Friday, July 03, 2009

Mr. Postman.

Ok, I find the task of going through the 200 pictures I took in/of Pangkor Laut too daunting, so I am going to give up... for now. Wait till I go back to Singapore, and have no friends and nothing to do and during one of those nights where I need to work late and I rebel by blogging instead, then I will write about my trip wtf. 'Cause entries written during those moments are meatier wtf.

Random pictures of yesterday:

Apple and date tong sui.

Iced Hainanese tea.

Claypot loh shee fun.

As you can tell, they are all about food wtf. I was starving myself last week in a last attempt to appear human-like in my bathing suits! T__T

Now that Pangkor Laut is behind me, please allow me to gorge on food. *reaches for doughnut wtf*

Outfit pictures of us, all 3 of us! *sniffles like a proud mama*

Teeny! In an all black ensemble, 'cause after Melbourne, she is afraid of colors. -_____-

Apparently she went into Forever 21 in KL, and was frightened by the vast arrays of florals and bright colors, hahaha. But this is very strange ok! We are talking about a girl whose favorite color was neon orange wtf.

But I think she is recovering! 'Cause she wanted to buy a skirt with more than 5 colors on it just now wtf.

Jing, who is under orders to don loose-fitting clothes only!

She has been feeling unwell (nauseous, not H1N1 la wtf) for the past few days, and the doctor suggested that one of the reasons might be 'cause her clothes are too tight, hahaha. It's a huge challenge for Jing to find anything loose in her wardrobe (skintight and slutty is her thing HAHA), so she comes to my closet. -___-

I think she was feeling sick purely 'cause I was away, and not with her la! Now that I am back from Pangkor Laut, she is feeling better again. *flips haur* :P

Mr. Postman wtf.

I was holding things that I was supposed to ship out to my buyers! So sorry, girls (you know who you are), for taking so long! :(

That's one of the reasons why I have sort of stopped updating Boudoir Boudoir, it's quite difficult for Jing and I to coordinate shipping arrangements (she is the one who helps me ship out the packages). :(

Blue-gray shift dress with sheer chiffon flared side panels: Bazaar
Gray hat with embellished brooch: Forever 21
Pearl necklace: Topshop
Black stockings with wraparound ribbon detailing: KL

Purple suede laced up heels: Nine West
Bag: Marc Jacobs

A piece of good news for me... There is bonus!! (there were many rumors that bonus will be abolished this year due to the economy crisis). What should I buy! Haha!


Joshua said...

I have a feeling the bonus will go to another bag... :P

melissa said...

Haha, you look great Huiwen!
I think Jing is probably the only person to receive such advice from the doctor! Hahaha.. :P

Jezmine Blossom said...

babe.... i took a pic of jing to be posted on my blog tau, let me know if its not okay... anways, it was great seeing u guys at urbanscapes!!!

revel in me said...

joshua: And you know me a little too well! :P

melissa: Thank youuu! :D And HHAHAHAH YAAA! And she doesn't learn, you should see the skirt she just packed for BKK, it's like half her size! T__T

jezmine: Don't worry, it's ok love! And I don't think Jing will mind too! :) It was great to see you too! <3

Anonymous said...

Hi there!
You and sisters got lots of nice stuff.
Anyway, do u know roughly how much a Chanel necklace would cost?
thanks :)

revel in me said...

anonymous: Thank you dear! :) Hmm, it depends on how elaborate a necklace you are looking for... A simple one with just the double-C pendant will probably cost around 1k plus, whereas a layered one with charms could cost 6k-plus! In fact, I saw a gorgeous piece that day going for 3o-over k.. T____T