Saturday, June 13, 2009

Little page boy.

(one of) Today's outfit:

Faded denim pageboy hat with bow: Cotton On
Thrifted playsuit: Jing's

Long pearl string: Jing's

Floral fabric corsage: Curve

Bangles: Random
Mustard yellow patent pumps: Thrifted

Bag: Miu Miu

I have quite a wide collection of (unworn) hats, some which Jing has expressed... slight disagreement towards, ahem. So she put me to a dare! so you will see me in hats quite often now wtf.

I went for my facial today, and yucks, my face looked horrible after all the extraction. :( but thank god for make up! T__T

Excuse me while I admire myself k, I was having a good face day. :P

I was out with Jing and Sam for a short while today... And Sam told me that I looked like a farmer today in my outfit. -__- I then kindly pointed out to him that the playsuit belongs to his girlfriend wtf.

He ignored Jing's deathly glare, and asked us, "Do you all want a hoe or not? Oh ya, you all are Hoes!!" WTFFF


And oh oh oh! When we were shopping today, everyone (fine, 2 different sales assistants) thought I was the younger sister! *gleeeee*

I told Jing with a smirk, "It's time to stock up on the creams" WAHAHAHA but not before her giving me the evil eye wtf.

Let the very youthful hui wen share with you all her financial situation WTF:

This is the Man Bill-- i.e. my tab, owing to Jing.
It's called 'Man', 'cause my house name is Man Man! Not 'cause I am a transvestite in disguise, but it's 'cause it's my name in Chinese! T_T

Look at the long list of items! In Notepad, no less wtf. The reason why I owe Jing so much money is 'cause sometimes when I am back in KL, I might not have sufficient ringgit, so I will just borrow money from her. She helps me do shipping for my sales in Boudoir-Boudoir as well, so on and off I would owe her shipping costs. Sometimes I buy stuff from online sites in M'sia, and she will help me transfer money...

In short, I owe her a lot of money la. T_____T

But fret not everyone! My financial situation is not as dire as it seems, 'cause I have actually repaid quite a bit to her. But the list is still expanding by the day wtf.

When I first saw Man Bill, after I recovered from my intial shock from the sheer length of it, my immediate question to her was,

"Eh, why don't you use Microsoft excel ar?"

Her reply: "I don't know how to!"

HAIHHHH. -___-


Christian Girl in Harrods said...

HAHAHHAHAHHAAH "I don't know how to" o_O why is Jing always so unexpectedly funny!!!

xiang yun said...

HAHAHA Jing so cute! Eh got my name on your Man Bill!

Josh said...

I also dunno how to use Excel T.T

We architecture students can do sick shit on Photoshop, 3D Studio Max, Sketchup, Rhino, AutoCAD, etc but dunno how to use Excel WTF


And why Sam so witty lately, hahahhaha

mustardqueen said...

and during christmas can say HOE HOE HOE to all 3 of us wtf -_- our names are damn fun to play with very versatile wtf like clothing hahahahahaha T____T so sad when I'm back I'll only be seeing u for 7 days T____T must drag mom to singapore so can see a few more days T____T

vvens said...

uuh! i saw you at the garden's parking yesterday :)

Xen ♥ said...

ooo.. looking forward to more hat posts yea ;D btw, lovelovelove your new purchases. haha. quick make that bow board! i know youre busy but it only takes 10 mins. ;D

fuzkittie said...

Haha there's nothing wrong with Notepad! xD Simplicity.... your outfit is sooo cute, love the necklace!

revel in me said...

siewkwan: Hahhaha technologically challenged wtff!

xiang yun: OH YA! Shit, I was censoring the names of my buyers, but I left out yours! T__T

josh: HAHAHHAHAHHAH nvm nvm, next time when you are earning big bucks with your architecture firm, I am going to do your accounts k? :P

mustardqueen: HAHAHHAHA versatile like clothing HAHHAHA /boo YAA but I will try to come back every weekend too ok.. T__T Let me know if you all are coming down to s'pore, what if I bought tix to go home, and you all bought tix to come to s'pore.. T__T

vvens: Heh, YAA I was there!! :P

*xen: What recent purchases!! I didn't buy anything!! NONE!! *denial*

I want to!! But I am so lazy to go find supplies.. T_T

fuzkittie: Hahaha, I guess I am just too used to excel! 'Cause she has to do manual calculations on notepad. :P Thank you love! <3

Lynette Lee said...

Gee, i love the jumpsuit !
Planning to sell it away ? *winkz*

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