Saturday, May 30, 2009

Indulgent moments.

Remember I mentioned here that I have gained weight? Here is why!

Though my weight gain was mostly due to me starting work, it didn't help that when I went back home for a 1-week break, I ate like a pig! T__T The parents were most willing to overload me with goodies, so was the boyfriend. And Jing was most accommodating in accompanying me on binging sessions. T_T During the week, often I would be so stuffed after dinner that I will claim to not want to eat for the next week, and 2 hours later, I would ask, "What's for supper?" wtf.

Anyway, here is one example of a typical indulgent dinner of mine. T_T

In the car with Jing, on the way to dinner at Oversea restaurant in KL.

Jing's lips looked so pale here!!! Mad woman, she absolutely adores it when her lips look pale!! It's her obsession. -_-

The dinner was supposed to be my make-up birthday dinner. :)

The calorie culprits!

Four seasons!

It's an atypical version of Four Seasons, 'cause of the 'fish'! The 'fish' is made out of various types of vegetables, chicken, mussels, prawns, baby octopuses etc, and then shaped into a fish.

Peas as its eyes, HAHA.

Roasted suckling pig!

But not your typical old fashioned suckling pig as well...

'Cause it comes in 2 styles:

With yummy curry (and steamed buns to go with it)...

And glutinous rice on the other side!

I really loved this dish! But my jaw went agape when I found out it cost around RM250 for the platter. :/ Jing and I started patting the pig head and went "Chanel pig, Chanel pig", HAHHAHA. Jing was absolutely aghast at its price, 'cause she feels the money is better churned into Topshop wtf. She felt as if she was eating a skirt HAHAHA.

Abalone, which my dad brought to the restaurant himself, 'cause it's apparently some A-grade abalone that he has been saving up for an apt occasion. Such as my birthday. :P

We ate the abalone in its unadulterated form, no sauce or condiments or anything! My dad said that way we can savor the abalone in its purest form. I thought it tasted like fishball. T__T

Very very very very good prawns. The prawns are fried with thick soya sauce and a hint of honey, but omg, you just need to dab a little of the sauce and lick it off your fingers, you'll know it's good stuff!

In fact, the sauce is so good that the prawn shell is the best part of the dish! 'Cause you can suck the sauce off the prawn shell. I know it sounds disgusting, but it really was damn syok! :) But if people didn't know any better, they will think my dad is really mean to us, 'cause he kept on shoving prawn shells onto our plates, HAHAHA.

And don't laugh at me, but at first, when my dad told me to eat the prawn shells, I thought he really meant to EAT them! So I was furiously chomping on the shells, trying to swallow; when he scolded me, "To suck la! Not to eat and swallow!!" FML

Probably chewing on prawn shells. T_T

Jing hanging off her chair like a monkey.

Feather headband, lovingly brought back from the States! :P

'Sao Min'! Which is loosely translated into 'birthday noodles'... Or rather, 'longevity noodles'!

The theory behind it is that the noodles are very very long, so it represents longevity. I told Jing that she is not supposed to bite on the noodles, 'cause if she did, she would be cutting my life short! HAHA. It was fun to see her choke on her noodles in an attempt to not break any strand of noodles, HEHEHE.

So stuffed, and very conscious of my tummy! T__T

This was obviously before my break-out. :(

Left to right: Auntie Jean (mom's best friend), Mommy, Daddy, and hui wen's nostrils wtf.
Daddy loves his wine!

I love pearls and blings! My mom was clucking her tongue when she saw the layers of jewelry I had on. :P

Unsuccessful outfit picture! With a very unglam take-away plastic bag (we ordered too much food!)
And that's Grandma Hoe there. :)

Outfit pictures taken at home:

Jing! And oh shit, you can see a bit of my thumb. -__-

Purple sheer puffed sleeve top with black lace bib and trimmings: H & M (purchased when I went to Wuxi, China for my business trip :P)
Black high waisted shorts: Supre

Purple feather headband: Forever 21
Diamante bracelet: Diva

Pearl cuff: Diva

Diamante + pearl cuff: Forever 21

Purple suede laced-ups: Nine West


larnee said...

oooooo... which branch is this? i want that pig real bad!! *drools*

mustardqueen said...

eh when i go back i wanna eat chanel pig also!!! tell daddy so he can err book for another round wtf!! and err, this round is ur "makeup birthday dinner" with the entire family :D

Irenelim said...

Wow, I haven't tried abalone like that! - perhaps is because I haven't strike a lottery yet. lol.

a scoop of life said...

when i was stil in my ex company,i was reli reli stressed & wud complain bout my job every single very pissed @ d ppl there bah!so my parents wud bring me EAT good food cos dey say i overworked,must eat more.T___T

revel in me said...

petit hummer: It's the KL branch! I am not sure what road it is (I *think* it is jalan imbi), but it's the one really near to times sqaure! :)

mustardqueen: I am very very sure he will!! He is very loving nowadays..T_T

irenelim: Haha, I don't really like it though! I still prefer cheap food like nasi leman and mcd's WTF.

khai ching: Hhahaha yaya my parents are very willing to spoil me with food (why not with shopping wtf), 'cause they pity me! T__T

Sasha said...

hahahhahahha LMAO when i saw that chanel pig! lol~ but i'm like that too,when it comes to food i always convert them to clothes..hahaha..
so i can totally relate to what Jing was saying lol~

jeanchristie said...

wtf chanel pig! LOL

somehow abalone .. its more the idea of it rather than the taste, most times at least haha..

khai ching/hui wen: YES my parents ALWAYS ask what would I like to eat and then indulge me T______T

Jing, what colour's ur hair wtf. Its very preettyyy wtff haha REALLY WAN!

Joshua said...

T.T I have a love/hate relationship with your food posts these days, because it makes me more emo that I'm not going back during winter, BOOOO.

Everything looks so gooooooood! Except the pork wtf.

jaclyn said...

i think i gain weight after every blog post you post that has pictures of food. -______-

your pictures make me run for the nearest packet of crisps!

a scoop of life said...

YESH! EXACTLY!!! I told mum "y cant u bring me shoppin instead of feeding me wif all dos food" :-O hahahahaha

Jane said...

Hi Hui Wen Gorgeous,you don`t post your work outfits here anymore :( I need my source of inspiration! Which is definitely you :)

Yan Ping said...

I think being in the working society can really make one fat. I put on piles of kilos when I started working as it was damn stress and the only enjoyment is eating. Plus we were so busy, our meals always end up eating in odd hours. :(

And the chanel pig looks so good ! I think I already put on a few pounds just looking at ur pictures.

Christian Girl in Harrods said...

hahahaha chanel pig...when I was reading I was amazed by your imagination!!!why are u like that, so imaginative and funny one!!

Anonymous said...

gal,i remember you told that you found a shop selling nice shoes during your lunch break sometimes ago..i cant seem to find the post, do u mind telling me the shop name and where it locates again?sorry for being so random :P

revel in me said...

sasha: Hahahahhaha ya la! But unfortunately for us, we like both food and clothes.. T__T

jean: Why are all parents so sweet /boo And I saw your comment in my previous entry! Are you leaving s'pore soon..T_T

joshua: WHO CAN YOU NOT LOVE PORK!! And gosh so sad la! But we will come visit you in aug k.. T__T

jaclyn: Hahaha, you need those chips! More food posts coming up! *shy*

khai ching: YA LA we need to send our parents for classes: What do your children really want WTF

jane: Omgg, that's so sweet of you!! I thought no one wants to read boring work clothes posts.. T____T But why are you so sweet.. T__T

yan ping: YAAA the pounds that I have put on.. is tragic. T_T Haihh I am born to be tai tai la, then can be skinny HEHEHE

siewkwan: Haahhaha we are just incessantly crappy! :P

anonymous: OH YAAA!! but oh nooo, I myself can't remember! T__T I don't have the shoe box here now.. If I remember, I will post back on this entry k?? Just give me some time to recall.. T__T

Anonymous said...

yes pls..if u can recall pls let me know it here! i appreciate it hun..

jeanchristie said...

mmmmm.... no la, 6 more months i think ;)

Anonymous said...

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