Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Bangkok is love.

The boyfriend used to play this game with his friends:

They will ask a guy, "What is the capital of Thailand?" And when the poor boy answers, "Bangkok!"

They will go: "BANG COCK?? You asked for it!!" and proceed to start bashing the poor guy's nether region. -______________-

Well, if you ask me the same question, I will gladly tell you, "BANGKOK IS LOVE!!!" :D :D :D

Hola, I am back from the city with the best shopping ever! T_T

Shopped till we dropped is perhaps not an exaggeration at all! In fact, we bought so much stuff that I am actually disgusted with myself. -_____- I kept on shaking my head while we were unpacking, tell my sisters, "this is disgusting... this is disgusting..", hahaha!

We decided that we have shopped too much, so we decided to implement a little bet to restrict ourselves-- we are going to see who can go without shopping for the longest! The first one who breaks the 'shopping fast' will have to treat the other 2 for a meal! :P

No pictures of my loot yet, but here are some preview pictures of our hotel room:

Day 2 of shopping.

Day 3 of shopping.

No pictures from Day 1 and Day 2. ;)

Some pictures from today, we couldn't wait, we were both wearing our Bangkok buys! :P

Trying to show my super bling jewel earrings but I have too much shaggy hair wtf.

Teeny is back! Or rather, her love for bright colors. :P

I love the structured shoulders of my top! *heart*

We were found in Coffee Bean, 'cause wandering around the mall presented too much temptations.. Must. Resist. Must, Not. Lose. Bet. T_T

Teeny said if she doesn't shop, she eats, HAHAHA.

Making ourselves comfy. ;)

Outfit pictures!


I love love love Teeny's top... From where else? Bangkok! :P

I successfully made her look like a hobbit. *bitter wtf*


Almost everything I was wearing is from Bangkok! :D

Gray top with structured shoulders: Bangkok
Navy chain link print skirt: Bangkok
Gray chiffon floral hair-tie: Bangkok
Jewel earrings: Bangkok
Black velvet shoes with tassel and gemstones: Junkyard sale
Bag: Chanel

More about Bangkok soon! :D


Joshua said...

Love the shoulder part of your top!

And Ting's top too!

melissa said...

Can't wait to see the rest of your Bangkok loot!

I know that disgusting's called buyer's guilt!!! I had that when I spent so much at the Zara sale haha. Hopefully it'd go away when we put on our new purchases hoho..

Anyway, you seemed to have lost weight!

mustardqueen said...

shit u din tell me my face too white T__T cheesecakeeee~~~~~~

revel in me said...

joshua: Thank youuuu!! <3

melissa: I thought of taking pics of my buys, but I don't have a big open space for me to spread out my things! T_T My room is like a war zone, gahh. Hahahha YES I feel damn guilty! I am trying to comfort myself that I would have felt more guilty if I DIDN'T buy, haha!

And nooo I didn't lose weight! In fact, I am super bloated now, period. T_T

mustardqueen: Not white, very flawless! <3

xiang yun said...

I SO love your shoes!! OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG and your outfit T.T cantikness!

Anonymous said...

hey i remember u said u went to cellnique facial @ aman suria rite?May I know how much is ur package and how many times?Thought of signing there too after looking at ur dewy skin! =)

fuzkittie said...

You're the chic-est person I know!!

revel in me said...

xiang yun: HAHHAAH you are so excited! :P Can you believe it, I completely forgot about these shoes!! Went about digging my room looking for a scarf, and found them... T__T And everything from BKK is damn niceeee! <333

anonymous: They have this package, when you pay about RM1.4k, and you get about RM1.8k worth of 'credit'? And you can use the 'credit' for any facials-- they will advise you on the facial to be done each time you visit (e.g., if you had a break-out, a diff. type of facial will be used.. or if your skin is dehydrated at that particular time etc). Along with the package, you get free eye treatments, decolletage treatments, hair removal sessions etc. Each facial is about RM200 (or less).. I would say each package (of credit RM1800) last about 1 year (for monthly facials)? It's really quite amazing, recently I suffered really critical acne (for a couple of months already), and within 1 week of using some Cellnique products which they forced me to buy (haha), my skin is now about 70% better!! :O

fuzkittie: WOWWWWW love, that's too huge a compliment! :)))

Vivien said...

omg i underestimated your shopping abilites! <3333 :D faster fasterrr put together your whimsically adorable outfits! i love the shirt's architecture wtff! it looks like a piece of art ;D <33 whee you're back!