Thursday, June 25, 2009


I am sporting happy hot pink nails now! *admiring*

Happy nails for happy weekend.

Oh, I meant happy week.

Oh wait, I mean HAPPY 2 WEEKS! :D :D :D

Yeap, you heard it here first wtf.
I will be back for 2 weeks!


I have been waiting for this day to come since forever! *dramatic* :D

Outfit from sometime ago:

We went out for a reunion dinner with some relatives down from New Zealand.

Pretty purse! *heart*

Navy striped top: Forever 21
Black satin full skirt: Velvet Ribbon
Vintage crotchet capelet: Thrifted
Houndtooth headband: Random
Gray maryjanes with black bows: Macao
Black satin purse with bejeweled brooch: Mphosis

I am selling the vintage-esque satin purse shown above! I think it's really adorable, you can really play with it to create different looks! The reason why I am selling it is 'cause I found out that my mom bought a similar satin bejeweled evening bag from Prada... So there is really no reason for me to have such a similar-looking bag. The bag is very new, I have only used it for less than 2 hours during the reunion dinner! If you are interested to be the new owner of this cute purse, do email me at crescent_masquerade[at]! :)

A very short entry for today, 'cause I have no mood..

1. My mouse died on me! Not the pet, the cursor thingy wtf. And it's really difficult to navigate using the touchpad. Toshiba's touchpad sucks balls. So I have no mood to use my laptop at all! A pink mouse is waiting for me at home. :)

2. #@&!#$@ one of the keys on my laptop keyboard fell out! The letter 'F'!!! -________- Seriously man, I have only used my laptop for less than 2 months?? This is so dumb!

I was wondering why the letter 'F' dropped out, of all the 26 alphabets.. and realised it must be 'cause I always type 'wtf' and 'FML' wtffffff.

But then yesterday, the letter 'Y' on my work laptop fell out too!! FML

I don't even type the word 'Y' often. T______________T

Anyway, the reason why I can still type 'F' is 'cause despite the fact that the key has dropped out, the little knob underneath can still be pressed wtf.

So, another reason why I have no mood to go online!

3. I have to go pack! Swimsuits (Pangkor), flats (Bangkok) etc etc. So excited! :D


Anonymous said...

yeah first lol. anyway for me, the letter D keep coming out. so annoying lor. once it comes out, i put it back. comes out, put it back.
okla byebye have fun take care ciao wtf

mustardqueen said...

my shift button cannot press one day cos its like pressed down got ghost ar T____T anyway its fixed now summore my lappie is older than urs leh how come urs so lao pok wan

Jing said...


Can't waittt for this weekend! <3

Joshua said...


Mine's in good condition so far. Er, except for that issue with my power supply... But yeah, it was still under warranty, so it was fixed for free.

Go get your laptop fixed while it's still under warranty :)

Happy Holidaaaysss

etcetera; said...

my buttons are intact! eh i meant laptop buttons haha why does it sound so wrong but hey, my laptop screen is so loose it does this flap flap thing when it wants to be funny.
imagine watching blair and chuck makeout then accidentally hit the table then the screen goes /flap flap. stupssss

why you look so pretty in everything ugh i hate you

Anonymous said...

have fuN! miss you!! MUAH!

Julie Ann said...

i have yellow nails!

revel in me said...

anonymous: Omg is your a toshiba laptop as well??? I have never had this problem with my dell lappie! I used it for almost 5 years and never had problem with the keys.. And now this. T___T

Thanks k wtf <3

mustardqueen: How did you get it fixed! Ok I go ask you now ciaozzzz

jing: HAHAHHA my lace bodysuit HAHHAHA

joshua: I had no probmes with my old dell one! My work lappie is a HP, and the 'Y' fell out too! *dark* I wanted to get it fixed this week, but I brought too many things (read: clothes) so I couldn't bring my lappie back! :/

belinda: HAHHAHAHHA damn funny when you describe your laptop flap dropped down HAHAHHAHA! But I think that's quite irritating too eh! And aww why are you so sweet I love you.. <333

miss hazel: Aww shucks! *shy* Thank youuu! :D :D :D

julie: Our nails would look so good together! :P

etcetera; said...

wheeeeeeeeee i knew it! i knew you were secretly in love with me despite my poor taste in clothes and we've never met before. sigh, the world should know by now.

wo men bu ke yi tuo tuo muo muo de ai each other.. <3
/feels very lame