Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Felt like going for a little black and white...

... but couldn't resist adding a pop of color. :)

Black lace tank: Mphosis
Black and white striped full skirt: Mphosis

Hot pink heart belt: Forever 21

Pearl necklace: Melbourne

Black and white floral satin bow headband: Junkyard sale

Hot pink suede cutouts shoes: Online

I simply adore the big pretty bow on the headband! Got it from the recent Lapsap sale. :)
But the boyfriend asked me why do I always like to wear bows in my hair.
He said: "Like puppies la, wearing ribbons and stuff on the head"

*kicks boyfriend away*

I had Gui Ling Gao! 'Cause my dad said that it is good for my skin break-out.

Funny isn't it, he is a doctor, but yet is a firm believer in herbal/natural remedies! :P

We had take-out pizza from Yellow Cab pizza.

Love the design of the restaurant, and they use Vespa bikes for their delivery services, how cute is that! :P

Actually, I lied. We didn't only have take-out pizza, we also had rice dumpling ("zong") for dinner as well! (pizza isn't enough for The Girl with a Ravenous Appetite, i.e. me wtf)
The rice dumplings were specially made by the boyfriend's mom, and are the best rice dumplings in the world! *feels loved* :D

While gobbling down on all these food, we watched X-Men on the boyfriend's laptop. 'Cause I am such a converted fan after watching the recent X-Men prequel! And I just had to know and understand everything. I asked so many questions during the movie:

"When will the mutants start to realize their abilities?"

"So they (Wolverine and Sabretooth) don't know that they are brothers?"

"Where are Rogue's parents!"

"Why won't Mystique DIE?"

"Why is Professor X's chest so hairy but he is bald!!"

"Storm can only use her powers outdoors?"

Finally, the boyfriend had to put a foot down, and banned all questions until the movie is over.
I was just being inquisitive! T__T

After the movie, the boyfriend was explaining to me about how the different mutants of X-Men have different levels of abilities... For example, Wolverine is a Level 3, Jean Grey is Level 5 etc.

He told me that his mutant ability is to fart and burp. -__________________-

And that his mutant ability level is about 0.1.
Which I bet to differ, 'cause his deadly gas is lethal, absolutely lethal!

He then asked me, "Baby, so what's your mutant ability?"

"My ability is that I can EAT A LOT!!"

HAHAHHHA the "WTF" look on his face is priceless. HAHHAHAHA.

The boyfriend: "Why so lousy wan your ability! How to fight! At least my fart can kill enemies!"
I detected a proud face there. -__-

Me: "CANNN! I will sneak into the enemy base and finish eating all their food!! Then they will die of starvation!"

The boyfriend: -_________-

The boyfriend then told me he is going to stay far, far away from me, 'cause what if I eat him up too. *sheepish*


Anonymous said...

whr u get the heels?

xiang yun said...

Omg your headband! T.T *dies of envy wth

Jing said...

Anonymous: No please?


PVB said...

omg i love your outfit & you look really gorgeous!

mustardqueen said...

I WATCH XMEN TOO!!! And and and I liked the movie a lot cos cos cos DANIEL HENNEY IS INSIDE OMG *DIESMELTSDIESMELTS* <--become puddle of blood wtf yah and hugh jackman also very hot la look at the abs *wipes saliva*

Irenelim said...

Wow, your ability is so powerful! Haha... you should watch HEROES, those people have lots of powerful abilities too! But of course, none of them can compete with you... huhuhu.

Joce said...

nice headband! the bow on it is just lovely..

Renee Tay said...

linked u! I <3 GuiLingGao! :D

revel in me said...

anonymous: Online!

xiangyun: It is a pretty thing, isn't it! *strokes it lovingly* :P

jing: Why no to the anon! And OMGGG have you seen his chest before!! Seriously FURRY! :/ And it was very impromptu... And I highly doubt my bf's bed welcome you WTF. :P

PVB: *shy* Thank you! :D

mustardqueen: Omgg daniel henney he is so cute I thought I was going to orgasm in the show WTFFF

irenelim: HAHAHAHHA why are you so sarcastic! T__T *go find more things to eat wtf*

joce: It is! Lurrrve it to bits. <3

renee: I am still waiting for it to work its miracles! <3

Anonymous said...

sorry, the anonymous times square shoes is back. hehe. your question in your previous post...yes i get babi-fied a lot because i am the youngest. haha.

this one's for ting! my eldest sister gave me a credit card. HAHA. so you know what to ask from hui wen!

fuzkittie said...

That's sooooo cute!!!!

sherlyn said...

i love ur shoe so much gal!!! wer did u get it? trying to buy shoes online recently...any tips to share? :p

sherlyn said...

ohya, forgot to ask u, wer is the location of yellow cab pizza ya? ha~ always saw them driving through my work building near KLCC ter, but never found their shop~ ha

PB said...

Aaah! Haven't eaten guilinggao for so long. Love it to bits. Now I'm hungry =D

Your head bow is gorgeous btw!

mustardqueen said...

anonymous times square shoe: WALAUUUU WHAT'S UR SISTER'S OCCUPATION?? Is her job involved in printing money T_____T HOE HUI WEN U SEE PEOPLE SO NICE GIVE CREDIT CARD AR!!!! U??? -_- hahahaha

revel in me said...

anonymous: YOU EVIL PERSON! T__T

fuzkittie: Haha, what is!

sherlyn: I think when it comes to online shopping, you are way more th guru! :P I am usually quite skeptical of buying shoes online, 'cause I am afraid it won't fit! So I just buy the biggest size WTF.

PVB: I don't really like it, it's a little bitter! :( But good for skin, no choice! *strokes face wtf* Thank you! <3

mustardqueen: *covers ears and hum LA LA LA wtf*