Thursday, May 28, 2009

Nom Nom Nom.

Yesterday, the boyfriend made me go through one minute of silence + prayers on the phone for Manchester United's play-offs in the Champion League. -___________-


The boyfriend called me while I was eating a plum (my last resort to regaining nice skin T__T), and he told me that I sounded very greedy 'cause I was chewing really loudly.

The thing I know, he asked for us to talk online instead of on the phone 'cause he has something to show me.

When I logged onto MSN, he sent me this link:

And told me:

"Bee, this is you eating plum!"

To cut the suspense short wtf, this is what awaits you at the other side of the link:



Since we are on the topic of NOM NOM NOM wtf, one thing I really love about my relationship is that we always try to find new places to eat! Who says bread and romance can't co-exist wtf.

Recently, the boyfriend decided to be adventurous, and brought me to try Indian vegetarian food! I will have you know that I am a carnivore through and through, and a meal without meat scares me wtf.

But here comes Saravanaa Bhavan, in Telawi, Bangsar! It's right below My Dress Room, so you can go do a little shopping after your meal, how perfect is that. :D

Indian tea. It tasted something like teh tarik, but with a twist; reason being, fresh cow milk was used in it!

Nasi Briyani with cottage cheese in it! The boyfriend's order, of course. I swear, that boy can just live on a diet of cheese alone. -_-

Fried curried mutton with garlic. Or should I say, "mutton' wtf. It's vegetarian, remember! :P

Curry "mutton".

Red chilli "chicken".

The amazing thing is that all these dishes really did look (and sort of tasted) like meat! And it's very delicious too, I love the aromatic spices... Mmm!

That said, I actually have a phobia of vegetarian food. The only time when I went on a vegan diet was 'cause I prayed for the boyfriend to pass his exams, and I promised God that I would go on a vegan diet for 1 week. T_T Mine was a really strict diet: no egg, no sauces which was cooked with meat, no garlic even! Read here for why certain vegetarian diets don't allow garlic (and other root vegetables). It was hell for me... And 'cause I had no choice but to consume more carbs then (vegetables alone don't keep me full), I put on like 2 kgs after that week! T___T

But anyway, fret not, my loves! One vegetarian meal won't kill you wtf. At least if you ever suddenly feel like being holy and to have vegetarian food, you know where to go. :P

But be careful when you eat spicy foods, 'cause your lips might become big and pouty WTF.


Red/white striped tank: Topshop
Navy with red polka dots full mini skirt with ruffle details: Tophop

White pleated bejeweled bib necklace: Forever 21

Red maryjanes: Topshop

Bag: Chanel


yishyene said...

I feel like robbing you every time I see you in those red shoes damn you!! I'd been eyeing them but they were sold out in my size!!

Great outfit otherwise :)

xiang yun said...

Wah, must go try out that place during my trip to KL this weekend! =] I love that you always blog about food places and I always go try out those places myself after readng it here heheh.

Julie Ann said...

u know i went to that same indian restaurant for breakast on cny eve.
and the night before, we were at jac's bday at zouk -.-

can u imagine, i walked into that shop with a bad bad hangover, the aroma in the shop made my hangover worst when i had a 3 hour trip to johor straigth after.
i nearly cried. - i had to look alright having breakfast with family while holding my head from dropping. my brother found joy at my adversity -.-

so we should go back one day to redeem my fear of the real indian food there k!

a scoop of life said...

we have a chinese vegetarian restaurant here where "meat" dishes are made to look exactly like da real meat! even "fish" has "skin" on it! u gotta b amazed at their skill ;) its often filled wif customers, not only chinese.
btw, i added u in facebook. hehe

Esther said...

Plum can really cure it skin? I'm breaking out like crazy too. Pls share some tips.

PVB said...

that red chilli chicken looks nice.
that hamster is so cuteeee! just like you hehe!

Irenelim said...

I haven't tried Indian vegetarian food before, guess will give it a try some day. :)

revel in me said...

Y: Aaahhh are you serious?? But you have such tiny feet! You mean there are other people out there with small feet like you? :P They remind me so much of red shiny candies! <3 Thanks love! :)

xiang yun: You coming down this weekend?? For lapsap ar! :P You can't imagine how touched I am that people actually layan my food blogs.. T__T

julie ann: Hahaha what a coincidence!! But you so poor thing. :( Ok, set, indian food + bangsar shopping trip k! :D

khai ching: I have eaten those vegetarian fish before too!! *excited* With the skin, and it even has 'bones' too! :D

esther: I was just trying to eat more fruits! 'Cause I think that should help. T_T But guess what! I recently discovered a remedy!! Still testing it out.. Will blog about it if it works k! :)

PVB: Yaaa it's really nicee! <3 And and and did you go see the GIF picture on the link! For some reason, the hamster doesn't move on my blog WTF.. And OII what you mean it looks like me!! Its tummy DAMN BIG OK! T__T

irenelim: Must try! Another type of indian vegetarian food to try is banana leaf rice, super yummy! <3

Sue Lin said...

Sorry dear but u look awful in the last picture!

Admire ur confidence for posting up such pictures though

Jing said...

Sue Lin: You don't look very good yourself!

a scoop of life said...

BONESSS?!!!! wad did dey use to make d bones!!!omg!
i know in China dey make a WHOLE chicken or duck with bones too!!!

Christian Girl in Harrods said...

Lips big and pouty nice what not nice meh, like angelina jolie haha

a scoop of life said...

oh hey any "MUST" go places in Sg where i can get baju @ great deals now! since Sales is goin on rite :) :) nyek nyek.

Joshua said...

Indian tea is called chai. :) I had it often in India.

Dome has a Westernise version, Chai Latte is which pretty good!

mustardqueen said...

walauuu pot calling kettle black but pot is damn chat black wtf sister unlink her la so mean...

revel in me said...

sue lin: Is that you, sue lin? Hmm.

Sorry, am caught a little offguard, certainly didn't expect such comments from you. Anyway, no need to apologise, I am my worst critic, and I think I look find in the pictures.

jing: She's a friend!

khai ching: HAHHAH get this, they use bamboo shoots!! Hahahah damn fake but the concept is there wtf. How to make chicken and duck with bones! :O

siewkwan: HAHAHAHHA since when are my lips big and pouty!! *makes fish pout wtf*

khai ching: You have to go NOWW!! GSS just started yesterday!!! Everywhere would be shopping heaven. <333

joshua: I think on the menu they just said tea haha! But omg, I never knew chai is indian tea! I always thought it just refers to tea! I will go dome to try it. <3

mustardqueen: Haihh dunno why like that! :/

jeanchristie said...

I am afraid to go for GSS ..

I am in such a mood that I might buy the whole shop wtf

AND MS HOE! When shall we meet!? Maybe when I leave Singapore? wtf