Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sugar high.

I am ashamed to tell you all this, but...

Y'know fondue? Yummy, sticky, warm chocolate fondue. Correct me if I am wrong, but I think one of the more renowned places which serves chocolate fondue would have to be Haagen Daaz.

...well, I think my sisters and I have been planning since 2 years ago to go try out Haagen Daaz chocolate fondue WTF.

'Cause it's not cheap at all! Or rather, we are too cheap wtf. But recently, Jing (thanks to Sam) managed to snag some Haagen Daaz vouchers, so we thought what better timing to finally realised our liquid (chocolate) dreams wtf.

Our criteria for dressing up that day = girlie and colors, 'cause we concluded that desserts = happiness. :P

Jing. (who took off her socks after that when she went to see her boyfriend, HAHA)


As you can see, we were clad in red and pink, very girlie colors ok! *tries to convince*

Vintage pink and green polka dotted top with zig-zag collar and hem details: Online
Dust blue lapel cropped vest: Thrifted

Denim bandeau skirt with exposed zipper: Topshop

Cream and pink/lavender gradient corsage: Forever 21

Pearl cuff: Diva

Mini pale pink polka dot bow hairpin: Equip, Australia

Tan and turqoise bow maryjanes: Singapore

I actually got the vest from Naomi, from Tea & Sympathy, agesss ago in a junkyard sale. :) At that time, Tea & Sympathy was still in the midst of setting up! *nolstagic*

At Haagen Daaz:

Going through the menu to make sure that there are no inflationary impact on the fondue since the last time we check WTF.

HAHHAHA Jing is furiously fanning herself here! Wait, scratch that, Jing is perpetually furiously fanning herself! Goodness knows what is wrong with that woman, she has just been feeling hot and thirsty for the entire weekend that I was back. -__-

Staying cool and calm wtf.

TADAAA the chocolate fondue!!

When the waiter brought it over, we looked at each other worriedly:

"Shit, it's really quite huge la, I don't think we can finish it!"


We were wondering why there are 2 compartments of the chocolate sauce, when we realised that it's one compartment for us each, for hygiene purposes!

But we are one, so we threw caution to the wind, and digged into both compartments like a pack of wolves wtf.

Mini scoops of ice cream: Strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, cookies and cream.

I know I know, the flavors sound really boring, but rest assured that they are AWESOME! Especially the strawberry. And the cookies and cream. And the.. Ok you get my point wtf. There are altogether 16 scoops: i.e.: 8 scoops for each of us!

Which is not a lot wtf.

Sliced bananas (yuckk!). strawberries, apples.

THIS is the way fruits should be consumed! :P

Calorie corner: Chocolate chip cookies, pound cake and biscotti sticks.
(the best corner *heart*)

In seventh heaven! :)

Hahaha Jing kept on accidentally dropping her food chunks/slices into the chocolate sauce, and they would be completely doused with chocolate sauce! Can you guess what was she holding wtf.

Swirling ice cream scoops in the chocolate sauce.
I didn't like it when the chocolate hardens and become a shell outside the scoop of ice cream though!

My brother's teeth looked like this when he was 8 years old wtf.

Hahahha right before we discovered the splotches of chocolate on Jing's arm and mouth, she was just telling me that she felt really classy having fondue as high tea! When I pointed out with a snigger the mess she was creating on herself, she blurted, "F my life!" HAHAHHA

Oh ya! Remember we were thinking that the fondue is too much for the both of us?

*sweeps hands nonchalantly wtf*

Easy breezy! No match for the Hoe sisters. :P

But I have to admit, we didn't touch the banana slices. We don't do bananas!
Sounds so wrong. T___T

And everyone everyone! I am looking for Culprit No.1! If you see this girl below, please catch her and throw her into a tub of quicksand wtf.


Name: Hoe Hui Jing
Age: 20


I really wanted to kill her on the spot! Cook her in boiling chocolate sauce wtf. But luckily I was on a sugar high (too. much.chocolate!) so I was in a more forgiving mood! She has promised to bring my bag for professional cleaning. T___T

Anyway, tragic hazards aside, the chocolate fondue costs around RM65.90 (if I am not mistaken), and should be just nice for 3-4 normal people! ('cause the Hoe sisters are not normal T__T)! So that would come up to about RM20 per pax? Pretty decent for a high tea for a few girlfriends! :) You will not regret the sugar-induced girlish giggles and excited chatter. :D

That said, when Jing and I were leaving Haagen Daaz, we saw a couple who ordered the fondue as well, but did not finish it. We gave them a haughty "why so lousy?" look on our way out, HAHAHAHA.


g®├ąc∑ land said...

wow looks really yummy!
have been thinking of trying it but never got to do it :(

Irenelim said...

Wow, that fondue looks like super awesome! And I believe I will need 2 years of planning as well because I need that long to save enough to pay for it... ah, I haven't thought of inflation yet... sei mou... I think I will need four years!

Julie Ann said...

chocolate on gucci bag?

and now i want to eat chocolate fondue. thank you. die la die la my diet.

revel in me said...

graceland: It IS damn yummy! I thought it would be damn jelak, but surprisingly we wolfed it down before we could feel jelak WTF. Get a few gfs and TRY! :D

irenelim: HAAHHA why you so drama, really nee 2 years to save meh! :P I think it's quite worth it if you go with another 3 friends? :)

julieann: I KNOWWWW I really felt like killing her! T_____T Haha, let's go together! I don't mind doing it all over! <3 with you! <3

Irenelim said...

I wanna have XXL fondue with extra strawberry slices! :)

Christian Girl in Harrods said...

Wahahahha, I will give them the 'why so lousy' look also, IF I can finish it hahaha. I wanna try now, I got vouchers also!! :D

xiang yun said...

Omg this post is so tempting! I am so gonna go eat the fondue this weekend!! Rawrrrr~! Who cares about weigh gain!!

mustardqueen said...

the last time i went it was only 59.90 T______T why so exp suddenly T_____T and the last time they gave one side chocolate and another side hazelnuts WTF!! kena con ar T___T less chocolates T___T but our cookies are real cookies though, not chipsmore WTF!! hahahaha u do realize its chipsmore right =PPPP and next time i borrow yokeyin's card got 20% off :D

Anonymous said...

gosh that is absolutely mouth watering!