Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Pangkor Laut: Fancy footwork.

I am back! Pangkor Laut was absolutely beautiful; imagine, every chance I had, I would whip out my camera to admire the pictures we took. T_T

Just a few pictures from my first day for the moment!

In the car, on the way to Lumut, where we would catch the boat over to Pangkor Laut.
I was posing, and the boyfriend made me laugh, hence the mid-laughter rabbit teeth face.

In the speedboat, which fits around a dozen people.

Gaudy colors, I like! :P

We left our life jackets unbuckled, oooh what daredevils wtf.

After about 30 minutes, we reached the Pangkor Laut Resort!

So beautiful! And there is just something about the green clear waters that is so calming. :)

Walkway to heaven!

Playing football with the boyfriend with a fallen acorn while waiting for our room to be ready.
(one of the only glitch during my stay, more on that later)

Bought these babies last year, but didn't get around to wear them.


'New York Take a Bite' tee: Singapore
Black skort: Singapore
Multi color plastic chain link necklace with heart charm: Online
Red leather sandals: Pretty Fit
Bag: Miu Miu

More (pictures) the next time! Let me go wallow in self pity that I am not in Pangkor laut now. T________________T

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Bade goodby to long distance relationships.

No more long distance for the both of us.

In case you didn't know, Teeny is back from Aussie! :D :D :D

The Hoe sisters are reunited! *beams*


Anyway, I am off to pack again, leaving for Pangkor Laut tomorrow! Is having 6 outfits (excluding bathing suits, bathing suit cover-ups, pjs, laze-in-the-hotel-clothes) too much for 3 days?

Clearly, packing light is a foreign concept for me. -__-

Anyway, will try to update if I can! We might have internet access since the boyfriend needs to check on work stuff. Mwahhhss!

Thursday, June 25, 2009


I am sporting happy hot pink nails now! *admiring*

Happy nails for happy weekend.

Oh, I meant happy week.

Oh wait, I mean HAPPY 2 WEEKS! :D :D :D

Yeap, you heard it here first wtf.
I will be back for 2 weeks!


I have been waiting for this day to come since forever! *dramatic* :D

Outfit from sometime ago:

We went out for a reunion dinner with some relatives down from New Zealand.

Pretty purse! *heart*

Navy striped top: Forever 21
Black satin full skirt: Velvet Ribbon
Vintage crotchet capelet: Thrifted
Houndtooth headband: Random
Gray maryjanes with black bows: Macao
Black satin purse with bejeweled brooch: Mphosis

I am selling the vintage-esque satin purse shown above! I think it's really adorable, you can really play with it to create different looks! The reason why I am selling it is 'cause I found out that my mom bought a similar satin bejeweled evening bag from Prada... So there is really no reason for me to have such a similar-looking bag. The bag is very new, I have only used it for less than 2 hours during the reunion dinner! If you are interested to be the new owner of this cute purse, do email me at crescent_masquerade[at]hotmail.com! :)

A very short entry for today, 'cause I have no mood..

1. My mouse died on me! Not the pet, the cursor thingy wtf. And it's really difficult to navigate using the touchpad. Toshiba's touchpad sucks balls. So I have no mood to use my laptop at all! A pink mouse is waiting for me at home. :)

2. #@&!#$@ one of the keys on my laptop keyboard fell out! The letter 'F'!!! -________- Seriously man, I have only used my laptop for less than 2 months?? This is so dumb!

I was wondering why the letter 'F' dropped out, of all the 26 alphabets.. and realised it must be 'cause I always type 'wtf' and 'FML' wtffffff.

But then yesterday, the letter 'Y' on my work laptop fell out too!! FML

I don't even type the word 'Y' often. T______________T

Anyway, the reason why I can still type 'F' is 'cause despite the fact that the key has dropped out, the little knob underneath can still be pressed wtf.

So, another reason why I have no mood to go online!

3. I have to go pack! Swimsuits (Pangkor), flats (Bangkok) etc etc. So excited! :D

Monday, June 22, 2009

Gimme girlie time.

There is one thing that I have always needed in my life.
Girlie time.

Y'know, just girls getting together, digging into desserts, squealing over each other's shopping buys, giggling and chattering about best purchases, dishing gossip about A and B with C, salivating over cute boys...

Girlie time. :)

Unfortunately, I find that this is something severely lacking in my life since I started working in Singapore. Undeniably, I get a very healthy dose of girlie past-time with my sister(s), thank god for them; they keep me sane. But I do get very sad, 'cause I don't meet up with my girlfriends enough! :(

Flat hair flat in our Sex and the City moment. *nolstagic*

Therefore, I am on a mission to change this. Girlfriends, I need your cooperation in this!
*ahem* Smalls, stop ignoring my smses!
*ahem* Audrey, stop getting swollen eyes the day before our date!
*ahem* Jac, stop shopping and save up to come home!
*ahem* Julie, pink Monopoly time please!
etc etc.

As a start, I finally got to meet up with Ranjitha!

Boys and girls, meet my high school best friend aka future doctor aka one of the smartest girl ever aka whiny woman (hehe).

We haven't done a proper meet-up since she went to Penang to continue her medical studies. :( Even when I went to Penang for my business trip back in February, we didn't get to see each other! *forlorn*

We have known each other since we were 13 years old, and as cliched as this sounds, we have watched each other blossom. :P We were super competitive best friends, constantly aiming to outdo each other, HAHA. Always want to get 1st in class wtf. But that didn't hurt our friendship though! And in some twisted fate, we sort of swapped lives! *drama*

Y'see, my dad has always set out a path for me to be a doctor, so basically all my life I was taking steps along that route-- doing all Science subjects, applying for medical schools, attending medical interviews etc. Ranjithat, on the other hand, always had her eyes on becoming a scheming corporate superwoman, and was planning to do Accounting. But life is a funny thing. At the 11th hour, I decided that being a doctor, as noble and prestigious it is, just isn't what I want in life; and on the other hand, Ranjitha was awarded a full scholarship to do Medicine!

We always like to laugh at how we are living each other's lives. :P


White racer tank dress with assymmetrical hem: Mphosis
Black and white ethnic laced up corset: Thrifted
Oversized cream corsage with feather: Junkyard sale (Singapore)
Bangles: Assorted
Black laced up pumps: Topshop
Black and white rattan bag: Topshop

I love the corset; it was really an unexpected find. *heart* And my giant corsage with its equally gigantic feather is love as well!
As you can see, the feather was tickling my chin so I felt like bursting into giggles every now and then WTF.

Loving the different textures of my bangles. :D

So corny, but what the heck.

You are horribly mistaken if you think that I was done with my lunch here. Half a sandwich and half a glass of coffee is never enough for my ElastiTummy wtf.

Another (nice) picture of us! /boo
We don't have enough pictures of the both of us, 'cause back in those high school days, digital cameras weren't in yet, HAHA.

Last picture:

Getting ambushed by my dog wtf.


Btw, I need shopping advice, everyone!

Do you know where I can shop for a new body WTF.

How else could I look fit for Pangkor Laut in FIVE days. T________T

A body like Megan Fox is all I ask for, lord! wtf

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Chicpop/ Samsung Ultra Touch.

As one of the lucky ones who got to review the Samsung Ultra Touch phone, I scored an invite to the Chicpop party held by Tongue in Chic last week!

There was a theme for the party, to go along with the handphone's concept: Black with a splash of red.

I was stumped! Black is not my favorite color (which is an understatement); I am more of a sunshine-colors-tralala type of person! What if I turn out looking like a vampire extra straight out of an Anne Rice novel wtf.

Hallelujah, thank god I didn't!


Black and white striped top: MNG
Black tulle full skirt with silver polka dots: River Island
Black and white plastic drops necklace: Topshop
Red corsage (worn on hair): Random
Red rattan folder bag: Thrifted
Miu Miu-esque multicolor sequined shoes: Macao

At first I planned for the 'splash of red' to be my happy sequined shoes; but unfortunately, I came to realise that there is not much red on the shoes! So at the 11th hour, I threw in the red rattan bag and the red corsage. :P

Jing accompanied me as well! *heart*

With the most gigantic flower in the world!


Rafflesia arnoldii is a member of the genus Rafflesia. It is noted for producing the largest individual flower on earth.

Well, take that, Rafflesia, you have just met your match WTF.

I love my new poofy tulle skirt! I just want to twirl and dance in it. :))))

In the car.
Pictures are to illustrate that the flower is bigger than our faces. -_____-

Jing calls this my 'bowling pins' necklace. T_T
She said if we are bored, we can always dismantle the necklace and play a game of bowling on the spot WTF.

Met Kel Li there!

With Renee and Wei Wei, who were part of the bandwagon to review the Samsung Ultratouch. :)

A brief introduction of these 2 girls:
Wei Wei loves to shop till she drops. :P
And Renee has the most beautiful skin! *jealous*

Jing and me interlacing fingers with my imaginary lover wtf.

With Ellie, who also reviewed the awesome phone.

Boys and girls, may I introduce you to the fiercest creature who has walked the face of earth.


How fierce is he!!!
I was just looking at him in awe, while he strutted around the room like (social) butterfly... And when he poses for pictures, WHOA! I swear, even Giselle Bundchen has to wave her white flag ok. He effortlessly moves into position, and cleverly angles his body... I can only watch in envy!!!

And you can't tell from this picture, but he was wearing this awesome jacket/top, with pointed sleeves, very Balmain-like! Le sigh.

With Idan (check out his cocked eyebrow)! So much pressure to pose with him, he outshine self-proclaimed camwhores like Jing and I. *ashamed*

With Renee again, she really is so pretty!

HAHAHAHA with afro guy! I forgot his name. :(

He is so amusing! I was asking him a lot of questions about his hair (haha), and he told me that there was once he went into a beauty shop with his friends, and when they left the shop, he found mascara, tweezer, sponge etc in his hair!! His friends chucked these items into his hair HAHAHAHA. And he said when he was in school, people would hide erasers, staple bullets, tiny paper balls in his hair without him ... and when he washes his hair, all these things would fall out of his hair to his surprise, HAHAHA.

I didn't really take any pictures during the night... 'Cause there was too much to see, too much to do during the night. Read here for more pictures of the night! :)

The only picture I took of the Apartment during the night. Check out Idan's hairstyle! :P

Being silly with the red/black props, with Elle and Wei Wei here!

Guess who I met... Ming, from MDG! She is so pretty!

The Samsung Ultra Touch bloggers were supposed to style up a mannequin each, which would be displayed during the party. And guess what. I forgot to take a picture of my mannequin! -_________-

By the way, my mannequin's name is Manny. Which makes perfect sense, 'cause my name (in Chinese) is Man Man, haha!

So I stole a picture of Manny off Joyce:

Manny is wearing:

Starry print swimsuit with red band: Tea & Sympathy
Black tutu skirt: Random
Vintage-inspired bejewelled white pendant necklace: Topshop
White chains: Mphosis

Unfortunately, Manny has no head wtf, else she would get some hair accessories too, haha.

Perfect epitome of black with a splash of red (and other colors).