Monday, July 20, 2009

Her obsession.

Outfit for yesterday's family dinner (full attendance with me and Teeny present!) :P

We had some awesome Thai style pork trotter. :D

Tie-dyed pink and baby blue cropped tee: Bangkok
Gray high-waisted shorts with laced-up back: Topshop
Satin polka-dot bow headband with pink diamantes: Teeny's
White and black polka dot wooden bangle: Equip, Australia
Gold studded bangle: Teeny's
Pale pink chiffon bow sandals: Macao
Bag: Miu Miu

I was quick to make sure that my outfit was skimpy and airy wtf, 'cause it was SO BLOODY HOT yesterday!!! In fact, it has been so hot recently. I wore a knitted top to work today and nearly melted into a puddle! But I decided against it, 'cause I refused to die at work and haunt the office for eternal time WTF.

Pretty pink sandals that my mom got from Macao! :)

She sort of went on a shoe binge there...

This is what she got Jing from Macao!! Four pairs of identical slippers in the exact same design, but in different colors!

When Jing showed me that this is what mom got her, I cracked up and started making fun of her, hahaha...

ha..ha...ha... *trails off wtf*

... until I saw what my mom got me. -__________-

#1 This is the pale pink bow sandals that I was wearing in the outfit picture above.

#2 Pale pink bow slippers-- which is the exact same one four wtf that Jing has.

#3 Diamante flower sandals... with, guess what, pale pink bows!

#4 Pale pink bow slippers with bejeweled bow cuffs.

Am I the only one here who sees a pattern wtf.

She also got us a some hair accessories, and 'cause I wasn't home when my mom returned to KL, Jing got first dibs and chose the nicer ones. Obviously I wasn't happy when I found out, 'cause Jing also got first dibs at the gifts Teeny bought for us from Melbourne simply because I was in Singapore at that time. So mom told me to ignore what Jing has chosen, and just pick what I like wtf. She got us a whole bagful, but since I already have an abundance of hair bows, I only chose one item out of the bag. After I made the selection, I casually told Jing that I have already picked one.

Frantic, she asked me, "Which one is it! Is it the one which is a bow, and is pink and shiny!"

I rolled my eyes and told her, "Dudeeee, every thing inside is pink and shiny and comes with a bow"...

to which Jing agreed, and we both burst out in laughter. :P

This is the hair clip that I chose:

Surprise! Pale pink bow.

I honestly think that my mom has a serious case of obsessive compulsive disorder. -____- I saw so much girlie pink in my weekend back home that now the color makes me slightly nauseous wtf. And I am huge fan of pink ok! :/

In the end, I struck a deal with my mom-- I exchanged one of my (many) pale pink bow shoes for another pair. This is the one I picked:

Not pink! :P

Anyway, my mom is not only obsessive, she is also damn crappy! (though my boyfriend might disagree, since one of his nicknames for me is 'Crappy Wen' wtf)

While I was midway in a conversation with Teeny yesterday evening, my mom suddenly came up to me and put her foot on my thigh. -_______-

And she started saying very pompously, "Wahhh my TOES sooooo itchy!!" while touching her toes exagerratedly. Repeatedly.

Turns out that she wanted me to check out her new pedicure. -_______________________-

And yes, guess what color was her pedicure.
Pale pink.


mustardqueen said...

i totally ignored her when she was scratching her toes la and was quite grossed out WTF! where got ppl put the feet on ppls leg wan AHAHAHAHAHA

Sarah said...

I think your mum has good taste =) All the sandals are pretty k~! Even the blue one also very pretty..and why she soo funny one..put her leg on your thighs...hahhaha

xiang yun said...

OMG YOUR MOM SO DAMN CUTE!!! such a joker! hehe toes damn itchy! Like those tai-tais who wear diamond rings and gold bangles that go "wooo today sooo hot horrrr" while fanning herself with her palm, showing off her jeweleries. Damn funny your mom! xD and nice slippers hhahha

Jing said...

My love, i have bad news! T____T I can't text u cos my phn ran out of credit, let jodoh bring us together on MSN wtf!

And fml four pairs of slippers wtf! T___T

Joshua said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAH Your mum damn funnnyyyy

So were the blue sandals your mum's before the trade?

Now I know where the obsession of pink with Jing, you and Ting comes from wtf

The blue sandals verrry nicceee

Suet Li said...

hahaha so cute one! so nice la your mom bought so many things for you all! i like pink and bows and shiny stuff your mom wants god daughter anot wtf

Anonymous said...

adore your outfit :) nicely put! :D

Anonymous said...

ur mom very cute !! n all the sandals + slippers r gorgeous!

revel in me said...

mustardqueen: Well unfortunately I couldn't ignore her 'cause HER FOOT WAS ON ME! T___T YA LA why is our mother like this.. T___T

sarah: Haha, yea, she has a good eye for picking out pretty things.. Though sometimes she goes the other way WTF. I love all the shoes, but I think I won't really wear all of them, simply 'cause they are all so similar-- pale pink, bows, flat! :(

xiang yun: HAHAHHAHA I think my mom is capable of that too wtf! Ya la make fun o me and my shoes laaaa.. *grouchy wtf*

jing: OH NO I am so scared now!! FASTER CONTACT ME RIGHT NOW

joshua: YAAA the blue sandals are actually my favorite! You are right, it was my mom's before the trade-- and thank god for it! T_T

suet li: 'Cause it's cheap there! :) And like I said, she is obsessive, haih. Hahahha I think if she has another daughter she will kill herself wtf

joise: Thank you! <3 Very airy and comfy to wear, I like. :P

anonymous: She will be damn happy (and proud -__-) if she sees this! :P Thank you! :)

Joanne said...

All the sandals are so sweet maybe cos of the pale pink! But I am sure they will look good on you girls. And you have a cute mum too =)

Joanne said...

your mum is super cute and most imptly she shares the passion of u Hoe sisters, shopping! :)
btw i like reading ur blog coz u have this ability to turn a supposedly boring post on slippers into a pleasurable one, ie, all ur posts are really fun and happy to read :)
partly i like to read your purchases too!
was giggling non stop reading ur post :)

Wei Wei said...

overdosage of pink, bows and glitters!!!
but your mum is so funnn!!

Ashleigh said...

The blue sandals are so pretty!!

revel in me said...

joanne: Haha, a bit sickeningly sweet, 'cause of the overload! T_T Thanks love! :)

joanne the whiner: Aww, you are too sweet! :) Everyday I thank my lucky stars that I am not boring WTF. Thank you dear! <333

ps: where did you think we got our shopping genes from, HAHA!

wei wei: SUPERRR overdose!! T___T

ashleight: That's my favorite! *shy*