Thursday, July 30, 2009

Leopard socks.

Entertaining myself in the car while Teeny helped Jing to ship some stuff at the post office.

Why didn't Jing do it herself, you ask?

'Cause on that day, she suspected that she has H1N1. -_____- In fact, we planned a whole-day outing for the three of us before Teeny went back to Melbourne; but since she has "H1N1" (*open and close inverted commas wtf*), she had to take a raincheck on it.
Every week, we have a scare like that in the Hoe household wtf. The weekend before, Teeny thought she caught the (swine) flu bug, and had to bail out on us for our never-going-to-materialized sisterly brunch. -___-

My dad is getting rather bored of us. 'Cause we are super paranoid when it comes to health, haha. You would think that any parent would be frantic with worry if their child tells them "Dad/Mom, I have H1N1". My dad just goes o_O, HAHA.

Super love this hair accessory that I got from Bangkok! So cheap somemore. *heart heart heart*

With Teeny who is on a vegetarian diet AGAIN. Every year, she will go on a vegetarian diet twice-- right before her results are released wtf.

At this rate she is going, I won't be surprised if she goes to Tibet and become a monk. -_-

Sulky 'cause all I had was mushroom soup. And green tea.

I am on a DIET! *wails and runs to hide*

I realised Teeny only has one expression when she eats:



At least if the Tibet expedition doesn't work out, she can go try out to be a specific dwarf in Snow White wtf.

Not like me, I am so cute when I eat wtf.

Can you guess where were we at? ;)

Teeny didn't get much from the happy gene pool WTF.

I am going to see you in a week's time! :D

The same expression as the one she wears for eating wtf.

Super old pumps that I found. :D

Recently I am thinking of going back to straight locks... My dry hair is really driving me crazy!! :((((
Yay or nay?
Jing you don't have to vote wtf!


Navy knitted sweated with yellow trimmings and diamante/gold buttons: Miss Selfridge
Black embellished dress: MNG
Navy and cream corsage with vintage button: Bangkok
Gold bamboo bangle: Topshop
Black flower bracelet: Topshop
Gold leopard print ankle socks: River Island
Navy patent pumps with bows at the back: August 8
Navy quilted bag with gold studs: Miss Selfridge

I am so sorry, I am supposed to blog about the new and improved Hui Wen, but unfortunately, for once in my life, there's a stronger calling for me to do something else instead of talking about myself wtf.

It's my drama!! I really have to go watch it (they are about to have sex!!!). So that's it for tonight, folks! Will append to this entry when my addiction dies down a bit. :P

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bangkok: Day 2.

Too many trips to blog about, so I've got to buck up now wtf.

What a change compared to last year!! When I missed out on the trips my family made to Macao and Taiwan. *dark*

It's Bang-Bang-Bangkok time again! Actually, I don't even know why I bother blogging about the trip, 'cause all we did in Bangkok was shop and, err, shop wtf.

*looks at feet*

Speaking of feet, looking at my gladiator sandals!! I usually hate glads with a vengeance ('cause they make my legs look about 2 inches long WTF), but I couldn't resist this one! :P

This is us in front of our hotel room right before heading to Chatchchak market, by the way.

Us in the elevator, snapping a picture whilst going down to meet our parents for the buffet breakfast... who greeted us with the evil eye, I might add. 'Cause everyday my dad has to give us a morning call (which we ignore wtf). And we always go down for breakfast late (right before the breakfast time ends wtf), despite them trying to wake us up at 8.30am. Heh.

And oh ya, when we were in the elevator, there were a few grown men in it as well. We took the picture with the flash on, forgetting that it was a glass elevator. Err, let's just say the flash gave the few men quite a scare wtf.

Chatchuchak market!! I have heard so much about this market (about its sheer size and the HEAT!!), and needless to say, it was one of the highlights of our trip! :)

Ehehe, squeezable cows.

Clothes clothes everywhere!!

Poised for the camera before scrambling off to look for more loot.
If you have a sharp eye, you might realised that Teeny bought that lace skirt! ;)

Fried stuff, I love!

'Cause no one wanted to take picture with/of me. T__T

I always see pictures of Chatchuchak market.. and YES they do depict the market wtf! There were so so so many people (it was a Sunday), but we wer really lucky-- it was actually very shady that day, so it wasn't very hot!!

Thank god for that! 'Cause obviously if it was very humid and hot, it will affect our shopping mojo; and most importantly, my mom HATES the heat. If it was hot, she would have kick up a huge fuss and make us go home! :(

Shopping high. :D

I was aiming half a day to snap a shot of Teeny holding a coconut at chest level WTF.

All smiles!

And gloom.
HAHHAHHA! I think this picture was taken after my dad cried or something ('cause he saw the way we shopped) WTF.

Mini fried egg, soooo cute!! :)))))

Chatchuchak really has so much clothes!! If you hit the right area (they have an entire section which only have clothes and accessories), the choices are just endless!!!

But there clothes are for dogs wtf.

Ommmggg isn't this dog SOOOO cute!!

We accidentally ventured into the pets section, and I was so nervous!! 'Cause the place is really cramped and damp, and I was very afraid that whenever I turn a corner, I will be greeted with a snake. T_________T

Waiting for our dad to take a dump wtf.

Mom: *irritated* He is always like that!!!


Cream bohemian dress with floral embroidery: Valleygirl
Pale pink mini daisy (worn in hair): Singapore

White plastic cuff with gold chainlink: Diva

Tan cut-out gladiator sandals: Forever 21

Bag: Miu Miu

Victory signs for Chatchuchak!!!

Super awesome place. :D Unfortunately, we couldn't run away from the fate of our mom complaining of the place (she hates crowds), so we left after about 2 hours. :( Which is totally insufficient, 'cause that place has frigging 5,000 stalls k!! T____T

Waiting for the train. Haih, trust me to stand right next to a flawless looking model in the ad. T__T

Jing trying to get your attention, lady in the middle picking her nose, and Teeny scratching her armpits.
Looking at Teeny's tee! She DIY-ed it herself! :)
(but seeing her unsightly, ahem, underarm habits, I will personally disinfect the tee before borrowing WTF).

We went to Erawan Tea Room (located at Grand Hyatt Bangkok) for high tea.

Which was recommended by my dad. Now, this is rare! 'Cause he usually hates expensive places WTF.

I was randomly taking pictures of the restaurant, and accidentally took this picture!!
Then my sisters started scolding me for disrupting their intimate moment. T__T

So how, people, gay or not gay? wtf

Snapshots of the place, before I took that picture. T__T

Guess who??
Hint: Armpit.

Looking tired. Try having a father who gives you 8.30a.m. morning calls every morning! T_T

Food/drinks, which will really make you salivate:

My iced Thai tea.

Jing's lychee tea.

Teeny's honeycomb milkshake.

Scones!! The jam and cream was absolutely heavenly.

Pineapple fried rice. Very meat floss!! Love little twists like that. :)

Erawan fried rice. It's spicy fried rice with crabmeat, topped with deep fried soft shell crab.

Pad Thai (fried Thai flat noodles).

Everything was SO SO SO GOOD!! So good that we wanted to go back the following day (we didn't make it; more on the sordid story the next time T_T)

So good that daddy was fighting for food with us. :P

If you ever go to Bangkok, don't forget to drop by at Erawan Tea Room k! :) I think prices are relatively reasonably, probably around Delicious's pricing? :)

We also went to the Erawarn Shrine (right next to the mall) to pray to the four-faced God, which Thailand is renowned for. In fact, my dad will always head there to pay his respect whenever he is in Bangkok. In fact, it was rumored that that's how my brother was created. :P

Dinner time!

There's Teeny showing you all her teeth.

There's Jing, who shopped till she is mad.

There's me, admitting defeat. Oh my tired legs!

There's also Peggy, Jane and Fatima WTF. (each on their own chairs -_-)
And don't forget Alice, Jemima, Lila, Brenda and goodness know who else on the floor, HEHE.

Ok I am out of pictures so I don't know what to say wtf.

I am just going to.. err.. post a picture of our buys strewn all over the hotel bed.

Ok, back to my drama!! My tissue box is out. T_______________T