how much blood we are talking about!!

According to my grandmother, there were actually big puddles of my blood in the bathroom, but she washed them away! If not, can you imagine how scared I would have been to be greeted by pools of blood in the bathrrom! Blood bath WTF.

Anyway, I guess my grandmother missed some spots, 'cause there were still drops of blood everywhere. So I had to roll up my sleeves and clean 'em up! Just when I thought I was done, I FOUND OUT THAT THERE WERE BLOOD ON MY BEDROOM FLOOR AS WELL!!!

I really wanted to die!! It isn't easy to spot the blood, 'cause my bedroom floor tiles are dark colored, but thank god I have sharp eyes!! My stupied brother even dripped blood on one of my hats! T__T

All I can say is, blood is really hard to clean!! At least you guys know I will never be a murderer WTF.


Moving on to less bloody subjects wtf! Very abrupt change of topic 'cause women have fleeting minds like that.

I was there on the day of Krispy Kreme's opening in Times Square! First in M'sia yo!

Yummy Chinese food! Am I a sinner because I feel hungry now despite having a Japanese buffet dinner. *shifty eyes*
Met up with the boyfriend for dinner after doing my hair on Monday, 'cause we were both in KL. He brought me for Chinese boiled soups!

Coconut and chicken soup.

Melon and chicken soup.

I dunno how to say this in English! It's 'mui choy kao yuk' in Cantonese... Braised pork belly with preserved vegetables!

Curried boar meat!

The boyfriend's favorite dinner. Such an easy man to please! :P

Outfit for my hair transformation day! Fine, more like hair color transformation.
Picture is taken before going to my hairstylist!

Peach dress with horse print: Supre
Harlequin corsage: Topshop
Straw bag with black bow: Bangsar

Vintage-inspired ring: The Curve
Retro red peeptoes with baubles: Sungei Wang

As if having such a traumatising experience in my night wasn't enough, I had enother F-my-life experience just now!

Jing was on the phone with her boyfriend, Sam, just now, and I was semi-eavesdropping-- I can't help it if Jing bellows in my ear wtf! I was laughing out loud at Jing's comments to Sam, and he asked my sister why is my laughter so evil! Then he told Jing that listening to my laughter makes him feel like he is in the zoo WTF!!!

F my life!!!


Christian Girl in Harrods said...

HAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAH, why are u so funny hui wen? You will never be a murderer...-_- ok, noted. And your laughter sound like zoo, hahaha, so bad! Oh and your outfit is soo cute! quirky but girly at the same time. :)

Anonymous said...

hey may i know where's the boiled soup restaurnt located,near where?

Jing said...

My love, i miss you!! T___________T

And i love this horsey dress! *steals*

Joshua said...

Love the dress!

I wish it was warm enough here to wear S/S things T.T

Joshua said...

Love the dress!

I wish it was warm enough here to wear S/S things T.T

mustardqueen said...

i know that place!! dad brought me there for err tea one day wtfff love the coconut chicken soup :D and hor, brother told me one of this metal thingy from my room fell on him and cut his leg i think its the fake curtain holder we had last time T_T

revel in me said...

siewkwan: Hahaha, ya la, the only thing lethal is my laughter WTF! Thank you love! <3

anonymous: I dunno the exact address, but it's right next to Shaw Parade (very nearby to Times Square)! :)

jing: I miss you too! I damn sad, 'cause we didn't get to say a proper goodbye! :( And don't steal my dress ar! I am selling it off! >:(

joshua: OOoohh and I am wishing so much for cold weather so I can wear beanies and trenches! Oh wait, I already do WTF! Melbourne in Aug! <3

mustardqueen: WAHHH soup for tea??? So random! Haha, why is daddy so cina wtf! OHHHH NOOO why brother so poor thing! But the curtain holder isn't even sharp! :/

vvens said...

that's one of my favourite dinner too!!! :D :D :D