Sunday, June 28, 2009

Bade goodby to long distance relationships.

No more long distance for the both of us.

In case you didn't know, Teeny is back from Aussie! :D :D :D

The Hoe sisters are reunited! *beams*


Anyway, I am off to pack again, leaving for Pangkor Laut tomorrow! Is having 6 outfits (excluding bathing suits, bathing suit cover-ups, pjs, laze-in-the-hotel-clothes) too much for 3 days?

Clearly, packing light is a foreign concept for me. -__-

Anyway, will try to update if I can! We might have internet access since the boyfriend needs to check on work stuff. Mwahhhss!


Belle said...

Ohh you three sisters are preeeeety! Have fun!!!
P.S: Jing looks like she has a little moustache in the 2nd pic. Hehe!

mustardqueen said...

our skin so nice =3

Lingers said...

hey mustardqueen __do u mind adding meinto your reading list =)

Anonymous said...

Eeeee... you have beautiful nose unlike your sisters!!!!

xiang yun said...

I can't pack light too! I always end up with extra clothes just "in case" hehehe

Nana said...

Anon:I bet yr nose aint fucking nice at all.
Wen, you are getting prettier by day! Love yr outfit and look this time alot! :)

k said...

cb you scare me i thought you broke up with your boyfriend or something.
very drama.

or was that e intention.
i don't know.

mustardqueen said...

lingers: would love to but so sorry mailing list is already full =((((

anonymous: my nose is big bold and beautiful with blackheads and pimples mmmm it's so gorjessss

kiM said...

Enjoy ur trip darl!!! so glad to meet u girls!!!u girls are pretty lar!hehhe :D

sherlyn said...

u 3 gals really look alike!!!! i oso wan a sister!!!! i dont have any sisters to share anything wit me!!!:(

Janice said...

oh god! Hui Wen, you're looking prettier lately! not that you are not pretty before this, but now prettier! is it because of the curls? envy! =)

revel in me said...

belle: Awww, thank you! <3 And HAHHAH let me go find her to make fun of her now HAHHA

mustardqueen: My skin like shit now T_T

anonymous: Thank you for the first part of the comment, but the last part is not cool!

xinag yun: HEHEHEH a girl after my own heart!

nana: How do you know what I wear!! Can't see my outfit at all! :P Thank you though! <3

skim: What to do, I am a drama queen yo! :P

mustardqueen: You is gorjessss KARAOKE TOMORROW WOOT

kim: You and your bf dress so well ! <3

sherlyn: Not alike la!!! T_T And hahaha, but sometimes sisters will steal your things!! T___T

janice: Woiii you really know know how to brighten a girl's day huh! :D :D Hahaha, I think the curls did help! :P