Monday, June 15, 2009

Gray accents.

Pictures pictures! Jing and I both brought out our new babies to play. Hahaha, we are damn sohai, we were challenging each other to use our new bags, and we were like, "Come la! Do you think I am afraid of you!" wtf and bumping chests hahaha.
Sorry we are very crappy people. T_T

Jing! With her new gold studded white Guccisima.

What a pretty little thing! (the bag not Jing WTF),. but I predict that in the near future, you will see the description 'Jing's gold studded black Guccisima', 'cause really, she is not one who takes care of things properly!! (not to mention her hygiene is questionable wtf)

Me! I was determine to wear gray, as I wanted to strut my new Topshop shoes. :P

Recently I am loving the color combination of peach and gray! *heart*

Peach ruffled top with exposed back zipper: Topshop
Gray checkered high waisted pants: Lacquer & Lace
Black patent belt with gold and diamante buckle: Melbourne

Pink chiffon corsage hair-tie: Singapore
Crystal earrings: Chanel

Oversized silver bead necklace: Topshop

Gray lace bangle: Mphosis

Gray laced-up pumps: Topshop

Bag: Miu Miu

I love my lace-wrapped bangle! :)

Lunch at Sushi Zanmai, 'cause eating Japanese food makes me feel slim wtf.

Jing was busy trying to pry her wooden chopsticks open, and didn't realize that I was pointing my camera towards her. So when she looked up, I caught her look of surprise...

... but in a split second her face changed to her 'camwhore' mode. -__-
Woman of many faces wtf.

I need to complain!! The salmon sashimi was SO SO SO pathetic! Each piece was barely bigger than my thumb!!!

Debuting my Chanel earrings again, 'cause I have lost them for almost 4 months! :O :O :O

I was so upset when I couldn't find them, despite looking everywhere in my room, and even my room in Singapore. I almost wanted to buy another pair! T___T Thank god Jing found it, it was hidden behind one of the many rubbish on my study table wtf.

Puffy cheeks.I like them though! 'Cause when I smile, I look like I have cheekbones WTF. No la, do you remember this Yeo's ad, whereby this cat smiled, and its cheeks expand sideways??? That's how I look like wtff

Only picture of us together. In a changing room, no less!

Back of the top.


I am seriously the most useless person on earth. -__-

Two months back, I took my professional exam, and the results were actually released last Thursday/Friday!

However, I went back to KL for the past few days, got too engrossed with playing wtf, and completely forgotten about it. -___-

On Saturday, while the boyfriend and I were chilling in Starbucks, he turned to me suddenly and asked, "Eh bee, how did you do for your exam ar? The results are out! Everyone is talking about it.."

I slapped my forehead 'cause obviously, the exam (as well as the results) have totally slipped my mind. I also realized that there was no way I could access my results, as there is a pin number for me to log into the site to view my results! A pin number which they have mailed to me.. which was sitting on my study table in Singapore. -_-

The boyfriend was like: "-_- Why are you like this"


Thank god I managed to access my results in the end (thank you, ai ling!)! Got quite a surprise when I saw a 'High Distinction' greeting me on the screen. :P But I felt a little guilty though, 'cause admittedly I didn't even work hard for the paper, I was too busy playing for the entire week of my study leave!

But aiya, who is to complain, hehe. :P

I told my dad, and he was like, "Congratulations." HAHHAH.
Sorry, I just think it's really funny, 'cause it isn't like my dad to be so formal! In fact, my parents seldom acknowledge, let alone congratulate my achievements. -_-

Back in my schooling days, when I go back home with another straight-As' certificate, he told me "Good that you didn't fail" -_-

When I tell my dad I won some top student award in university, he told me "That will look good on your resume" WTF

When I graduated, my dad said "At least my money is not wasted" WTFF



xiang yun said...

I understand how you feel about your Dad's very "motivating" words T.T typical Asian parents la. On a happier note, congratulations!! Feel so proud of you wtf

Christian Girl in Harrods said...

wahahahah, the way u talk about your dad is funny!! so sarcastic la ur dad hahaha. Congrats on your high distinction!! Btw, I love the combo of red and grey!

Kim L said...

I love the peach and grey combination too! :)

Anonymous said...


omg and you won top student award in uni? i didnt expect ppl to actually get such thing in uni hahahaha. anway you are smart and pretty. so unfair lol.

revel in me said...

xiang yun: Haha, ya, very typically Asian and male! Cannot express any emotions or love, haihh.. :P Hahahha and why are prouder of me than my parents! T_T

siewkwan: YA LA my dad is DAMN cold! Even on birthdays or whatever, he will still be this expressionless, 'duh' man. -_- But according to my mom, my dad is very expressive towards her.. I told her TMI though, hehe!

bombshell: Yay! <3

anonymous: Nice right!! I couldn't decide between black or gray, but finally settled for gray coz 1. black lace bangles are relatively common; 2. the lace pops out more for gray! :) And haha, yea, in my uni, for each unit, the top student gets awards! Could be certs or cash awards... :) Aiyaa I am no longer smart already! Brain getting rusty. T_T

Anonymous said...

hey.. i know it's normal for sisters to ejek each other but I've been a frequent reader of ur blog and i think it's a bit demoralizing to keep pointing out her weaknesses on ur blog.

Anonymous said...

dear,would u mind telling me how much roughly is the pair of chanel earrings? do they come in many sizes?thanks gorgeous!

Clarise said...

yes, i do feel that u tend to say negative stuff abt may be a joke...but i dont think it's funny.

mustardqueen said...

erm poke poke to anonymous and clarise, don't think u ppl frequent jing's blog enough hor?? the things that wen "demoralize" bout jing is what jing actually says about herself ie not hygienic and things like jing dunno how to use excel spreadsheet, well she's a medicine student, what for does she need to know how to use a spreadsheet? Even I myself as an accountant student i'm not familiar with all the functions, let alone she's in medicine. And it may not appear funny to you, but there;s something call "inside joke" that only us sisters could understand, not anyone understands out way of communicating with each other. Maybe it's the bond we share that not many people has, that is also the reason why a lot of ppl are jealous of our sisterly love relationship /boo :)

revel in me said...

anonymous (8.15pm): The last time I checked in M'sia, it was going for RM910, but that was before the price hike! I think the price increase was in Nov, around 10-17%? I got mine from aussie, around 300++aud before the price increase as well! Better get it soon, because chanel increases price every year! T_T

anonymous (8.11pm) and clarise:
Em, do you mean say demoralising things and negative things as in her bag will become black? -_- Jing said the exact same thing on her blog. -_-

Anyway, I understand your concern for Jing. But I am afraid our sisterhood is something that you guys can never understand. Jing (and Teeny) tease and make fun of me often too, it's just how our relationship is. We are rather sarcastic, and we know how to laugh at ourselves; that's just our sense of humor.

I think I know Jing better than any one of you. If she has found those suppposedly 'negative' things I said offensive or 'demoralising', I will shave all my hair off (and I can bet you now that she is going to say she was demoralized, 'cause she wants to see me botak WTF).

I can assure you that our sisterhood is as healthy it can be. In fact, I daresay I have yet to see in my life, sisters as close as the three of us. :)

revel in me said...

mustardqueen: Awwww! *sisterly hug* (let's wait for jing first wtf, group hug! :P)

mustardqueen said...

anon and clarise: hmm maybe when you finally have a sister who share similar interest in fashion food and luxe lifestyle you might not find our words demoralizing and might finally get our jokes. there there *pats*

Anonymous said...

i have.....2 sisters as well. but much elder. there's no such thing as 'demoralizing' haha. it's just that, sisters understands each other so well...that when we go shopping..we think 'hey, she will like this' then we go back and report, wtf.

sisters...are well, sisters. there's no way to explain that sort of bond. =)))) i <3 my sisters.

haha, i'm the 'times square shoes question' anonymous on jing's blogggg/ whee it's nice to have sisters!

Sue Lin said...

Jing looks so pretty in the first pic

And i thought she was u in that holding the chopsticks picture!

Jing said...

(GRRRRR the comment i typed was not posted!!! T___T)

Dear Anonymous/Clarise: Thanks for ur concern but i find the 'demoralizing' comments funny and i laugh along! :))) They are (unfortunately) true and those are the things that make me truly me! *corny wtf* ;P

My loveeee, i love your shoes!! T___T Pls get it for me! *begs* I am sooo nice, albeit i am dying to see you bald i still say nice things wtf! ;P

Hello anonymous who asked abt Times Square shoes! *waves* :D

Thanks Sue Lin! :D

EEK this is like my blog post wtf! :P

Yan Ping said...

Ha..why ur blog readers take your comments so seriously ? I find them funny and witty though... that's the kind of bonding I am missing out..brothers are nooo fun.. ;( I can vouch for Man that their r/s are damn good cos they can literally talk non stop at our family dinners... which I dun do that with my bro cos I see him everyday ! No topics already...

Anyway congrats on passing ur professional papers with 'High Distinction' ! Well done !

Joshua said...

I love the gray lace bangle!

And and and, your dad damn mean/cold, wtf. Hahhahaha

"At least my money not wasted", hahaha

Congrats on your HD!

jaclyn said...

kev and i have an evil plan coughed up for you should you come over NYEHEHEHEHE!

anyway i <3 you and your clothes. okay, maybe i <3 your clothes more wtf. =P

revel in me said...

mustardqueen: Haha, you very angry ar! You are like the serial defender! /boo

anonymous: Finally someone who gets us! <3 Haha, you are the youngest, do you get babied? :P We treat ting as the eldest 'cause she is the tallest WTF

I agree with you: having sisters is the most awesome thing in the world! <3

jing: YA LA why you so attention whore wtf, somemore wave at my readers WTF!

/boo i love you *emo*

ps: FUCK OFF LA I don't want to have same shoes as you! heh

yan ping: I also dunno why they are so serious! :( Different sense of humor, I guess. But I welcome drama of any sorts WTF. HAHHAHHA YAA brothers are no fun! All Boy wants to do is play computer games. -___- And when we bring him go shopping he wants to cry WTF.

Thank you! T_T

joshua: YAAAA! I am sure you have heard of a lot of cold stories about my dad from jing right.. But he always bring his coldness to new heights! T_T

jaclyn: What evil plan! Does it involve surprising me with a chanel bag wtf. And it's not SHOULD I come, I am definitely coming! :D :D :D Am at the buying tickets stage now. :))))) So excited!! Will you fetch me around! /boo


Katie ♥ said...

I agree, my sisters and I ejek each other all the time :) I love them so much so I can understand how unhappy you feel when someone insinuates that you try to demoralize your sisters!

We weren't always so close though, when I was younger they made me bring them drinks and carry their bags and wrap their textbooks. And when I asked why - "Because you're the middle child that's why" wtfffff.

Love the lace bangle, prettyy!

Adryna said...

eyhh eyhh why u look smaller than jing? is it really u always were?
haha bag curious case!
u guys look lovely with each other!
btw your pants is something different, but it looks great on you. :)

Anonymous said...

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