Thursday, May 21, 2009

Inferiority complex.

I feel very ugly. :(

Recently I have been breaking out like crazy!! It was like watching a catastrophe spiraling out of control... It started as one zit... then two... And now it's just a... a... *chokes* ...tragedy. T____T

Looks like I didn't survive peak period after all! Or at least, my skin didn't. :( I feel like dying everytime I see myself in the mirror, talk about feeling low. T__________T

It was so difficult to get my skin back under control after I came back from Melbourne, and just when I thought my skin is something that I can be proud of again, this happens.. Fuck this shit!

On top of everything, I have put on weight! Arghhhh. So now I feel pimply and fat, not the most attractive combination wtf. Everything feels snug now, and that sure is a tell-tale sign that I am piling on the pounds. T___T Since I have started work, I have gained weight! Apparently I am not the only one who suffered this fate, BUT WHY OH WHY!! I really want to hit the gym (just kidding wtf), but I have no time. :( How laaa to lose weight. T____T

Outfit when I went to meet the boyfriend for lunch:

So fat some more want to wear stripes wtf. T_T

Striped 'Kiss Me Quick' top: Valleygirl
Denim overalls with braided straps: Target, Australia
Sky blue rosette headband: Forever 21
Navy quilted bag with gold studs: Miss Selfridge
White leather slip-on loafers: Hush Puppies

I know I looked all bright and cheery in the pictures, but actually I am hurting inside ok! Inferiority complex. T____T

I am actually damn damn damn sad, really! T____T


On a separate note, if it was entirely up to you; money or happiness, which would you choose? Bear in mind that money can buy a certain extend of happiness.


Tan said...


btw, u DON'T look fat. ;)

mustardqueen said...

PMS-ing is it wtf cossss i also breaking out and my tummy damn big!! like like the bouncing ball u use in gym that kind wtf T_________T

Christian Girl in Harrods said...

aiyo I know how u feel, cuz my skin has been failing me this year T_T but I will pray for your skin to be flawless again cuz I dunno what else to do...since auditor's job nature is like that sigh *prays now* and hugggssss

Xen ♥ said...

omg.. i SO understand how you feel :( im still hunting for a good moisturizer/treatment/pimple killer not to mention the weight gain since i got back. what is thisss?!?! *roar* but then again, you dont look like you gained weight..

money or happiness? yea money CAN buy you a certain amount of happiness- 2.55 caviar mMm.. CC earrings MmmMm louboutins *love* haha but yea, in the long run- id still vote for happiness. what would all the material things in the world mean if i still aint gonna be happy in the end?

Jen said...

money .. $_$.. shallow it is .. pfft ..jk ..

ur headband sooo cute eh? how much lerr? ehehe ..


Ai said...

I'm facing the same problem!! Not only spots my eye lid is always swollen and flaking! And I gained 3kg compared to CNY and I dun even wanna take any pic T_________T
But u dont look fat at all!!

AiLing said...

Ops....accidentally pressed enter!

I'm a bimbo and all the while I tot I would vote for money. Yet I decided to go back to Msia for good for my bf. Hmm hmm....Just pray hard I can kena lottery and have both at the same time T_____________T

Anonymous said...

at this point in my life, money.

ahh yala me too!!!! pimply and fat. and many pimple sucks hor.

pms kao kao wtf.

Isabella said...

You look so beautiful, I wish I could wear that outfit....

Anonymous said...

For those who have pimples and breakouts, you should try Diane-35. It is a contraceptive pill BUT it is mostly used for those with problems with their skin. Trust me, it really works. If you do not want to consume pills, then get eryacne which is a fantastic pimple gel and differin which is a gel to slather all over the face. But these two need a dermatologist/doctor's prescription. But very very effective.

Julie Ann said...

though, i use darlie. when u feel the zit forming, apply the toothpaste to the pimple area for the next 2/3 days, it'll burn a while but the pimple doesn't seem to pop up.

i need both. i'm greedy. wait, can i have both? if not then happiness lo *sulk* but no money. haha.

Princess said...

don't worry babes u still got praying mantis legs! unlike me! omgggg i'm soooooo terrified about starting work in acctg like next month!!! wtfff working until 11pm?!?!?!? 8 30 till 11 (if lucky)?!?!?! how to go gymmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
damn those ''we provide 3 meals a day and snacks for all staff'' companies!!

a scoop of life said...

i am one of d ppl who pile on pounds after steppin in2 d workin world! *gah* i reli wonder WHY!worse is we can never go back to our original weight anymore.*pfft* its bout hiding flabby arms & tummy now ... LOL!!!

Sarah said...

Of course money..that goes without With money, i can buy stuff that I want and travel to places that I like, and that makes me happy =)

You can try aspirin mask~! It really works..

Irenelim said...

Worry not, you look awesome and great.. and not to mention super girly cute! :)

Oh, I want money and happiness... yeap, I am super greedy! Hahaha.

Anonymous said...

I had the same pimple problem and it was solved by consuming fish oil supplements. :) try it. It helped me heaps and now i swear by it

ps. no this is not an advertistment. wtf :P

Grace said...

I had the same problem as you. Pimples popping up everywhere until felt dem inferior. Tried everything. Multiple cleansers, creams, pimple cream bla bla.

Then i used sebamed face and body wash and tadaaaaaa all gone!!!! Really a miracle if you've seen my face before. No need to buy all those ex cleansers la. Sebamed is good enough!!

Irenelim said...

I have a friend with pimple problems too, sounds like I must introduce her Sebamed... no harm trying right? :)

fourfeetnine said...

i gained weight too T________T 1 kg for every month i worked FTS

and u don't look fat or like u have bad skin <3

Yan Ping said...

Cheer up gal ! u r not fat at all... and I dun see ur zits anywhere...

talking about putting on pounds.. I am literally like a balloon..inflating and deflating... all my trying hard to deflate... :(( also have no time to step into the gym... so u r much more better than me !

After the peak, u will be the beautiful Man Man again !

k said...


jaclyn said...

but your skin looks so good in the pics, and you look gorgeous as always! *shy*

and for now, the only thing not making me happy is not being able to purchase any of my lemmings so therefore... money will buy me happiness wtf.


ally said...

issok dear i know how you feel about the break outs! i had them like a month ago and felt like i wanted to put a paper bag over my face to hide my huge pimples wtf.

i think its the lifestyle thing though. just drink a lot of water, dont touch alcohol and fried stuff, go for facials and organic skin care? that worked for me :P

Jing said...

My love, u cannot make it laaaaa, u said that u think u're ugly but u showed us 4/5 MAJUHHH camwhore pics!! -.-

Hmmm, i know that money does not necessarily bring happiness but i know for sure that without money, i will not be happy! :D Why am i like that, somemore end with big smiley! T____T


revel in me said...

Tan: Thank you-ness! :P But I have put on weight. :'(

mustardqueen: Eh how you know wan! I got my period today wtf. T__T

siewkwan: Ya la, this year is bad year for skin is it wtf. T__T Thank you, love.. *tears*

*xen: I have!! Put on weight that is! 'Cause it's gradual you all don't realise. T_T And HOWWW how to cure our skin! T___T

What if I have to go through temporary unhappiness to obtain some sort of happiness in the end? Or should I screw any sort of unhappiness and just aim for the ultimate happiness. Haha, I am not making sense am I.

Jen: Haha, not shallow! Just realistic. ;) I got it from F21, it's not ex!:)

ai: Why are your eyelids swollen and flaking! Dry skin or just not enough rest? Must use eye cream k! :) And sighh I am really very fat now pls kill me... I want to do that for my bf too. :(

anonymous: Hahahaha I GET YOU omggg!! I just got my period today. T_________________T

miss flyhigh: Aww, thanks love! YOU CAN! :)

anonymous: OMgg are you seriousss????? Hmm, I am not too keen about the contraceptive, but I sure don't mind the external gels! Thank youuu!! :)

julieann: I have heard of that before!! But it doesn't work for me! And apparently it's not good for your skin. T_T Hahaha, julie you are so cute! <3

princess: Hahaha, praying mantis legs means long ar! Or thin! Or just look like insect wtf! Aaahh my worst is working till 5am! WORSTTT! T_T

khai ching: YAAA why ar!! Is it 'cause we are always sitting behind our desks.. T___T Fuck this shit la!

sarah: But those are temporary happiness! (shopping and travelling) What if you have to suffer relatively permanent unhappiness for those fleeting happiness..?

And aah I have been dying to try aspirin masks, but I have been procrastinating! :/

irenelim: Aww, thanks love, you are always so sweet! <3 hahaha I am greedy too! but sometimes we have! :(

anonymous: Fish oil supplements, like cod fish oil? :)

grace: OMGGG are you serious?? So the body wash will clear pimples on the body too? 'Cause I have been having bacne too! I am falling apart wtf.. Shit, dying to try it out now!

fourfeetnine: I think for me it's 0.5kg for every month I have worked, but I have worked for almost 1 year FML

/boo love don't be scared when you see me in real life wtf

yan ping: You can't really see my pimples 'cause the sunlight was flattering! T_T Aah, I really envy you, 'cause you were so determined to lose weight, and you really went into full gear to do so! I need the same sort of determination! :(

skim: Haha!

jaclyn: Haihh 'cause of the good lighting! Hahhaha ya la you need more money 'cause you went berserk stocking up on AH cardies. :P

jing: Errr 'cause we must always be confident wtf! Hahhaha ya la speaking like a true mad woman who buys SF shoes for fun.. T___T Btw, back to the 'urgent' matter, can I buy the 2nd pair of shoes!! wtf

Anonymous said...

hui wen, how about trying out this product called Miracle Cream Egyptian Magic Cream? Not too sure where can you get it in Malaysia..Prolly u would have to buy online in US...anyways, i have heard of good reviews about this may refer to or ttp://
hope it helps!

a scoop of life said...

i eat when im stress >:( !shows dat how terrible my job was.

revel in me said...

jolin-t: Omg, I have just spent like the last hour watching the videos, haha! I am so tempted to get it now!! Have you used it before? :)

khai ching: Eek, me too! Since I started working, I can't be hungry at all, if not I have no energy to work.. T_T

Anonymous said...

it doesnt have to be cod fish oil. this is the one i get in sydney.

:) it works! i had the problem of alternating btwn sydney and msia weather and this cleared it all up!

Anonymous said...

personally never try it out before but if i were in your situation, i'll definitely get one for myself because it seems that the ingredients are all natural resources..