Tuesday, June 09, 2009

"What recession?"

The 2 words for the day is:

"What recession?"


As you all should know by now, the Great Singapore Sales (GSS) have started. And other than a few things I grabbed here and there (*ahem*), I haven't really immersed myself into the whole GSS Shopping Spirit (GSSSS wtf)!

So when my colleague gave me the heads-up that a major sale is starting in Prada and Miu Miu on Friday, and with Jing's constant egging-on for me to head to Marc Jacobs to check out the sales for her, I made a trip to Orchard on Saturday.

Did I say Orchard? Sorry, I meant Battlefield.

I am seriously amazed by Singaporeans. I had to queue up to get into Chanel. WTF??? There isn't even any sales in Chanel! -___- It was such an unpleasant experience, you have to line up to get into every shop.

Coach? Queue please.
Gucci? Queue over at this side.
LV? Follow the line on the left.


Check out the queue outside Prada. The queue goes on even longer, so much so that my camera couldn't capture it. -__-

"What recession?"

The queue for Gucci. Which extends to way back. I didn't even bother trying to get in. :/


"What recession?"

The is the havoc that is inside Gucci. Reminds me of a market? -_-

"What recession?"



Remember I mentioned in my previous entry that I did a very very very very bad thing?

I succumbed to temptation. *crumbles*

But more on that at the end of this post. ;)

I had absolutely nothing to wear! I am not kidding, 95% of my (going-out) wardrobe is in KL. -____- So I had to improvise and made do with what I have with me, which is not much wtf.

No proper outfit picture, 'cause I forgot to take pictures, so here is an unglam shot:

Vintage nude tweed pullover swing vest with peter pan collar and assymetrical hem: Thrifted
Men's wide legged trousers (folded at knees): G2 Blu
Gold and pearl chain with bejewelled pendant: Topshop
Vintage floral print wooden headband: Singapore
Nude pumps with wooden wedge (not shown): Singapore
Bag (not shown): LV Alma

I actually bought the vest for work! It has this adorable rounded hem, which is longer in front, and then curved to a cropped back. But I never did get around to wearing it. The whole outfit suited my whole lazy Saturday afternoon vibe though. :P

And good news everyone!! God has heard my prayers... My skin has improved!!! *kisses floor fervently* I am still quite a long way from how my skin used to be, but there is definitely improvement. Thanks to facial, sebum gel and (maybe) aspirin mask! And all those praying at night wtf.

Not so good news for the bank account though...

I couldn't resist! :'(

Meet my new baby! :D

I love love love the bag! And it is so practical. /boo 'Cause I was originally planning to get this other black lamb skin gold studded one from Gucci...

It's like the one my mom got Jing, but in plain black lambskin!

But it's damn expensive! And I am sort of anti-Gucci. So when I saw this Miu Miu, it's like 'Ding! SCOREEE!' :P

The bag is really lightweight, and very spacious; it's just one of those super practical bags. :) I think black is just a really good color for me in terms of bags, considering how careless I am with bags. T_T To be very very honest, and I will probably go to hell for this, other than my LV (LV makes the sturdiest bags, there is no denying it), I am actually most careless with my Chanel! 'Cause it's black, I can get away with a lot of things with on it. T_T

Anyway, back to my new baby, I decided to go ahead with the investment 'cause I think it will go everything! *wise* So all in all, I reckon it's a pretty good purchase. :)

I was most afraid to tell the boyfriend about the bag though, 'cause he can be very fierce when it comes to my shopping habits. T__T Luckily he was really cool with it! In fact, when he heard about the Miu Miu, he told me he wants to start a Miao Miao brand to cheat women... Miao Miao empire WTF. -_-


fuzkittie said...

Looove your new bag! LOL.. exactly, WHAT recession?! Everytime I go shopping I think that... :P

v3aN.Na3v said...

Even our M'sia's warehou is alwaz full and packed..
bt in Singapore, 1 thing is gd dat no salary cut as compare to our country ma so dats still gt purchasing power..
Can i noe wat brand of facial wash u using n de aspirin mask i 1nna try too.. =D thanks..

joycezhi said...

i totally agree with u!!
i went to Orchard today..its a freaking MONDAY...and i end up queuing to go into Chanel...when it's not even on sales lo!!
crazy people!

Jing said...

I <333 the bag! *kicks Gucci away WTF*

Yalahhhh, i had to queue to get into Coach that day and i don't even like Coach! T___T

adz said...

hahaha i totally relate to you with the boyfriend bit. i always have to hide from the bf whenever i buy stuff! eeek!

ailing22 said...

Lovee the bag!! Actually love everything from MIU MIU. I'm eyeing on a bow bag but man I'm no where near London = no Miu Miu on sale price that I can grab! FML

Anonymous said...

so pretty your Miao Miao bag <3 ;)

val said...

Good buy! rule of thumb, the more expensive the bag, the more practical in colour it should be!

was this miu miu on sale?

Irenelim said...

Your baby is so awesome! Great buy! The gold and pearl chain with bejewelled pendant is absolutely hot on you,... can check out your cleavage too! Hahaha... So, when can I shop at Miao Miao empire? lol.

Christian Girl in Harrods said...

Wahahahah, not a really bad thing la, at least it's not like you erm, laughed when an old woman fell down and didn't bother to help at all... Yes, I agree with you black bag is so practical, and I'm surprised it's lightweight, that's a bonus!! :D

smalls said...

i love how you still justify your buys with words like 'pratical' and ' good purchase'

lol ! :)

Katie ♥ said...

OMG the bag is love! <3 I've been eyeing the one in white but it was completely sold out on net-a-porter.com and Melbourne has no Miua Miu and my mom is a die hard LV fan booooo FML.

Love the tweed vest! :)

Katie ♥ said...

*Miu Miu oops

Anonymous said...

yalor i get u. that day i passed by gucci store (in aussie) and there were ppl lining up outside. and i thought something happened hahaha. but actually everyone was queuing to get in wtf.

Joshua said...

I love the details on the handle and how it looks so luxe!!!

My only issue is with Miu Miu's name plate...the font and all a bit unglam wtf


They need a new name tag!

Hahhahaha, your bf very funny, Miao Miao WTF

revel in me said...

fuzkittie: Hahahhaha but my account IS suffering recession of late! T__T Thanks love! <3

v3aN.Na3v: Hmm, actually I think s'pore's pay cut is more severe compared to KL! 'Cause it's hit more heavily in terms of the crisis. But yea, I guess the purchasing power is much better. :) I am using Laneige! :)

joycezhi: WTFFFF queue for chanel on a MONDAY??? Is it 'cause everyone has monday blues and thus go buy something to brighten the day ar wtf

jing: Are you sureee!! *shy* I was so afraid that you will hate it despite your fervent encouragement for me to get it, AHEM! :P

adz:n I am lucky I don't have to hide!
(eh he reads my blog, mail me and I'll tell you the true story WTFF)

ailing22: OMGGG YAA I forgot to mention in the entry, but I am such a Miu Miu whore! Just LOVE everything Miu miu! <333 Can you get it online or something? :)
And the bow satchel is love!

beingcryst: DON'T LIKE THAT LA.. T__T Miao Miao is still a work in progress wtff

val: THOSE ARE SUCH WISE WORDS! <333 I have never thought of it that way! *enlightened* haha.. But this bag isn't that expensive though, it was on sale... I got it more for practicality reasons! :)

irenelim: Heee thanks! :) And the necklace, I got it on sale too! Haihh I am cheap la, everything also must buy sales items wtf. ERRR don't encourage the bf please! T_T

siewkwan: HAHAHHA wtff laugh at old woman, that's not bad, it's EVILLL already! T_T And YAAA I am using it today (still using, I am in the bus on the way back to KL now wheee), and it is really light! SCORE! :P

smalls: It IS practical! :( And it IS a good purchase! :(

katie: HAHHAH you scared me! Miao Miu WTTFF I thought you wanted to buy a fusion brand, joint ventures with my bf's Miao Miao empire wtfff!!! The white one is love, but I already have a white miu miu! And I SWOREE that I will never buy another white bag! >=(

Yan Ping said...

wow..ur new bag is so nice ! I love the black and gold combi... So did u check out Marc Jacobs ? Damn I just bought a tote from them last month and now from ur post I realise they are going to have sales. -____-

I wanted to go for the Gucci sales but after seeing ur pictures I had second thoughts. And I really agree with u what recession ?

cos I lined up last weekend for 1/2 hr to go into LV boutique ! WTF ?! I was also telling my husband where is the recession ?

I think Channelnewsasia should report the recession while featuring the queues from the boutiques...to feature the irony of the recession... ha.. ;p

mustardqueen said...

eh josh go die la the tag so atas ok <333333 the tag hahahaha r u saying my prada wallet's name tag unglam also wtf T_T

revel in me said...

anonymous: Oh my, even in melbourne?? What is the world coming to!! T_T

joshua: Why are you so cold! hahhahaha unglam font wtf. Ok what! T__T

yanping: EEEE MJ bag can I borrow can I borrow! <333 But don't worry, I check out the MJ sales, the bags on sale are not that great! Or maybe 'cause I went late.. T__T Haihhh I didn't even THINK of going into gucci, the queue is perpetually long! :/ And LV, what's with LV ar!! It doesn't have sales ever! Why people still line up to get in!!

mustardqueen: Food for thought, prada same font as miu miu ar WTFF
(eh on 2nd thought, I think Parad is caps, where miu miu is in small letters WTFF)

Joshua said...

Ting: The Prada name tag is glam!

It's a much nicer and classier font.

T.T I just have a thing for appropriate fontsssss

Yan Ping said...

haha.. Sure...my MJ bag is not as nice as ur Miu Miu la. I wanted to get a Miu Miu badly lor but hubby is very practical..he say when I don't like there is no resale value. So he only restrict me to get LV. WTF.. People from accountancy... ha...actualy he did comment u r quite diff fr pple grad fr accountancy...cos he say girls fr accountancy r not cute... ha.. so u r very honoured to be in his cute list !

anyway LV is forever so many pple la..that day when i was queuing, being the bimbotic me I asked hubby loudly is LV having sales ? if not what's with the queue ? I think people behind me nearly fainted..ha

Anonymous said...

I think the Miao Miao empire might just work out.

Look at the number of enquiries you're already getting.!!! =P

jaclyn said...

lol, yay! can we share bags please? *flutters eyelashes endlessly wtf*

Sue Lin said...

Yup, what recession? The Zara sale here was mad, almost a stampede. Its like people didn't have to work on that Friday.

revel in me said...

joshua: hahahah wtff this world is so cold.. T__T

yan ping: Haha omg, your hubby is soooo practical! I use the term 'resale value' only when I want to justify my buys, haha. But I don't think I will ever sell my bags though! T_T They are like a prt of me wtf. And heh, at times I do feel quite out of place in accounting. :/

anonymous: HAHHAHAHAH! Do you know the boyfriend is submitting business proposals to me now!! Damn annoying boy I have! T_T

jaclyn: Does it mean you approve of the bag! *bats eyelashes back* :P

sue lin: Yea, but zara sales are always like that la. But stampede for chanel and LV is just.. mad. =/

Yan Ping said...

haha..same sentiments ! I would rather starve than sell my bags. ha... but he always nag at me la.. I only bring one bag out at a time why I need so many bags. Men.. ha..u r not out of place la..being in accountancy give u more idea of how to allocate ur shopping funds into good use! ;p

Anonymous said...

how much is the miu miu?