Friday, July 10, 2009

Bangkok: Day 1.

Let me begin the post with a picture of my butt wtf.

Here we are at the airport, before our flight! I have always wanted a paparazzi picture of myself!
Blame it on all the gossip magazines I have grew up with, hehe. *wry*

I think you can tell that Teeny is not a morning person wtf. Well, actually, our flight is at 1pm! *shifty eyes* But that means we had to wake up at 9 something k. *tries to convince*

Speak to the hand, hahaha.

Mommy! And her entourage of LV 'travelling' bags. -__-

I was a brat and insisted that I need a coffe fix before my flight; thus we ended up at Old Town coffee shop.

Why, cheekbones!! Who wants to sponsor me liposuction for my cheeks for the emergence of my cheekbones wtf.

Sporting bright nails! My toes were done up too (with nail art!). :P

Got distracted.

Teeny, mommy... and I feel like photoshopping a housefly on the tip of Jing's tongue wtf.

Black and gold.
And a little bit of toe cleavage wtf. Actually my shoes are slightly too big, heh.

On the plane:

Chanel is love vs Coco is dead.

The Grim Reaper wtf.

We wanted to be cautious in the plane, and tried to wear (flimsy) facial masks (my dad could only get us these flimsy paper ones, apparently the effective, heavy-duty ones ran out of stock -_-), but we couldn't breathe under the masks!! I felt so claustrophobic under the masks that I took if off in less than a minute. -__-

Speaking of which, when I asked my mom for facial masks, both my sisters and mom thought I was asking for beauty moisturizing masks. -____-

Err, outfit picture:

White top with asymmetrical hem: Baci
Black leggings: Supre

Sky blue obi belt: Topshop

Studded bangles: Assorted

Black suede shoes with studded fringed ankle straps: Zara

Bag: Miu Miu

Gymnastic skills: Born with it WTF

And finally, Bangkok, here we are!

Lurveeee the metallic hot pink taxis, My kind of car wtf.

Another papparazi picture of me. *shy* Look at my tres glamorous pose wtf.

And theirs wtf.

While waiting for my parents to check in at the hotel:

Romeo and Juliet.

"HI-YAAAA.." kungfu kick wtf.

This is NOT a posed picture!!!! It's a candid picture. T__T
I think I got a little too excited doing my kungfu kicks and amidst my mock kicks, I kicked Teeny... T___T And she wanted to, erm.. do bodily harm to me. T__T

After some freshening up, we headed out for some SHOPPING!

Jing likes to take pictures of buttocks.

BKK style shots, hehe.

Happy tourist 1: Teeny.

Happy tourist 2: Jing.

Blind tourist WTF.
The only proper outfit picture of me are with my eyes closed FML

Black and white striped draped top: Topshop (Teeny's)
Black suede fringed vest: Singapore
Lace bib necklace: DIY
Black and gold chain-link plastic bangle: Teeny's
Black suede shoes with studded fringed ankle straps: Zara
Bag: Miu Miu

Something that I DIY-ed the ight before flying off to BKK! :)

In a tuk-tuk!

For a grand total of 5 seconds, haha.
We scrambled onto the tuk-tuk and started posing and snapping pictures, and suddenly realised that the tuk-tuk wouldn't be able to fit all 5 of us... so we got down. -_- The driver must be like "???", HAHAHA. But we gave him some money as compensation though, heh.

We went to some 'random night market', quoting my dad and my sisters (who have been to Bangkok a few years back).. So obviously I didn't have high hopes for shopping that night!

But I was grossly WRONG!

Shopping was fantastic. T__T
Actually, shopping is great everywhere in Bangkok. Even the night market (sort of like a pasar malam) outside our hotel!

My dad looks so sad in this picture! I don't blame him though, look at his daughters wtf. Now to think of it, this is his expression throughout the trip, HAHAHA!

Going crazyyyyy over shopping. :D

More of Day 2, 3, 4 later! :)


fuzkittie said...

How fun!! Wow your mom has lots of LV! LOL @ liposuction for your cheeks...

Anonymous said...

i think mustardqueen put on weight :P

t3ngt3ng said...

eh ur brother didn't go?

i think the sellers must be very happy when the Hoe's sisters invaded their stall haha..

Sam said...

i love your topshop obi belt!
how much did you get it for?

Tammy ♥ said...

i just got back frm BKK 2 weeks ago.. and i sooooooooo wanna go back there to shop!

i'm so jealous =(

Anonymous said...


*lost of words*

Joce said...

suan lum nite market!! :D

Adryna said...

all is wow i can say. wow im so envious! hehee seeing u all together (ting,you and jing) is nice.. must have been wonderful family trip.
i am curious, if u dont mind, how did you bought the NARS blusher? by online or other ways? cant take my eyes of those cheeks man! :)
btw i didnt see josh in all of the pics, hehe he mustve decide not to go because of the shopping! ;)

Jing said...

AHHHHH I LOOK SUPERRRR FUGGGG! *run and hide from the world wtf*

Joshua said...

No wonder your brother opted not to go, hahaha. I think he would have shared your dad's expression.

Ting's Coco is dead necklace is very niceee

mustardqueen said...

tskkk this post is cursed lor!!!! faster delete it WTF!!!!!

revel in me said...

fuzkittie: Haha, ya, she likes practical bags! :)

anonymous: quite the contrary actually, she lost weight from Melbourne! :) She is really looong and thin now!

t3ngt3ng: Nopess, it was a shopping trip afterall! ;) And hahahah yaaa there were some shops which we made repeat visits to! :P

sam: I got it eons ago, love! Like, when Topshop first opened, I think... Can't remember the price! :/

temmy: ME TOO I am suffering from BKK withdrawal syndrome!! T__T

beingcryst: KENAPAAAA!!! T__T

joce: So many loves in BKK!

adryna: Hehhehe josh is not our brother! He is jing's bestie! :P And my friend got the NARS blusher for me from US! I can't remember exactly how much I paid in USD, but it as roughly RM80-over after conversion! :) It's a really good blusher, very pigmented-- so the color really shows! :) Maybe you can try Actually, singapore might have it too! :)

jing: You don't!! T____T Please don't make me delete the entry wtf

joshua: HAHAHAH I think he will break down and weep!! My dad was super patient during the trip! <3

And I loooove her necklace too! But can't borrow it, she doesn't take it off, it's her trademark! :P

mustardqueen: It's not!!! Don't make me delete!! T___T You look very pretty ok! T___T

Adryna said...

omfg! i really thought josh was your brother, from all of your or jings post, i thought his your brother! im so sorry! phew!
btw thx for the info deariee, i like all of your outfit, not to mention ur blushy cheeks! (too much compliment heee)

Adryna said...

hui wen! *with a something meaning inside's smile* i have decide to buy but there one freaky thing! what shade are your wearing. cuz i think im gonna choose a bit darker than yours, as my skin bit light and yellowish.
gosh i feel like this is a question space. heeee

revel in me said...

adryna: Haha, it's ok dear! It's our fault, we seldom mention our brother WTF! The shade I am using is called 'orgasm', it's NARS best-selling shade! But according to my friend, 'deep-throat' is even better! Maybe you can try that? (try googling for the color first though! :) )

(and yes, NARS has very kinky names! :P)