Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Prancing at the sidewalk.

*Updates at Boudoir-Boudoir!

Shit, I feel the pressure of posting all my backdated pictures of me before I got my hair done! 'Cause after I get a new hairdo, I would feel like the older pictures are no longer relevant. T_T I mean, people will come to my blog, see my backlogged pictures (with my fugly regrowth hair and self-trimmed coconut bangs), and go 'eh, who is this' wtf! Or what if people come here and get confused, why this girl sekejap hair straight then hair curly, sekejap hair this color then that color.. T__T

So pardon me k, I will be rushing like the roadrunner this week to churn out all my slightly more backdated pictures (*cough* ugly hair T_T)! I still have the habit of posting most of my outing pictures, 'cause I find that looking through my older entries is often this emo-fying personal moment. :P

And I almost never fail to post pictures of the Flat Hair Flat! Especially now that pictures of us are few and fewer between! T_T

Anyway, as you all know that Smalls came to Singapore last weekend, and stayed over at my place for the weekend. I haven't shared a bed with someone else other than my family members or the boyfriend for a long long time! *shy*

The person I shared a bed and blanker with. *blush WTF*

Wobbly egg! Smalls and I both share a love for wobbly mata kerbaus. *love*

In fact, to demonstrate our point, before Smalls dived into her food, we spent a good whole minute shaking the plate and watch the egg wobble wtf.

Japanese tuna pizza!

So thin, just a like a chip! This makes a good nacho and cheese replacement, hehe.

And you are wrong if you think those are our meal! They are just appetisers. :P

Flat Hair Flat is not complete without leggy Mey, of course!
And there's also you, of course, Jac! /boo

HAHAHAHAHA I tell you ar, Mey seriously cracks me up ALL THE TIME.

Smalls was telling us about this taxi driver who told her why he doesn't eat salmon. Apparently, when a female salmon fish is pregant, it will swim upstream against the current to lay its eggs. After it lays its eggs, it will die; and the male salmon fish will have to take on the role of taking care of the eggs.

And Mey, upon hearing this story, with all seriousness and conviction, tells us, "I know why the female salmon dies! 'Cause it gets too tired from swimming against the current right!"

HAHAHHAHH WTF!!! And even afetr Smalls and I burst out laughing at her, she still insisted that it's vert tiring to swim upstream, HAHAHAH.

'Cause I sat on the other side and had no one to take happy laughing pictures with. T_T

Looking at this picture, I am amazed! 'Cause both Smalls and Mey bought something-- but where are their shopping bags?? *scratches head*

EH don't tell me that they were hiding it behind me ar AM I REALLY SO WIDE fuck this shit! T__T

Prancing around in Orchard.

Ok, NOW I know why Smalls' shopping bag has disappeared... She straightaway changed into the shoes that she bought, haha!

Only from birds' eye view pictures, you cannot tell the height difference between us. T_T

Whilst we were taking the pictures, we kept on grumbling about the sun, and the moment the camera shutter goes off, we flash big wide happy smiles! Hahaha damn fake! But this is what we call true professional camwhores wtf.

And true to being girlie girls, we had coffee and desserts at almost every single outing. /boo

Pretty picture of Smalls.

And I wanted to steal this chair for Jing, 'cause it is is white, leather and studs, all her fetishes WTF.

Doing The Coffee Connoisseur crossword puzzle. -___-

Hot Chick WTF. Spicy fried chicken bits, MMM.

Such a yummy drink, orange and Oreo! It's not a sinful drink, 'cause technically it's a juice right!

Pale green pussy bow dress: Vintage (Australia)
Beige suede heels with pleated details: Topshop

Rattan bag (which Smalls call the 'time capsule' WTF): Forever 21

Peach pink rosette earrings: Topshop

Purple tiger bangle: Topshop

Pink enamel bangle: Diva

Pearl strands: Assorted


xiang yun said...

Is it just me or does your 'Peach pink rosette earrings' look like 'yellow rosette earrings' wtf insomnia causing me to point out pointless things. Reminds me of the many girly outings with my friends, which I have now miss dearly.

mustardqueen said...

EH WHY MY PEARL STRANDS WITH U WAN!!!! summore in singapore!!! O_____O oh and i have kissing tiger bangle too in black and white :D:D:DD

mizzvickz said...

i think that kit mey's logic makes sense!! about the fishy!

revel in me said...

xiang yun: HAHHAHA wtff!! It is peach pink la! :P Why are you insomniac! Actually me too, I wake up a few times during the night FML! I need more girlie time too, almost all my girlfriends are in KL and Melbourne. T_T

mustardqueen: 'Cause you left it home? -__- Why all your comments always asking people why they 'take' your things wan!!

vic: Hahahahaha WHY ARE YOU LIKE THAT!! Don't encourage her HAHAHHA! :P

Joie said...

I love your dress!!! love love love!! if you are ever selling it, you noe who to inform!!!

Anonymous said...

Quoted from a reputable website:

Why do salmon die after they spawn?

Salmon use all their energy for returning to their home stream, for making eggs and digging the nest. Most salmon stop eating when they return to freshwater and have no energy left for a return trip to the ocean after spawning. After they die, and other animals eat them (but people don't)(this increases that chances that the eggs will be left alone by predators) or they decompose, adding nutrients to the stream.

So there you go!! Still don't believe?? Google it.!! =P

ying said...


may i know how much did u get this bag for?

revel in me said...

joie: Haha, you are in luck! I AM selling it! Keep a lookout for my next sale on Boudoir! :)

anonymous: HAHAHAHHAHA omggg I owe mey an apology! :P But it's more like a self-sacrificial thing hor, so that predators will eat the mother salmon instead of its eggs.. T___T

ying: I got it from melbourne sometime ago! I think it's probably 6-7K in m'sia now?

ying said...

okay thanks!

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