Sunday, July 19, 2009

I feel like a dead log.

I am dead tired!

Was involved in a company team-building exercise yesterday (Friday) which involves running around Sentosa Island, oh my goodness. And I was wearing my pleather leggins under the scorching hot sun, lord save me.
(we were allowed to go casual for the event)

And I just spend almost the entire day in the stadium watching Manchester United play! Phew, tiring. And ohhh, for you United fans out there, Manchester United is playing again on Monday due to the cancellation of their trip to Jakarta! *click*

I sweated so much in the past 2 days that I can probably drown a small country. T__T Oh, oops, I take back my words. Girls don't sweat, we perspire.

Oh wait, girls don't perspire, we glow. :P

(I still remember this pun from the Archie comics, ehehe)

More about the match another day, not that I have many pictures of it in the first place, unless you count blurry pictures of very hot men warming up WTF.

Outfit picture from sometime back:

Looking a little cock-eyed wtf.

Electric blue chiffon dress with abstract hot air balloon print: Bangkok
Red glitter belt with heart buckle: Topshop
50's satin red hairbow: Vintage
Red patent maryjanes: Topshop
Bag: Marc Jacob

Need to catch some shut-eye now, I am having breakfast brunch early lunch with my sisters tomorrow! We have been planning for one for a month... but no one could wake up early enough for it. -__-


jeanchristie said...

Ah. I was on the 22nd floor of your office on Friday. Thought of calling you for lunch but then the girl who was with us said they had a dept outing so decided against it.

ONiC said...

i love your look. the colors make me happy :]

xiang yun said...

Little balloons are so HEPPI!! =] You wear such happy colours! Looking at them made me feel happy xD

revel in me said...

jean: But I don't work on the 22nd floor! :P

ONic: Thank youuuu! <3

xiang yun: Hehehe thank you! I do my best wtf! :P

jeanchristie said...

i know that my dear, seeing that its meeting rooms and reception :P
the staff was from audit thats why!

and there i thought, wah, so nice wan ah allow staff to wear jeans wtf