Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Not the fish and chips type WTF.

I meant bodily harm.
MY body. T___T

Just last week, after getting into the shower, I realised I forgot to switch on the heater. Throwing a towel over myself, I started walking out of the shower. And slipped. And banged myself against the sliding glass door. T___T I slammed my right leg, my left arm, and the left part of my lower lip against the door. T____T Big bruises on the arm and leg, but thank god my lower lip was just slight swollen and reddish. I would be terrified if it started bleeding!

Haih, but maybe I should thank my lucky stars that at least my lady bits weren't injured WTF.


That's not all. During my weekend back home, I was waving my leg in front of Teeny (to irritate her wtf), when I suddenly caught a close look at my toe, and realised that my big toe nail was cracked! :O

The thing is, I know just the reason why. *dark*

When I was in Bangkok, there as one rainy night where we were all rushing into a cab, and I knocked my feet into a metal bar. Before I knew it, blood was trickling out from my toe. It was scary, but the bleeding stopped after some time so I didn't give it much thought after that; FINE, I was distracted by shopping wtf. The nail must have cracked then!! But I couldn't see it, 'cause I had some funky nail art going on:

Purposely went for a pedicure right before Bangkok-- and specifically asked for bright happy colors! :P

As you can see, it would be quite difficult to have noticed that my nail was cracked. :(

But it is!

This is how the crack looks like-- right down the middle. I can't believe I have been having a cacat toe for 2 weeks and didn't even know about it!


That's not all.

Just the day before, I slipped on the stairs, flew up, and fell on my left knee. T____________T I have got a motherfuckinghuge bruise now, it is super swollen, and I can't wear skirts for work. ARGHHHH.

I think I am going through a phase now. An I-am-the-biggest-klutz-in-the-world phase. -___-

'Cause I have been through this before! A couple of years back, there was this period where by I just kept on getting into accidents, and every other day, I would be spotting a new bruise or cut. -__- I am not a particularly graceful person, but still, this doesn't explain the high frequency of accidents I get into! :(

Just hope that this phase passes soon. *crosses fingers*


Outfit for catching Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince:

Fully covered to hide my bruises wtf.

'Cause we booked the movie tickets rather late, we could only get tickets at Tropicana City Mall, the new mall in Damansara (very near to SS2). Thank god we went there, 'cause we found this new place to eat!

The Otak-Otak Place! This is their menu, btw, damn cute right! :P

Can you still recite your Rukun Negara? ;)

A lot of random knick knacks in the shop.

As the name suggests, the place serves plenty of creative Otak-Otak dishes, such as Otak-Otak Burger, Otak-Otak meatballs, Otak-Otak with noodles etc. I am not sure about you guys, but I am quite a fan of (good) otak-otak. Not those lousy shit where all you get is the coconut milk and spices with no fish inside! One of the best otak-otak I have had was in Aunty Nat. :)

The boyfriend's soya bean and cincau. When the drink arrived at our table, he exclaimed: "Michael Jackson!" WTFFFFF

My rich and yummy iced teh tarik.

The boyfriend's Nasi Lemak Special, which came with chicken and a piece of fantastic otak-otak! I think the otak-otak was lightly fried (contrary to the traditional otak-otak)? It was delicious! *thumbs up*

However, the highlight wasn't in the food.. it was in the container, literally! :P You know those steel stacked containers where people used to bring around to pack their food?? It came in those!!! The boyfriend taught me that it is called a Tiffin container. Click here if you still don't know what I am talking about. :P

Damn cute right! I was staring in awe when the waiter started unstacking the boyfriend's food, haha.

I asked him whether he felt like a poor man eating out of his lunch box, hehehe.

Otak-Otak roll. I had high hopes for this one, 'cause it looked so good in the menu. Alas, it was soggier than I would have liked. I would much prefer for it to be crispy!

My Mee Rebus.

The boyfriend was shocked when he saw me ordering the Mee Rebus since he has never seen me done so before! (I don't like sweet-tasting sauces for savory foods) But I told him I ordered it 'cause there was a printed green leaf next to the Mee Rebus line item in the menu, i.e. it's a chef's recommendation! The boyfriend then told me the leaf means vegetarian FML.


I love this top that I got from Bangkok! All the details are simply lovely. :)))

Can you see my cracked nail. T_T

White ethnic puffed sleeve top with black embroidery and tasseled drawstring: Bangkok High-waisted black pants: Bangkok
Crystal earrings: Chanel
Silver mesh ring (not shown): Melbourne
Black studded heels: Zara
Bag: Miu Miu

Ending abruptly with more pictures of me wtf.

When I talked about accidents with my colleague, we both simutalneously agreed with mock horror:

"Anything but the FACE!!!"


mustardqueen said...

if my friends see that they'll think prisoner container for rice wtf or dog food wtf dman cold -.-

Waifon said...

I was wearing a pair of 5 inches heels with raised platforms <3 today. all was well until i fell down on a tar road cos the road was uneven T_T like seriously with dramatic half turns plus wobbly shit- im- gonna- fall stunts, i think i was uttering some rubbish and when i fell i just whimpered like a dog wtf.

then the next thing i thought of when i was cleaning my wound in the cab was "aiya shit kenot wear skirts already cos this abrasion wound will leave scabs and scars for sometime T_T". and i don't wear pants on a normal basis. only on rare occasion (meaning when i buy a new pair of jeans/ pants for the sake of officiating it wtf)

now damn swollen. can feel the wound going weng weng weng :((( both knees were scraped, left elbow also grazed the tar road and a raw and tender area on my palm after bolstering the fall, which i failed miserably :( you get well soon ya! aih very sad, first time tripping in heels. i have a track record of tripping over my own feet in flip flops or sneakers during my runs but looks like im a changed woman now T_T

xiang yun said...

*laughs at the green laugh scenario* cute lah you! =]]]] my bf and I both agreed that it's like something I would do xD along with all the clumsy stuff! The other day, while walking out to buy burger for supper with my classmates, I walked into a puddle of water and I slipped on my flip-flops and scraped my knees an ankle and they bled. And the best thing is, I have a dinner event to attend to this Saturday. FMLLLLL. Bruises are so not the best accessories :(

PVB said...

aiyor so cham *sob

Joshua said...

Luckily you put the disclaimer on the top, not the fish and chips kind, because this blog would more likely be about food than bruises, wtf

Even the pictures of the toenail not very convincing because it looks pretty not damaged, hahahah

Christian Girl in Harrods said...

I went there a few days ago tooo! wow, so drama one your life, be careful k, and yea protect your face at all times! haha

revel in me said...

mustardqueen: Hahahah damn bad la you all!! I treat you there one day wtf

waifon: Omggg, you poor thing!! Your injuries sound quite bad.. T___T But that is SUCH an apt description, my bruises are going weng weng weng too!! T___T I never knew how to describe the pain until now WTF

Take care, dear, hope your bruises/cuts get well soon.. And most importantly, NO SCARS! :)

xiang yun: HAHAH you meant green LEAF is it!!!!!! I was super baffled, wondering when I mentioned a green laugh HAHAHHA. :P Shit, I am always one to trip even in flip flops FML. And eeek, that is seriously bad timing!! Oh oh oh, you know, there was once, I shaved my leg right before my prom, and I cut a slice of my flesh out!!! RIGHT before my prom!! T___T

pvb: I KNOWW! * wails*

joshua: Hhahahhaa are you trying to be tell me that my blog is marketed as GLUTTONY wtff! And no la, that pic of my nail is taken right after my pedicure!! I didn't take a picture of it, post-crack!!

siewkwan: So ngam! :) Got any nice dishes to recommend? :) And YAAA face is damn precious wtf!

Ashleigh said...

Heh. At least you're not as clumsy or klutzy as I am in PUBLIC!
My bf thinks it's hilarious at the rate I injure myself just wearing flip-flops & somehow tripping over them. -_-