Wednesday, June 03, 2009

The one with the deadly skull.

As promised, more videos! Actually they are just failed attempts at our, ahem, film-shooting. :P

Hahahahha I can never stop laughing whenever I see this video! This is how much Jing loves being the center of attention! *dark*

One question though!! Why did so many of you exclaimed that you are surprised that this is how we sound like!! What did you all expect us to be/sound like? Quick, spill, I am very curious! :D


Anyway, as I mentioned earlier, thanks to Tongue in Chic and Samsung, I actually have a new toy to play with for these 2 weeks! And all I can say is, CAN'T I KEEP THE PHONE! T__T

It's no secret that I love taking pictures of myself my surroundings and experiences, and often, I get funny looks when I whip out my camera in the middle of a meal or in the train. But with a super sleek, delish-looking phone like this, I can smoothly take it out of my handbag and snap pictures, and no one will know the better! 'Cause it just looks as if I was texting or something. And I am very certain I caught a few envious glances thrown at my way when I was using the phone! :P

And I actually put it to test today! I use the phone to take pictures at work, and no one realised, nyehehe! Will post them up this week too. ;)

After showing you guys videos that I recorded using the phone, it's only fair I showcase pictures taken with it right? :P

Jing and I at brunch! Which is an earth-shattering event, 'cause we never thought we would live till the day that we can wake up before noon. -_-

But of course, it was a day filled with mishaps, 'cause despite us waking up in time (10.45am; 15 minutes off-course from our schedule, to be exact), we lost our way. T___T I wanted to bring Jing to Decanter (which I have blogged about here and here), and I was really confident that I knew the way.

Obviously I don't. T__T

We drove around Bukit Damansara/Bangsar in circles before finally deciding to settle for La Bodega. *defeated*

Jing, looking exceptionally glowy! It could be the phone, or it could also be the morning rays!

See, Jing, morning air can be good for you, haha!

HAHHAHA sorry all I can see is the headline on the newspaper behind me: "Ah Long on the run" HAHHAHAHA

We wanted to play some board games while have our breakfast, 'cause it's good to exercise the brain first thing in the morning wtf. We decided on Snake & Ladders, lord knows when was the last time we played the game!

... and lord knows when is the next time we can play it. -__- The board game only came with the board and a dice. -____-

My salmon and scramble eggs! :)

And a mocha (read: caffeine fix) to kickstart my day!

As you can see, we fell back on good old Scrabble.
By the way, I had such lousy letters! The only word I could think of was Juno WTF.

The word 'puke' was very apt, 'cause Jing was feeling nauseated for the past week!

No, she is not pregnant. According to her, she is just allergic to exams. -_-

Jing is most competitive when it comes to games! The word FUN does not appear in her dictionary!!

Hahahhaha, so while she was pondering over what words to make up, I started doodling on our score sheet... As you can see, I drew a bow and a '1st place' prize ribbon around my name! Then Jing crossed out my bow, and changed '1st' to '2nd place. -__________- So I retaliated by imprinting a deadly skull on her name, HAHAHA.

I am sorry, sometimes we act like 3 year olds. *shifty eyes*

Anyway, outfit pictures!

Jing, with her peachy tights, geddit geddit!

White tee (worn inside): Guess
Baby blue eyelet bustier romper: Velvet Ribbon
Sky blue floral scarf: Forever 21
White multi-layer chains: Mphosis
Tan braided belt: Dorothy Perkins
Vintage oversized ring: Thrifted
Navy quilted bag with gold studs: Miss Selfridge
White laced-up booties: Online


pinkpau said...

zomg scrabble. can i join you for scrabble!! i am back in kl :D

Anonymous said...

lol funny lor u 2..
who win in the end?

Anonymous said...

LOL damn funny wei.
what did jing said in the 2nd video before she pushed you away HAHAHA

revel in me said...

pinkpau: YAYY LET'S!! Though your vocabulary is so amazingly, ypu'd probably whoop my ass. :P

anonymous: We gave up on it!! 'Cause jing took it too seriously HAHAHAH

anonymous: HAHAHAH I think she said we held the phone not far enough HAHA

Irenelim said...

Oh, the skull is so cute! :)

xiang yun said...

Hahahaha you sound like how I imagined you'd sound like. And omgomg you look prettier in video than you look in photos! .. and I think you already look pretty enough in photos. Imagine seeing you in person =/ *feels inferior*

revel in me said...

irenelim: My drawing! *proud*

xiangyun: Hahhahah you imagined me to sound mad is it! :P And /boo where got! I thought I looked crazed in the videos (like what everyone told me wtf)!! Thank you love, but please don't be cheated! T__T

Serena said...

ah your vids are so funny and cute!! i love how u included the stuffed animal! haha~ btw, is it okay if i email u and ask u about places to go in s'pore? I am planning to go this summer!

Anonymous said...

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