Friday, June 05, 2009

The word that makes me go weak in my knees.

Tell you all a funny story today!

My client's place is really near Vivo City (S'pore's biggest mall)now, so practically everyday we would head there for lunch-- based on my daily suggestion, of course; hello, Great Singapore Sales! :P

So anyway, while my senior was withdrawing money at the basement level, I ran to Topshop to shop, y'know, just to browse around. And I fell in love with this pair of shoes! Knowing that I have less than 5 minutes to spare before my senior starts looking for me, I marched to the counter to pay for the shoes. However, when the sales assistant reached over to scan the price tag of the shoes, guilt sunk in and my hands froze right above my wallet in my bag as I thought of all my shopping escapades this month.

I blurted, "Stop!" And he dropped the shoes onto the counter top with a 'Klunk!' hahaha. (I think he almost wanted to raise his hands up in surrender too wtf)
I then told him that I needed to think about it, and gloomily put the shoes back on the shelf.

I told myself to just walk away, just walk away... I murmured to myself that if I really really really want the shoes, I could always go back tomorrow to get them.

1 second later, I rolled my eyes, "Who am I kidding? I will come back tomorrow to get them. I might as well save myself the trouble and get them now" and I turned back, took the shoes, and went to the counter to pay. -_____-

When the sales assistant saw me at the counter again, I saw him shook his head slightly as he smothered a grin. T__T As he neared the shoes to the scanner, he asked, "Sure?" with a cheeky grin.

Haihhh story of my life.

And when my senior saw me with a big Topshop shopping bag in my hands (the shoe box is huge! Fine, I grabbed a few pieces of jewellery too T_T), he asked me, "Can't I even leave you alone for a few minutes?"



But contrary to what you all might think, I was actually a very controlled shopper during the Lap Sap junkyard sale last weekend!

I grabbed 2 really cute headbands from this girl. :)

And resisted adorable vintage goodies!

I did buy 2 pairs of shoes though. *shifty eyes*
But that's all! Really little compare to my usual hauls: *click* *click* or *click*

All pictures are taken with the Samsung Ultra Touch phone, as usual!
I am really amazed with the phone, 'cause check out this picture I took of Jing:

Damn nice right! Who said you need a DSLR to take nice style shots! *haughty* :P

Or maybe I just have fantastic photography skills. *blows on nails*

Faded denim jacket: Topshop
Black and white print full miniskirt: Forever 21

Wooden bead necklace: Diva

Vintage leather chainlink pouch with tassel: Thrifted

Tan faux croc leather booties: Taiwan

I was wearing the jacket only, like a top! Inspired by a conversation with the boyfriend one day, when he asked me whether I wear my blazers to work. I told him I don't, 'cause really, it's too stuffy (even in air-conditioned surroundings), and I feel restricted in blazers. :/ But I did reassure him that my blazers were not a waste of money, 'cause I could still wear them with my personal outfits! And he was quick to remind me to wear something underneath, HAHAHA. I think my boyfriend thinks I am an exhibitionist in nature. :P

My ultra gorgeous necklace! Which I haven't worn before, but Jing did, and spoil it. >=(
You can see from the picture that one side of the necklace is held up by my mesh wires, sigh. This is why I hate hate hate hate when she borrows my stuff (and more often than not, without asking)! 'Cause she doesn't take care of things. RAWR.

Ending the entry with paparazi shots of us, HAHA.

Psst, that's the Samsung Ultra Touch phone I was holding in my hands! ;)

And the answer to the title of my entry is obviously S-A-L-E wtf!


PVB said...

you're so cute & funny haha! not forgetting that shop!

Eunice said...

Ahaha, that's so funny of u :D
So, S-A-L-E is the word. If you change the L to a V...

mustardqueen said...

i miss junkyards i dun have the time/patience to go to e ones in the city T______T urbanscapes on mou? T_T

kiM said...

haha..u're so cute!!i was there last week in lapsap..dun get to meet u! ya the girl have lotsa nice and cute headband and accessories!but im too late d..*sob*

Anonymous said...

sale!!!! aussie is having sale too. i miss topshop,zara, and miss selfridge. i want malaysia hahaha.

show your topshop shoe!!

and ya la, you're such a shopaholic lol.

revel in me said...

PVB: Hahaha, he was MEAN! :P

eunice: SAVE???? What is that!! Doesn't exist in my dictionary, HAHAHA!

mustardqueen: But you have camberwell! <333 ONSSS! Pray I don't have to work though.. T__T

kim: Yaaa, I left early! Wanted to stay for the music.. T_T WHATT you mean her stuff all sold out after that? :O

anonymous: Haha, but australia has general pants, bardot, valleygirl! And camberwell! Boo, if only we can merge all these wonderful shopping heavens! <3 I am going to wear them next week, woohoo!

ps: I am not! :P

The Faux Fashionista said...

ROFL at the story of you and the shop staff. Your life is so full of shopping drama la love! And oooo I likey your F21 skirt - It reminds me of DVF and Karen Millen prints <3

Sue said...

Jing's shoes! They look like the Marni ones. WHERE did she get them?

revel in me said...

faux fashionista: Hahhaha is that a hint that I shop too much.. Thus the increase of shopping drama.. T_T And oohh my skirt said thank you wtf, hahaha. :P

sue: She got it from Nose! :)

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