Saturday, May 09, 2009

Velvet bow.

A subsidiary of Velvet Ribbon WTFFFF!!!
Heh, no la, I was just referring to my cardigan. :P

Pale yellow lace camisole: Forever New, Australia
Striped bubble shorts: Ice, Australia
Nude cardie with navy velvet bow: Singapore
White beaded necklace with gold chain: Forever New, Australia
Oversized ring: Vintage
Tan maryjanes with turquoise bow: Singapore
White bag: Miu Miu

This pair of bubble shorts of mine has been stashed in my wardrobe forever! Ok fine, not in my wardrobe, it was in my suitcase, 'cause I keep part of my clothes in my suitcases as I don't have enough closet space. *shifty eyes* I never ever knew how to wear it, 'cause let's face it, bubble shorts are really unflattering! And though when I bought it I was like "SO CUTE!", after bringing it home, it hit me that it has a (slutty) Ali Baba feel wtf. I just have this notion that if I put it on, I will summon my flying carpet and soar off into the velvety, starry skies, belting "A Whole New World" on top of my lungs wtf.

And I just realised I confused Ali Baba with Aladdin. FML.


I have this urge to type out all the descriptions to her outfits as well. -_- I know everything she is wearing! Although we are separated by hundreds of miles, we keep each other updated on our wardrobe expansion shopping buys. And I always remember what people wear/buy! Smalls said this talent of mine is very scary.

On the way to meet our mom in OU, she offered to bring us to lunch! :)

By the way, this was the day before my professional paper last Thursday. Though I swore and vowed the night before that I will spend the whole of Wednesday mugging ('cause I didn't do any much of it throughout my week home), the moment my mom asked us out for lunch, I threw my books away and ran to pick an outfit wtf. I pushed the little voice (ala Angel Hui Wen) telling me that I should study, telling myself that I had to eat anyway, and lunch will only take 1 hour, despite knowing that our lunches always take at least 3 hours. *looks away*

We only went home at 5pm. -________-
'Cause we 'dropped by' at Tangoo and Egete after that. -_____-
My mom bought me some stuff though, so nice of her! T___T
BUT I STUDIED VERY HARD AFTER THAT OK! I am very sure I passed my exam! *defensive*

We went to Pasta Zanmai (which I blogged before here), a fusion Japanese joint. This is a huuuuge risk, 'cause my mom is super fussy about food! Or should I say safe, haha. She claims to be really adventurous when it comes to food, but we all know all she likes is Chinese food wtf!

There was once she brought my sisters out for lunch, and she told them, "Aiya, mummy eats everything ok", and when they led her to Paddington House of Pancakes, she was like, "It's weird to eat pancakes!" HAHAHA.

Jing and mommy. I swear, my mom is so thin she makes everyone look fat! T__T

Super intimate pose with mommy (note the intertwined fingers WTF).

Sucking in my cheeks to make myself look skinnier next to my mom. -_-

Haihhh, my mom is really thin and leggy! However, what you all don't know is that, my mom actually lose more weight everytime after she gives birth!! (there are 4 of us in the Hoe family, just in case you are wondering ;) ) Does it mean I will only be skinny after I give birth to a football team wtf. T__T

Our food, loads and loads of it! Firstly, 'cause my mom was quite impressed by the whole concept of fusion Japanese food, and secondly (and more importantly), I was layering on thick about the deprived lifestyle I have in Singapore (not enough rest, always eating sucky food...), HEHE.

Salmon sashimi! One of my favorites, but I think I overdid it a little during my week at home-- I went for TWO Japanese buffet dinners! :/

Soft shell crab is love!

Cheese-baked scallops and mushroom in a light cream sauce. Absolutely scrumptious!

Pasta with unagi and egg-- kind of in a katsu-don style?
Warning to the unadventurous though, this dish is slightly funky! :P

I know I know, I am really strange-- I ordered a cuppa instead of green tea like how normal people do in Japanese restaurants. But I needed the energy!

Ok fine, maybe I am slightly addicted to caffeine. *resigned*

Err, fish? I think it's mackerel, but I can't be sure!

When my mom ordered the fish, the waiter ensured us that the fishes served are really big...

Please compare the size of the fish to my chopstick! -__________________________-

I don't know, maybe it's a delicacy of some sort? Anyway, the smaller this fish is, the better!

'Cause it's really, really gross!! It has fish eggs inside! T________T

And my mom made me finish one fish all by myself!! T_____T
There were only 2 fishes, my mom took one, and Jing refused to eat the other! *throws her dirty looks* My mom was so excited over the fish that I didn't have the heart to tell her "Over my dead body' wtf when she offered me the other piece. I don't do fish eggs usually! T_T

To more edible food!

Ebi tempura and soft shell crab handrolls-- the twist here is that they are wrapped in soft tortillas instead of the usual seaweed! :)

Japanese pizza-- prawns, Japanese rice cake, mushroom and cheese. My mom picked this-- I think she is turning over a new leaf, 'cause she was quite the daredevil with food that day! :P

That's DAMN A LOAD of food for 3 people right!!! And we polished almost everything off! *scared*

Now I know where I got my random gene from.
Halfway through our lunch, my mom suddenly looked up and exclaimed really loudly:


Super random right!!

And oh oh oh, another good example of how randomness runs in the family:

The night after my birthday recently, I saw my parents in the living room. My mom reached out for me to 'sayang my baby', quoting her. (Now I know where I got my miang genes too WTF). She was stroking my hair, and lamenting on how quickly we grow up, and before we knew it, we were sitting at a corner, poring through our old pictures. My dad, being the unaffected macho dude he is wtf, continued to channel-surf on the sofa like a typical dude.

Getting a little teary over the old pictures (my grandparents and parents looked so young in the pictures! :() , I turned my head slightly, and saw my dad sipping on red wine!! -__________- I just shook my head, and mumbled, "Daddy, you damn random la."

After some time, we smelled something burning in the air. After sniffing the the air for a few seconds, my mom, Jing and I decided we imagined it, and went back too ooh-ing and aah-ing over our yellowed pictures. However, the smoky smell remained, and when I turned my head again, I saw my dad smoking a cigar, and sipping red wine from the wine glass in his other hand! -__________-

The thing is, when I turned my head to the other direction (where the TV is), James Bond (Pierce Brosnan) was on the screen puffing on a cigar and drinking red wine!!! -________________________________-

Why is my father like that!! Easily influenced wtf.

Candid shot of my mom and Jing mid-talking... But this is proof that Jing is ever ready for the camera wtf.

Yummy desserts! (as if we didn't eat enough T_T)

I am not sure what are the names of the desserts we ordered, 'cause by then I was so stuffed I couldn't even lift a finger to flip through the menu. But this one has green tea and vanilla ice cream, red bean, and corn flakes!!! :D Sounds like such a deceptively simple concoction, but it goes together really really well!!

Chocolate, green tea, and black sesame ice cream.

The black sesame ice cream was another funky food! Jing didn't like it, but I thought the taste rather grows on you! :P

We had a very fun girlie and explicit conversation through our lunch + tea ('cause it took so long wtf)! We talked about boys, sex and puberty, HAHAHAHA.

And my mom really likes Pasta Zanmai now! So much so that we will be going back there when Teeny comes back in June. That's not long away!! We are so going to bring Pasta Zanmai's roof down with our chatter and laughter then! :P


Xen ♥ said...

eh eh you should try the scallop pizza there too! love. i guess good looks run in the family (: actually right i always look forward to your food posts/restaurant reviews so i dont have to go out and explore. kl is so hot its making me lazy

Anonymous said...

dear, where did u get the maryjane in spore? and may i know what brand n color is ur lens? they looked awesome!

xiang yun said...

Your mom look so young=] and LOL at your dad! Fancy himself a bit of James Bond, doesn't he? hahahhaa. Love your sweater! The bow is cuteness!

revel in me said...

xen: SCALLOP pizza!! That sounds YUMMYYYYY!! <3 Eh love that is such a huge reliefff!! 'Cause I always thought no one likes food posts, I only do so to syok sendiri.. T_____T OMGG you are back already!! MEET UP MEET UP chanel/ferragamo bow buddy! :P

anonymous: I got it in raffles mall! And I am wearing hippie chestnut, freshlook! :)

xiangyun: SURE SHE DAMN HAPPY WANNN! :P Hahhaha ya la, my dad is seriously damn joker! He is always damn stern and err emotionless wtf, but he will do all these random things that crack us up! :P Thank you love, I got the sweater years ago and forgot about it, hehhh!!

daisy said...

i loved ur new hairdo! u looked very good in it!

Joshua said...

I had really good black sesame ice cream here, in a nice South East Asian cuisine restaurant in my suburb, called Kunyit.

The colour is really odd for a dessert, but it fit well with the other desserts on the platter (there were five, I remember some red bean thing, green tea ice cream, durian ice cream and something else)

pangie said...

awww.. you guys are so cute with your mom. i miss our mother/daughter dates like that too.

revel in me said...

daisy: Thank you dear, I am absolutely loving too! :P

joshua: Hehe, and I will take that as an invitation for you to bring us there when we come down k! :P

pangie: Actually these dates are quite rare ever since I started working/my sister went overseas! :(

PVB said...

u look great..i like ur hair so much!

mustardqueen said...

You should try the onsen and terriyaki chicken pizza!!! VERY GOOD!! i always go pasta zanmai with yokeyin and that green tea with corn flakes thing is called Green Tea parfait wtf SEE i even know e names hahahahaha did u ask mom to try e sesame sauce pasta?? MMMM i miss pasta zanmai and sushi zanmai MUST GO!!!!!!! 5 more weeks uhuk

Christian Girl in Harrods said...

You really look like your mum!!! which is a good thing k. oh I really like the last picture. :)

Anonymous said...

where is raffles mall o?

revel in me said...

PVB: Thank youuu, I am very happy with it atm! :P

mustardqueen: What is onsen! Is it something funky wtf. And ooohh parfait! No wonder I heard jing ordering a parfait, but I thought the cornflake thingy didn't look like one, heh. Faster come back! <3

siewkwan: Haha, you sure it's a compliment ar! :P And actually no, I look more like my dad. T___T

anonymous: It's at raffles place!

mustardqueen said...

onsen is egg cooked in hot spring water!!

Anonymous said...

ur mum is so cool!

Serena said...

Wow the food looks so delicious! *jealous* haha but anyways, you and your family look very content and happy... so relaxed and close to each otehr!

revel in me said...

mustardqueen: Sounds very zen and healthy! :P

anonymous: Haha, she is! But hot tempered wtf!

serena: It is yummy, go try go try! :) And hahaha, of course comfortable with each other, we have known each other forever WTF! :P