Saturday, June 20, 2009

Chicpop/ Samsung Ultra Touch.

As one of the lucky ones who got to review the Samsung Ultra Touch phone, I scored an invite to the Chicpop party held by Tongue in Chic last week!

There was a theme for the party, to go along with the handphone's concept: Black with a splash of red.

I was stumped! Black is not my favorite color (which is an understatement); I am more of a sunshine-colors-tralala type of person! What if I turn out looking like a vampire extra straight out of an Anne Rice novel wtf.

Hallelujah, thank god I didn't!


Black and white striped top: MNG
Black tulle full skirt with silver polka dots: River Island
Black and white plastic drops necklace: Topshop
Red corsage (worn on hair): Random
Red rattan folder bag: Thrifted
Miu Miu-esque multicolor sequined shoes: Macao

At first I planned for the 'splash of red' to be my happy sequined shoes; but unfortunately, I came to realise that there is not much red on the shoes! So at the 11th hour, I threw in the red rattan bag and the red corsage. :P

Jing accompanied me as well! *heart*

With the most gigantic flower in the world!


Rafflesia arnoldii is a member of the genus Rafflesia. It is noted for producing the largest individual flower on earth.

Well, take that, Rafflesia, you have just met your match WTF.

I love my new poofy tulle skirt! I just want to twirl and dance in it. :))))

In the car.
Pictures are to illustrate that the flower is bigger than our faces. -_____-

Jing calls this my 'bowling pins' necklace. T_T
She said if we are bored, we can always dismantle the necklace and play a game of bowling on the spot WTF.

Met Kel Li there!

With Renee and Wei Wei, who were part of the bandwagon to review the Samsung Ultratouch. :)

A brief introduction of these 2 girls:
Wei Wei loves to shop till she drops. :P
And Renee has the most beautiful skin! *jealous*

Jing and me interlacing fingers with my imaginary lover wtf.

With Ellie, who also reviewed the awesome phone.

Boys and girls, may I introduce you to the fiercest creature who has walked the face of earth.


How fierce is he!!!
I was just looking at him in awe, while he strutted around the room like (social) butterfly... And when he poses for pictures, WHOA! I swear, even Giselle Bundchen has to wave her white flag ok. He effortlessly moves into position, and cleverly angles his body... I can only watch in envy!!!

And you can't tell from this picture, but he was wearing this awesome jacket/top, with pointed sleeves, very Balmain-like! Le sigh.

With Idan (check out his cocked eyebrow)! So much pressure to pose with him, he outshine self-proclaimed camwhores like Jing and I. *ashamed*

With Renee again, she really is so pretty!

HAHAHAHA with afro guy! I forgot his name. :(

He is so amusing! I was asking him a lot of questions about his hair (haha), and he told me that there was once he went into a beauty shop with his friends, and when they left the shop, he found mascara, tweezer, sponge etc in his hair!! His friends chucked these items into his hair HAHAHAHA. And he said when he was in school, people would hide erasers, staple bullets, tiny paper balls in his hair without him ... and when he washes his hair, all these things would fall out of his hair to his surprise, HAHAHA.

I didn't really take any pictures during the night... 'Cause there was too much to see, too much to do during the night. Read here for more pictures of the night! :)

The only picture I took of the Apartment during the night. Check out Idan's hairstyle! :P

Being silly with the red/black props, with Elle and Wei Wei here!

Guess who I met... Ming, from MDG! She is so pretty!

The Samsung Ultra Touch bloggers were supposed to style up a mannequin each, which would be displayed during the party. And guess what. I forgot to take a picture of my mannequin! -_________-

By the way, my mannequin's name is Manny. Which makes perfect sense, 'cause my name (in Chinese) is Man Man, haha!

So I stole a picture of Manny off Joyce:

Manny is wearing:

Starry print swimsuit with red band: Tea & Sympathy
Black tutu skirt: Random
Vintage-inspired bejewelled white pendant necklace: Topshop
White chains: Mphosis

Unfortunately, Manny has no head wtf, else she would get some hair accessories too, haha.

Perfect epitome of black with a splash of red (and other colors).


cielo said...

Wah .. where Jing bought her ..err..gigantic flower? ;) So nice la .. so ngam ..

anyway .. so jahat la u forgot the afro guy's name.. haha .. kidding .. coz in that pic u look like u knew him for ages ady .. haha .. teach me to become friendly please??Hee ;)

Sarah said...

May I know what blush are you using? It looks so good on you. Maybe cause your skin is so fair =) p/s: Love your outfit!

Vivien said...

your skin damn nice lah wtf are you talking about woman! :P
super rosy cheeks wtf <3 cute! omgod i love the skirt! reminds me of my poofy topshop skirt :D wheee your outfit today was tres chic as usual babe! :)

mustardqueen said...

the clutch not thrifted la... online -_- hahahhaha EH why u use the name i gave u to e mannequin!!! MANNY hahahahahahah :P so sad cannot go to events like this T___T I dun care during urbanscapes we bring few outfits then we pretend we attended few events k T_T to compensate uhuk

revel in me said...

cielo: Haha, Teeny bought us the corsage from australia! And YAA I feel so bad! I am really horrible with names. :( But I am super not shy wan!! Haha I think that's the secret! :P

sarah: I am using NARS! It's really good, one of the best I have used! And NOOO I am not that fair! Thank you love! :)

vivien t: NOT NICE! My forehead has alot of pimples, but my bangs were covering! But it has slightly soothed down now.. *fingers crossed* And rosy cheeks is thanks to my blush! :P YAA I love the skirt so so much! It's really fat and poofy in person, wheee

mustardqueen: Oh, is it? I dunno where you bought it, just that it looks really old, so I presumed it's thrifted. Hahhaha so wannabe at urbanscapes meh!!

kellster said...

hahah babe its Kel Li la :)

Wei Wei said...

shop till i drop
Hi!!!! (:

Adryna said...

omgg the events was like fun even in this pictures! i bet u had a lotsa fun meeting fashion people like you ;) do you have some of your fancy reader there? i bet man.
wowee i like the necklace evendo jing said that you guys could play bowling with these! haha!
anyway, i am curiouc, what is thrifted? maybe im stupid, but i've seen the words everyyywhere. ;)

Joshua said...

The picture with the afro guy, Jing really looks like your twin!!!

kitschkid said...

omg idan would love this entry T_T

Hello. said...

hye you!

akmal said...

HEY GUYS!!!!!!
im here...MR AFRO!!!!!!!
thanx ha share up my story..kikikii...
nice to meet u guys...
so cantik ok!!!!

revel in me said...

kellster: Opps.. Edited! :)

wei wei: It's trueee! *waves* HIII! :P

adryna: Haha, ya, there were many good looking and fashionable people that night! And omg, I met some of my readers, who were so so sweet! T_T

Anyway, thrifted, means... bought at a really low price? Usually mean the it was purchased at a junkyard sale or flea market. :)

joshua: WHERE GOT! :O

kitschkid: It's YOUUU!! :D :D :D Haha, why would he love this entry! *shy*

nazima: HIIII!! :D

gmal: Hahhaha you found meee!! It was very interesting talking to you! :P Thank you for letting me touch your hair, haha!