Monday, June 22, 2009

Gimme girlie time.

There is one thing that I have always needed in my life.
Girlie time.

Y'know, just girls getting together, digging into desserts, squealing over each other's shopping buys, giggling and chattering about best purchases, dishing gossip about A and B with C, salivating over cute boys...

Girlie time. :)

Unfortunately, I find that this is something severely lacking in my life since I started working in Singapore. Undeniably, I get a very healthy dose of girlie past-time with my sister(s), thank god for them; they keep me sane. But I do get very sad, 'cause I don't meet up with my girlfriends enough! :(

Flat hair flat in our Sex and the City moment. *nolstagic*

Therefore, I am on a mission to change this. Girlfriends, I need your cooperation in this!
*ahem* Smalls, stop ignoring my smses!
*ahem* Audrey, stop getting swollen eyes the day before our date!
*ahem* Jac, stop shopping and save up to come home!
*ahem* Julie, pink Monopoly time please!
etc etc.

As a start, I finally got to meet up with Ranjitha!

Boys and girls, meet my high school best friend aka future doctor aka one of the smartest girl ever aka whiny woman (hehe).

We haven't done a proper meet-up since she went to Penang to continue her medical studies. :( Even when I went to Penang for my business trip back in February, we didn't get to see each other! *forlorn*

We have known each other since we were 13 years old, and as cliched as this sounds, we have watched each other blossom. :P We were super competitive best friends, constantly aiming to outdo each other, HAHA. Always want to get 1st in class wtf. But that didn't hurt our friendship though! And in some twisted fate, we sort of swapped lives! *drama*

Y'see, my dad has always set out a path for me to be a doctor, so basically all my life I was taking steps along that route-- doing all Science subjects, applying for medical schools, attending medical interviews etc. Ranjithat, on the other hand, always had her eyes on becoming a scheming corporate superwoman, and was planning to do Accounting. But life is a funny thing. At the 11th hour, I decided that being a doctor, as noble and prestigious it is, just isn't what I want in life; and on the other hand, Ranjitha was awarded a full scholarship to do Medicine!

We always like to laugh at how we are living each other's lives. :P


White racer tank dress with assymmetrical hem: Mphosis
Black and white ethnic laced up corset: Thrifted
Oversized cream corsage with feather: Junkyard sale (Singapore)
Bangles: Assorted
Black laced up pumps: Topshop
Black and white rattan bag: Topshop

I love the corset; it was really an unexpected find. *heart* And my giant corsage with its equally gigantic feather is love as well!
As you can see, the feather was tickling my chin so I felt like bursting into giggles every now and then WTF.

Loving the different textures of my bangles. :D

So corny, but what the heck.

You are horribly mistaken if you think that I was done with my lunch here. Half a sandwich and half a glass of coffee is never enough for my ElastiTummy wtf.

Another (nice) picture of us! /boo
We don't have enough pictures of the both of us, 'cause back in those high school days, digital cameras weren't in yet, HAHA.

Last picture:

Getting ambushed by my dog wtf.


Btw, I need shopping advice, everyone!

Do you know where I can shop for a new body WTF.

How else could I look fit for Pangkor Laut in FIVE days. T________T

A body like Megan Fox is all I ask for, lord! wtf


Anonymous said...

Go to The Body Shop! !
okay not funny haha!

love ur corsage! Have fun in Pangkor Laut! :D

k said...

atkins. i swear by atkins.

xiang yun said...

HAHAHA the body shop HAHAHHA funny! Omg, I've gained weight too.. =/ I would never think about wearing that Topshop corset like that! =]]]] Good idea.

Joshua said...

Love the outfit!!! :D

Nicole said...

would it help if i tell you that megan fox was a guy? google it!! i just found out yesterday!!

Anonymous said...

i support atkins too!! =)) lost 2kg last week with atkins.

revel in me said...

miss hazel: HAHAHHA body shop! Thank you love!! I will!! <3

skim: Aahhh I used to do atkins! But I only have, gasp 4 days left! Can it do miracles.. T_T

xiang yun: The corset is not from Topshop! It's thrifted!! :) Hee thanks love! <3

joshua: Aww shucks! *shyyy and flattered* :D

nicole: HEEHEEHEE I heard of that rumor too! You mean it's TRUEEEE??? *has hope for the world wtff*

anonymous: Wooowww now I am so tempted to go back on atkins! But it's really hard when I eat out during work. :(

Anonymous said...

hun, can i know where did u get all those gorgeous bangles?

Julie Ann said...


pink monopoly will be next on the agenda.
me, aileen and joelyn devoured the last bottle of kwaifeh i had. but i've got a bottle of malibu stashed in my drawer. imma just paint the bottle pink so to make up for the kwaifeh. or i'd just go buy another! yay or nay?


revel in me said...

anonymous: It's a mixture of Topshop, Singapore, and my sister's! :)

julie ann: Buy another one!! And I want the malibu too! *kaki botol* :P Pink monopoly night, yayyy!! I will be back for 2 weeks, so CALL ME OUT! :D