Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tweet tweet.

I am utterly amazed at myself! I just got 2 skirts for SGD5 each, NYEHEHE. One is this light gray high waisted tulip skirt, which I am going to wear for work; and the other is this gorgeous red silk crinkle skirt-- which is apt for work, and will also go very well with my personal wardrobe! :)))

The best thing is, some time ago I wanted to buy the exact same gray skirt from Isetan for about SGD59!! And now I got it for less than 10% of the price. Both skirts are brand new! Whee, sometimes I think I deserve a prize or something for finding bargains! *syok sendiri* :P

As you can see, my introduction has already taken a frivalous direction, so I might as well take heed wtf. Today we are going to talk about the bird and bees!

Ok fine, just the bird wtf, my blog is 18SX ok!

Outfit pictures:

Ostrich Jing, with her DIY feather dress! :)

She is damn joker! We always get dressed together, y'see, so she was fussing around looking for accessories to put on. Then she came to me proudly with her pink corsage headband, and told me, "Cheh, today my theme is flora (the pink corsage) and fauna (the feathers)!"

HAHAHAHHAHA! Good joke good joke wtf.

Bird of paradise! With wings widespread. -_-

Quoted from National Geographic,

"New Guinea's birds of paradise have the campiest costumes and the craziest mating game in the feathered kingdom."

Hahhahah are they talking about me wtf!!

Bright floral sheer kaftan top with square neckline: Forever New
Black bandeau skirt: Online

Brown leather headband with feathers: F21

Studded bangle: Topshop

Other bangles: Assorted

Black studded heels: Zara

If you just look at my head, I look like a red indian! =/

We went for lunch at Cova, Gardens, which in a way reminded me so much of Miss Read!

Trying to send electric jolts to Jing via my eyes wtf.

The only time when Jing has her mouth closed wtf. 'Cause we were yakking nonstop during lunch! :P

Amazing what sufficient rest does to your skin. T____T

I absolutely love my new hairdo. *heart*

Speaking about birds, why are women always associated with birds!!! Like an attractive woman is called a 'hot chick'. And prostitutes are referred to as 'gai' (chicken) in Chinese. -__-

The boyfriend sometimes call me 'fit bird' to annoy me! If you all didn't know, a 'fit bird' in accordance with Urban Dictionary means:
A remarkably attractive young woman; i.e. skinny, long-legged, well-dressed, and potentially a high fashion model.

Yea, logically I shouldn't be complaining that someone calls me a 'fit bird', it is awfully flattering wtf; but don't you think it is terribly sexist!! WHY CALL US BIRDS!!

And when I put on weight, the boyfriend dropped the 'fit' and just calls me 'bird' FML.


Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

ya!! why birds??!!
why are girls = xiao niao!
why xiao niao yi ren!! lol

irene said...

where the heck did u get skirts for SGD$5?!? and i thought i was good for finding a $10 skirt or $14 dress.. still can't beat the master *bows*

i love your new hair! very sexy-just-got-out-of-bed look! (if that makes sense)

xiang yun said...

Your boyfriend is damn funny la! Eh, your floral baju really nice ar hehehehe I love your new hair too.. suits you really well.

mustardqueen said...


sorry caps wtf was very mad haha and erm fuck ar so many places to go when i come back u better take long leave ar wtf

Anonymous said...

Guys call girls birds because they have kukubirds...hahahahaahhaha xD

Omg too sohai and embarrased with myself i decided to post anonymously -.-

Eunice said...

haha, so right about girls relation to birds. is tweety a female bird? 0.o

revel in me said...

tze ching: BOWS wtf

miss hazel: Haha, xiao niao yi ren! /boo you are so well-versed in chinese literature.. :P

irene: Heehee!! I just have good fate (and faith WTF) in finding super good bargains! :P And thank youuu!! Sexy out of bed hair is always what I want, but my hair now is far from it la! T_T

xiang yun: HAIHHH not funny! MEAN! T___T I love the top, 'cause it's so light and airy! And I couldn't resist flapping my arms the whole day, haha! Thanks love! <3

mustardqueen: Eh eh calm down! *scared* What places to go to! GUESS WHAT! I took 1 week off when you are back! Only for you baby <333

anonymous: HAHAHHAH WHO ARE YOUU!!! HAHAHHA YOU DAMN FUNNY!! Reveal yourself! /boo

eunice: I think tweety is err sexless, haha! :P

mustardqueen said...

WHEEEE ONE WEEK AR!???? :D:D:D:D:D means err august that leave to go melbourne jadi or not wtf why u take so many leave hahahaha =PP

Sue said...

OMG, you got the Balmain inspired Zara shoes!!! screams* Those shoes are going on Ebay for $349 okay. You're so lucky. Anyway, have been a fan for a long time, first time posting. Silent reader =.=

revel in me said...

mustardqueen: Yuup, 1 week, including the bangkok trip la! :) Eh, hard-earned leave ok! T_T

sue: HEHEHE YAAA@!!! I love love love them to bits!! Although, they reminded me more of the burberry prorsum ones! :) Yayyy I made a great investment! :P And don't be silent anymore, I love knowing who is reading! :)

Lorituela said...

I love your blog, so I decided to include a picture of you in my inspiration board.
I hope you don't mind. If you mind just let me know and I get if off.

Love from Spain,