Thursday, September 03, 2009


I have been busy trying to tune-up my life! i.e. hitting the gym religiously. It's not easy to make time for exercise when I finish work around 8pm everyday! Leaving me with no time for... anything. No time for dinner, no time to talk to the boyfriend, no time to surf.


I am feeling very lazy, so I am just going to play cheat by posting some pictures and call it a post. :P I was talking to the boyfriend just now, and he said I sounded like I am on a tranquilizer, haha. A tired hui wen means I cannot be my usual zoom-zoom noisy chirpy self (but my colleagues will disagree; apparently they are always amazed why I can still be so hyper although I am working at 3am -__-). BUT internally I am all joyous and cheery! wtf sounds like Christmas. 'Cause I am going home tomorrow night! And I will get to watch UP, yay! Apparently you will cry throughout the movie right. *starts preparing tissue packs*

Old old old pictures from the boyfriend's birthday dinner with his family:

My face was so slim before this!! Now it's like a mantao. T_T

Trying to show my pale pink polka dotted mini hairbow... but the flash made it look like a wad of gum stuck on my hair wtf.

Challenging outfit wtf:

Fuchsia top with pearl and sequin embellishments: Salabianca
Silver print full skirt: Valleygirl
Pale pink polka-dotted mini hairbow: Equip, Australia
Pearl cuff (not shown): Diva
Hot pink suede cut-outs heels: Online
Bag (not shown): Chanel

Challenging, 'cause I always find it a big headache thinking of what to wear when I have to meet the parents!!! Auspicious colors, decent length, modest neckline.. phew, stressful!

I was having a good face day, so... :P

Mmm, as you can see, this pictures are really old 'cause my hair was so dark back then! (btw the boyfriend's birthday is in May wtf) My hair color has faded quite a bit, and I am quite tempted to get it done again during the Raya weekend.

I love the pearl encrusted top I was wearing (it's actually my mom's), and I actually wanted to match it with this clutch of mine:

So pretty right!
But I left it in Singapore then. :(

Anyway, a really mushy text that I sent to the boyfriend just now:

Bee, im in da train now from gym, i saw this formula 1 ad, with da tagline "nothing comes close"..=p i want u to know dat when it comes to u,nothing comes close too! =p


Regina George said...

Your boyfriend's really sweet!

How are you able to go to the gym in Singapore if you signed up in KL? Isn't there a limitation on the number of overseas visits you get?

Shikin Hambali said...

so sweeeeeeeet pls. loving your hair in the pix.

Adryna said...

hey i think u look slimmer, i dont know its the pictures or because of the gym, especially your leg look slimmer and toned, what workout u do for your leg? loveeee it! btw missed ur blog recently, so happy to see u updated!

mizzvickz said...

i cried alot in between while watching UP. damn shy.

it pricks at your heart :(

revel in me said...

regina george: Haha, I sent the text!!! So I am the sweet one. T___T I signed up for a passport membership, so it enables me to go to the gym in sg as well! :)

shikin hambali: YAAA I like it too!! So I should go back to dark hair right? :D

adryna: The pics are from a few months back!! T___T I am fatter now. T_____T And haha, woiii I updated every few days what, why did you make it sound like I was gone forever.. :P

vic: *eek* I am excited and scared to see it!!! Excited 'cause I love touching movies, scared 'cause I know I will bawl.. T__T

mustardqueen said...

AWW IMMA WATCH UP NEXT WEEK TOO!!! :D And hor at certain pics u look damn like jing are u scared cos Im saying that now hahahahah

Julia said...

'UP' is great! You should watch it in 3D for the wow factor. Very happy for you that you can be home for the weekend and spend quality time with your bf and family.Have a great time there.

The Faux Fashionista said...

Hmm, I *almost* cried, but not really. Hahaha totally agree on the challenging 'meet the parents' outfits. You still managed not to lose your signature style, so kudos! :)

Joshua said...

The plastic purse is so Chanel-esque, hahah

The trailer for Up doesn't look very good but seems like the whole world is checking it out, maybe I should wtf.

But I don't have any reactions with emo movies though and I generally just get bored after a while :/

sherlyn said...

u r soso cute dear! owhh haha i like ur pink top!!!! n the skirt as well...and the heels as well! lolzzz i love this whole outfit ~ ha

Anonymous said...

wow!!! i really salute u! going to d gym aft 8pm work day is no joke!!! u soooooooo deserve a new hair do or watever u fancy!!!!! have a superb weekend!!

revel in me said...

mustardqueen: YAAA why you also said that!!! You always tell us we look differerent! *scared*

I bought UP tix for tommorow! :D I am going to bring my waterproof eyeliner just in case.. T_T

julia: does it make a difference if I watch it in 3D? 'Cause a few people told me that there is no difference!

faux fashionista: Haha, then you must be really strong! 'Cause my sister told me she cried from the start till the end *nervous for myself* And thanks love!! I try to channel a little 'hui wen' no matter what (even for work, hehe)

joshua: Haha, got look like chanel meh!!! *flattered* :D And aiyooo you don't act so macho cannnnn

sherlyn: Thank you dearr!! You are so girlieeee! <333

anonymous: HAHAHA I liek the way you think!! I just shopped today! *tries to justify buys* :P And haih no choice, I am really too fat, I HAVE to do something about it! :(