Saturday, June 06, 2009

Writer's block.

What I was up to just now:

Can you all guess what did I do? ;)


This is me brainstorming in Dome:

'Cause Dome has this joint competition with the Melium Group now-- you just need to write a slogan, and monthly winners will get up to RM3,000 worth of designer goodies. *slurp*
And btw, instead of typing "Melium", I keep on wanting to type "Merlin".. Y'know, the magician WTF.

I always eat the same old sandwich (it's either Cajun chicken or Avocado and chicken) at Dome. *yawn*

I am not boring! I just try to be healthy wtf.

The boyfriend's blatantly unhealthy pasta, haha. It was good though! I used to love cream pastas, but went off it after I decided I am as fat as a piece of pork lard. T_T But this was so good that I swapped with the boyfriend halfway through our meal!

*health freak image crumbles wtf*

Writer's block wtf.

If I win the prize, I will buy the boyfriend a Hugo Boss suit! Or at least, that's what I told him, 'cause it was his birthday that day. :P But actually I will probably buy him a pair of Boss cufflinks, and spend the rest of the prize on myself. *weak* T__T

Speaking of contests, I am damn emo! Some of you might be aware that recently Miss Selfridge was having a competition, whereby you spend RM100 in a single receipt, write a slogan, and stand a chance to go to London!!! Jing and I joined. T____T And the accouncement of the winners is supposed to be on 30 May, so I guess we didn't win wtf. T___________T SO SADDDDDDDDDDDD!! I really really really really really want to go to London! Damn all you lucky people who are studying in UK now. T__T Actually I just want to go travelling. I REALLY NEED TO!

Boo. And I thought I have a natural flair for slogan writing. I have joined those contests in magazines before, and have won... a tube eye cream wtf. I am wondering, do any of you girls participate in these competitions? A lot of the I know just skim through those pages of contests. But someone must be joining right!! If not why can't I ever win. T_________T

Outfit for the day:

Red/orange polo tee: Topshop
Black and white full mini skirt: Forever 21

Sequined bow brooch: River Island

Pink glass bead bracelet: Diva
Black and cream maryjanes: Singapore

And who says I don't repeat my clothes! This is the same skirt from my previous entry. :P

Ok, I am going to sulk in a corner now 'cause I didn't win anything.

Or maybe go do a raindance to win something the next time. T_T


cielo said...

LOL .. i do participate in those contest actually .. haha .. won few like perfume, make-ups and etc .. ;) the truth is .. its addictive .. especially if u've won anything before .. haha ..

well, as for me .. if i really wish i could win one particular prize .. i dont really think bout that too much .. coz usually .. when i dont think/hope to win .. i'll win the prize instead .. lame .. haha

electronicfly said...

aspirin mask!

works ah, and safe ah?

Can OD ah?

Sarah said...

I don't join those competitions..especially one that needs a slogan. Simply because I'm not so good with words T__T Usually the winner's slogan will be very catchy with complicated words and they rhyme. But I do envy the winners though, especially when they win expensive make up stuff.

Ohh you're fleshy now..but in a good way~! =) your face looks glowy and healthy. and your outfit is just soo cute!

Irenelim said...

I have never won any slogan writing contest before. :(

revel in me said...

cielo: Haha, you are so lucky! I rarely win when it comes to those lucky draws! T_T And as for the selfridge competition, I really waned that trip so so so bad! :(

electronicfly: Haha, clever girl! I will blog on it soon! :) And HAHHAHA WHAT OD hahahah!

sarah: I think slogan contests are easier than lucky draw-based ones, 'cause at least I am partially in control! T_T And BOOO how is being flesh ever a good thing! *emo*

irenelim: I give you luck! :P

PVB said...

the aspirin is for your headache and the honey is for constipation?

love you brooch ~

Sue said...

Aspirin mask! Hehe, I just started trying it out and it has been my second time round. I guess it works psychologically? A bit overhyped la I think.

Joshua said...


Got people eat honey for constipation meh T.T

Does the aspirin mask work???

And your expression for the first picture in this post is super funny, haha

mustardqueen said...

i won a year supply of haagen daz ice cream and 500 bucks worth of stila products that's all T__T my biggest achievement in life so far wtf!!! and e stila wan wasnt even slogan writing it was do a birthday card for their 10th anniversary and I sew cross stitch card wtf! and receive a parcel 3 months after =3 damn i realise e aussie mags dun really have a lot of competitions lor cannot join wan no fun -_-

superumi said...

omg,that f21 skirt is awesome!
pufff...*blows away writers block syndrome*

RG said...

ahhh you are too cute!!

revel in me said...

PVB: Hahahhahahahahh, why are you so creative! I don't have constipation now btw wtf!

So shiny and pretty right! <3

sue: I have been using for a few times, and I personally feel that the first time, I felt a really dramatic difference, but subsequently, I don't observe that great an effect! But I will stick with it for a little while more, hopefully its benefits come with a longer use! :)

joshua: Hahhahah ya la, my remedy is usually just papaya WTFF TMI, hahaha!

OIII funny as in haha funny, or hahaha you damn retarded funny.. T__T

mustardqueen: YA HORR you have such great achievements in competitions /boo I have won the Barbie coloring contest does that count wtf

superumi: Is it is it! <3 Hahahahhah! *inspired wtf* :P

RG: Whyyyy!

PB said...

Knew it was aspirin mask the second I saw that box of aspirin, haha. They're safe for those above 20. Limit to once or twice a week tho. Hope they work for you especially when you're stressed out. Does wonders for the pores.

You look lovely btw, Wen. First time commenting, long time reader :)

Yan Ping said...

Though u din win , Hugo Boss is on sale at Taka ! u can still get him the cuff links.. or the suit ..


ur bf will be elated when he sees my comment..ha

revel in me said...

PB: Oh my, I didn't know that you have to be >20 years old to use it??!! Is it 'cause it's too harsh? I am still praying that it will work! My skin has improved quite a bit already though (but still unsure whether it's 'cause of the aspirin mask)! :)))) And thank you love!! <3 Comment more, I love long-time readers! :D

yan ping: SHHHH!! Don't make such comments!! Later he forces me to buy for him, HAHAHA! :P Do you know how much discounts they have? :)

PB said...

I'm not sure whether it's that serious but it might cause something like organ failure or makes your skin sensitive WTF. Don't worry tho LOL. I'm just one of them worrywarts :P What's a tablet or two for an aspirin mask gonna do, hehe.

Yan Ping said...

ha.. I am not sure... But I saw a super duper long queue when I passed by... so I guess the discount must be quite awesome..

opps opps... shhhhh... we must discuss this discreetly.. ;p