Saturday, May 16, 2009

Shopping woes.

Reminder to self: Never ever shop when I am sleepy. T__T

I have never ever thought that I have a shopping disorder; I would like to think that I am relatively in control of my spending. Yes, I do go on shopping binges occasionally, but overall, I adhere to certain (spending) guidelines of my own.

But how do I explain walking out of River Island today with 9 items in the shopping bag!!! T__T

It's as if I was drugged. Or hypnotised. Or maybe a mixture of both. Everything was very nice and reasonably-priced to me. T___T

I bought a pair of white leather sneakers, and they are more expensive than what I usually would pay for my heels. I don't even wear sneakers most of the time!

I feel like killing myself now, omg.

But the things were so so so pretty though. <333

And I forgot to mention that after I went to River Island, I stepped into Forever 21 and Topshop and came out with a shopping bag respectively.

DIE LAH! Shopping ban shopping ban! *mumbles*


Adryna said...

revel! display the pictures of your shopping items lah!
well i do sometime like 'boros' all the time.
lose all the money but i felt all the satisfaction of buying new stuff. :)

Jacquelyn Ho said...

Hey, I saw you at MDG 2 season finale, but I figured it was kinda weird/rude if I just went up and say hi >.<

PVB said...

*bow at the shopping queen :P

Anonymous said...


xiang yun said...

Yooohhhh River Island is love! But everything seem so expensive.. wait, maybe because I keep converting the prices to RM hahahaha.

No worries with the overspending on unnecessary items la, you'll work your way around it. Like always. ;)

revel in me said...

adryna: Haha, but I wil wear them soon, then can see then! :P And BOO I feel like I boros-ed a little too much this time. T_T
(but the satisfaction is there wtf)

jacquelyn: IS IT!! Why never say hi!! Not weird or rude at all!! Next time must ar! :P

PVB: Wahhh such a prestigious title ar hahaha

geznat: ME TOO OMG OMG

xiang yun: I adore EVERYTHING there! <333 But it IS damn expensive la, conversion or not! Hahahha are you hinting that I always have over-spending episodes!

Christian Girl in Harrods said...

Hahahaha, walau u can even shop when you are sleepy! you are the pro! When I'm sleepy, I don't think I can shop like you, maybe I will go eat so that I won't feel so sleepy, but I will ended up feeling more sleepy...hahaha