Saturday, May 23, 2009

Downtown double date.

Thank you for all the comments in the previous entry, I love comments, whee! I am so uplifted that I am going to blog a really long entry about my recent Malacca trip , with loads and loads of pictures!! Must comment ar, I put so much heart and soul wtf into posting 101 pictures... If not I will get dejected and the only picture you'll see in the next entry is a picture of my.. err, toenail wtf.


It was all very impromptu.

The boyfriend just asked me what I was doing the next day, and of course, as usual I keep all my weekends and public holidays free for him, 'cause that's the only time when we can spend time! I am not cock-whipped ok! wf

The boyfriend: Wanna go to Malacca tomorrow or not?

Me: Err. OK!

And that was it! Super random, and out of the blue.

Spontaneity keeps the relationship spunky! *wise*

But I digress! The sister overhead my conversation with the boyfriend, and started giving me puppy dog looks.

"I wanna go! I wanna go!"
"I have always wanted to go to Malacca again"
"Don't you think it will be so fun to double date?"

And the next thing do you know...

Jing and Sam.

The picture is wonky, 'cause I was sitting in the front seat, and decided to catch them offguard by sneaking my hand behind to take a picture of them! BUT JING IS SUPER SENSITIVE TO CAMERA LENSES! I was giggling to myself, 'cause I was expecting to see a candid picture of them (probably doing something naughty wtf), but all I saw was this posed picture! -___-

Half of front seat duo/ mentos feeder/ water feeder/ entertainer.

Entertainer 'cause I have to ensure the boyfriend won't be bored while he drove! ('cause Jing and Sam were dozing off) What if he fell asleep while he drives! But I fell asleep SORRY BABY. T__T

The other half of the double date trip. :)

Shit, looking at this picture, I am damn amazed at how long the boyfriend's arms are! Usually when I drive I am 2 inches away from the steering wheel. T___T

Random pictures of myself in the car:

My top lip looks really thin in this picture! The boyfriend told me that his mom told him (haha what a mouthful) that women with thin lips are very fierce!


Someone suggested to me before to do an entry on the contents of my bag.. This is a shortcut entry wtf.

- Prada wallet *heart* (FINALLY I decided to use it T_T)
- Water bottle (I never go anywhere without water! Being hydrated is very important to me wtf)
- Crabtree & Evelyn rose-scented hand cream

And err since that's all that you all can see, that's it wtf.
Other things include the usual boring stuff like: mobile phone, keys, lip balm, camera etc, nothing much!

Another random picture: Blackest dog in the world!
(We saw it when we went to fetch Sam)

'Cause it was nearing lunch time, and we were still quite some way to Malacca, so the boyfriend decided to bring us to eat Nasi Briyani Gam! And if your first thought was GLUE RICE AR, don't worry, me too wtf. The place is situated in Negeri Sembilan, the boyfriend used to eat there, when he worked for this particular client of his.

The kuah (tasted like dhal), and vegetables/condiments.

The couple who is ever-ready for the camera.

And this is Nasi Briyani Gam! No glue was used in the cooking process wtf.

To be honest, it tasted very very much like Hainanese Chicken Rice to me! When I told the boyfriend, he gave me the 'WTF' look. T_T

Soon after, we continued with our journey to Malacca. Which wasn't much of a journey, 'cause we weren't making much progress at all! The whole of Malacca was FREAKNG FREAKING FREAKING jammed, bad idea to go down when it's a long weekend (Labor Day weekend), I guess.

We had plans to head to A Famosa, then err the red building with a snake in front (I always see people take picture there!), and then on to Jonker Walk, Eye on Malaysia etc etc. But it was so jammed (we took almost 2 hours just to get to Malacca town centre), that we were all cranky. :(

In the end, we decided to skip A Famosa, cause it really was impossible to get there. The plan was to head to Jonker Walk straight. But do you know that by the time we reached Jonker Street, it was already late 3pm!! :O Such a waste of the day being stuck in the jam, fuck thi shit!

At Jonker Walk:

Three is a crowd wtf.
I was trying to get a scenic, romantic candid shot of Jing and Sam, but suddenly this Caucasian appeared and the picture looks as if the three of them are dating, HAHA!

I don't have a proper outfit picture, but here goes! :)

One of my favorite pictures of the day. :)

White heart-shaped sunnies: Forever 21
White tee: Guess
Red and white striped bustier dress (worn as high-waisted skirt): Zara
White beaded long necklace: Forever New, Australia
Red applique necklace: Junkyard sale, Singapore
Red sandals with gold chainlinks and charm: Beverly Feldman
Orange straw and rattan bag: Forever 21

We were so lucky, 'cause the chicken rice ball shop was going to close, and we were the last ones that the shop owner let in before he close the door grill! :)
(actually it's 'cause I am damn agressive and managed to push my way in wtf)

Candid shot. -_-
Massaging the boyfriend's back 'cause his back ached after driving for few hours straight! This is so attractive wtf.

Sam and the boyfriend arranged Jing's food, and asked her to take pictures of it...

This is what you get when you eat with boys:


Walking along Jonker Walk ('cause we have nowhere else to go due to the jam -_-)...

Jing has found her match!! I swear, Sam is the most camera-sensitive boy I have ever met, hahaha.

Damn a lot of people! The the last time I was there, Jonker Walk was practically empty. :/

Bright colors made me feel very vibrant and cheery! Actually what am I talking about, I am noisy and chirpy almost all the time, heh.

I wanted a ride! But I think it cost RM30.. That changed my mind and I wanted to be the cyclist instead WTF.

Gula Ketuk! Which literally translates to 'knock-knock sweets'. I prefer to call them 'Tuk-tuk sweets' though! :P It's basically very hard peanut candy, which is knocked into tiny pieces...

... and you suck on them! The boyfriend said '"Yeer!" when he saw me taking this picture.
I am not gross, I am just informative. :P

Guess who calls the shots in this relationship HEHE.
Haihhh why the boyfriend looked like he has given up on me in this picture. T_T

Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola wtf.
Which team are you on, Team Coke or Team Pepsi!

I can shop anywhere. T__T

Hi, guess who!

Next up, it's the most awesome cendol in the world! Which I didn't get to try the last time I went to Malacca with the Flat Hair Flat 'cause it was closed.

This is the place! It's right on Jonker Walk.

In the midst of creating pure genius. *heart*

The queue for this cendol was so so so so long! It literally went all the way down the street, scary. :/

Another scary thing: Sam wtf.

Big poofy hair, I like! *heart*

Such gooooood cendol! I love the fact that the gula melaka used is the authentic, thick (authenthick WTF), sticky type, instead of the usual watered-down version.

The charming interior in the shop.

Double dates:

Normal picture of the couple.


The boyfriend's lovestruck eyes, HAHA.

We continued on to Eye on Malaysia! I didn't go on it when it was in KL, so this was a perfect chance to catch up on lost opportunities wtf.

Compulsory Eye on Malaysia backdrop pictures:

The boyfriend and I.

Jing and Sam.

Close-up of the sandals. :)

And me watching you closely WTF. We rented a pair of binoculars! :P

Me, him, and his arched eyebrow.
Random fact: I can only arch my left eyebrow!! My right one is like paralyzed. -_-

On the ferris wheel *cue for the song "Top of the world" to start playing wtf*:

Looking very prim and proper with the boyfriend, haha.

Sam looked so weary of Jing! I don't blame him. :P

Being touristy.

And another few of my loved pictures from the day:

My love! We only had like, 2 pictures from the day WHAT IS THIS blasphemy! :(

I felt very happy during the day, 'cause I felt like I have 2 lovers WTF. Don't feel left out ar, Sam! :P

The boyfriend strangling me wtf.

I'm on the top of the world looking down on creation

And the only explanation I can find

Is the love that I've found ever since you've been around

Your love put me at the top of the world


sherlyn said...

hihi ! yeap! i know! all bloggers love comment especially they put so much effort to blog! ha
Jing's bf really cute nehxx! n i wanna go melacca for trip too! always plan but fail to go! did u all go for satay celup? their satay celup is so nice!!!!! n the pepsy cap lolzzz did u gals buy tat? hahaha =.= i m so wish tat i have a sis like u~ atleast i can still hang on wit her! but so poort i didnt have a sis..i ve a bro only..n the very-busy-only-1 bro :( sobbbb

a scoop of life said...

i went Malacca once during CNY ... booo many shops were closed lah. i only can remember seeing kerbau by d roadside. taxi driver drove us around sight seeing. Majority of the shops @ Jonker Street were closed.T___T

a scoop of life said...

oh ya im goin Sg nex week & jus wondering if u can intro me few places to hunt for cheap clothing. tehehe ... 10s

Joshua said...

SO FUUUUNNN. :D What I would do to eat the Gam rice!!!
Hahah, miss loads of Malaysian food sometimes.

...Then my aunt or uncle makes laksa out of the blue and I feel luckier than some of my friends here, wtf.

The necklace is seriously something.

(I don't want to see your toenail wtf!)

~LiYinism~ said...

Joshy commented right before me!!!

hahaha anyway, nice looooong post :)
and ofcoz i wouldn't wanna see your toe nails =-=" just continue with your outfit blogging routine babe~

*heart* (imitation wtf) :P

Christian Girl in Harrods said...

Oh so sweet!! thanks for the very very informative blog post, the last time I went malacca also never ate all the food u mentioned *sad. Yea, u do sincerely looked happy. :) love all the pictures.

revel in me said...

sherlyn: Hahaha, YAA I love to read comments! <3 And do you know jing's boyfriend is damn happy 'cause you said he is cute HAHAHA. I have had the satay celup before! Very nice, but it causes heatiness. =/ It was too jammed that day though, so we skipped the satay celup. HAHAHAH we didn't buy the caps, but we should have hor WTF. I totally understand, my brother is super not layan!!

Me: Do I look nice today?
Brother: NO.


khai ching: Oh no, that sucks!! But at least can see kerbau, haha. :P And hmm, you can try Far East Plaza and Bugis for cheap-ish shopping! I will keep a lookout and see whether there are any bazaars in s'pore next week. :) You are in luck, the Great Singapore Sales is going on now! :D

joshua: But the gam rice tastes like hainanese chicken rice wtf! Ehhh not bad what, can eat laksa! T_T I love the necklace! <3

And why you discriminate against my toenail WTF

liyin: HAHAH why you also go against my toe nail!!! /boo thank you, it isn't often I do such long posts nowadays!

*gives you heart back* :P

revel in me said...

siewkwan: Aww thank you love! <333 Aku sangat gembira coz you puji me WTF. Nvm nvm, make another trip down to eat these food! But don't don't don't go down on a public holiday! T_T

YanPing said...

U got comment !

YanPing said...

ha... I am not gonna stop there la...hee... Double date is so sweet ! And I so heart ur skirt.. u can wear it on our National Day.. :p Our PM will heart u with ur skirt... hee

YanPing said...

I read my previous comment and I thought I shall leave another one..cos it sounds a bit rude.. :p

I heart ur skirt becos I always like the colour of the x'mas just looks so happy... and sweet...and I can nv wear stripe skirts..cos it just makes me look so wide..and a huge bottom with the stripes...

so I super heart ur stripe skirt... :)

hw said...

reading ur post made me miss my sis so much!! we live apart now cos im studyin overseas n it so nice to see tht you both still get to spend time with each other whenever you go back to msia:)good times indeed...

pangie said...

looks like you guys had a great time. you make me miss the "double date with the younger sister and her man." and i miss those sisterly photos like that too.

Anonymous said...
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revel in me said...

yanping: Hahaha!! Why you so gung-ho to leave so many comments! Are you that scared of my toenail. *dark* :P The 'skirt' is actually a bustier dress! I wore it high-waisted. :) You CAN wear stripes! Just get one in vertical stripes for ultra slimming effect! <3

hw: Hehe, when I see your initials, I think of my name wtf! :D Awww, I knowww, when I was in Melbourne, I really missed spending time with my sisters too! T__T Be strong, soon you will be reunited again! :P

pangie: Thanks love! Quick, go organise one with your sister and your respective bfs NOW! :D

PVB said...

double date so nice! i heart your glasses and your bf looks cute with it haha!

although i don't comment, i still read your blog everyday!

mustardqueen said...

tsk at the comment of only one sister wtf u have another sister here ok -_- OH i wanna go malacca also T_____________T when me and u go back kl ON MOU?? T__T

fourfeetnine said...


HAHAHAHAH the pic of you rubbing your bf's back is priceless! like mastercard wtf

Sasha said...

it's so fun to go double-dating!
you guys look so happy and bubbly in the pictures(as always!) lol~

oh ya hui wen,i'm just wondering..why does Jing refer to you as Boo whereas Ting refers to you as Man Man? :P

revel in me said...

PVB: Hahahha maybe I should get him a pair and force him to wear permanently hahahah! /boo thank you for reading everyday <3

mustardqueen: Who said I only have one sister! *fighter cock face wtf* And errr after the horrible jam we encounter there, we told each other that it will be another 8 years before we go to Malacca again! :/

fourfeetnine: YA WHY AR!!! The right eye so weak! But I can wink with my right eye la! But not very attractive though, 'cause it looks like I am twitching WTF!


sasha: Hahhaha thanks! <3 And HAHHAHAHA my family calls me man man (my name in cantonese)! Jing calls me boo 'cause since a million years ago she came up with a nickname for me: Bebuli... And it slowly shortened to Boo! :P

Vivien said...

i don't want to see a toenail the next time i come wtf! and your hard work must be appreciated wtf! 101 pictures, hardwork :D :D goo job huiwen very very good job! *virtual high five wtf!*

omg i love your heart shaped sunnies! and applique necklace <3 :D hehe looking pretty as ever! :D

Vivien said...

good * you're crazy lah if you think you're ugly! <333 ;D hope you feel better and have a lovely week kay! :)

kiM said...

road trip+ double date!!how ideal outing is that!!! Nice nice post~~~ u girls are so cute!!!

smalls said...

you look so sweet and demure in the pictures with your bf! :)

when la you hanging out with me!
i get all these teasing msges on friday nights only to be responded by silence. sigh

Jing said...

Double date! <3 I am now craving for the cendol because i did not get my 2nd helping that day! T______T

And why is my boyfriend like that, there's only room for one camera sensitive person in a relationship WTF! *used my hip to knock bf away* ;D

Irenelim said...

Wow, lots of fun there in Malacca! Last time I was there, it was so freaking hot I thought I was going to melt if not for the cendol!

Hey, I love your white heart-shaped sunnies.. so cute! Yeah, you are super cute too wahahaha~~

revel in me said...

vivien t: Aren't you the sweetest girl ever! T__T Thank youuuu, but I really feel far from pretty now! T___T
ps: Why is everyone so scared of my toenail ar WTF

kim: Hahaha, YAA it's quite fun! Unfortunately the jam really spoiled the day though! :( Thank you love! <3

smalls: Hhahah sweet and demure!! I haven't heard those terms used to describe me since.. never! wtf

But I msg-ed you, you never rpely! T__T

jing: Haihh but we cannot let them talk about *shh* football teams! *resigned* Hhahaha really la sam damn poser! And the cendol! Le sigh. <3

irenelim: YAAA I could eat 5 bowls of the cendol! *strong* Hahaha, thank you dear! :D

Eunice said...

I love chendol with the gula melaka. super duper good. thumbs up. Better than penang's :p

g®├ąc∑ land said...

ur bf is totally rocking the heart sunnies XD