Friday, July 24, 2009

Never before seen footage wtf.

I was in such a rush to get to KL to meet the boyfriend for lunch that I completely forgot to put on eyeliner!!


I NEVER EVER EVER EVER go out without eyeliner!! NEVER EVER EVER EVER. In fact, I seldom miss a step in my make-up regime, although there may be once or twice whereby I forgot to apply blusherfor work (and ended feeling ugly and inferior for the whole day wtf). But eyeliner!!! I NEVER EVER EVER EVER.... you get my point wtf.

I have tiny eyes, so without eyeliner, my eyes look positively slitty, and I just look tired and meh. :( I can live without any make-up item, but I don't think I can survive without my trusty eyeliner. Without concealer or foundation or blusher, but still with eyeliner, at least I would still look like Hui Wen. But without eyeliner, I will just look like another person!!! T_T

Imagine my shock when halfway driving into KL, I looked into the rearview mirror, and didn't see my usually perfectly lined eyes looking back into me!!! I was half-tempted to turn back home to I can put on some eyeliner. But I knew if I do so, I would surely miss my lunch appointment with the boy, so I bravely strived on. T_T During my drive, I got horned, and I blamed it on the fact that I had no eyeliner and thus, was UGLY. T____T

I have never posted pictures of me without eyeliner!! Except for maybe pictures of me in my first year of blogging. *dark*

Do I look very different? *scared to hear the answer wtf*

Outfit for siew yoke with the boyfriend:

Blurry so you can't see my eyeliner-less face wtf.

Feeling earthy.

Brown tie-dyed scooped neck tee with crossed back: From my teen years
Black flared skort: Singapore
Brown silk scarf: Thrifted
Silver texturised cuff: Teeny's
Vintage tan and black brogues: Thrifted
Navy quilted bag with gold studs: Miss Selfridge

I have now divulged the one make-up item that I can't live without, one of my best-kept secrets wtf!! It is like my Archilles heel k!! If you hate me with your guts, you could just steal my eyeliner, and I will be vulnerable WTF.

So girls, now I want to know, what is the one make-up item YOU can't live without? ;)
Guys can, err, share too WTF.


PVB said...

u look great even without the eyeliner, really geh :) i can't live without bb cream, blusher, mascara & lip gloss. but sometimes i just don't care and go out with a naked face lol

Cass said...

babe you still looked the same even without eyeliner.

the only thing i can't live without's the same as you, EYELINERS!

just the other day i met up with my crew for makan, they were all telling me how diff i looked. :( they even said i looked like a young girl wtf -.-

wait.. i AM a young girl -.-

sigh there goes my life *hangs self*

Sarah said...

I can't live without alot of to choose?? I could choose only one thing then I think I'll choose mascara. Or maybe blusher..cos blusher makes everyone look good, no? Concealer's good too for my dark circle so I can't possible rule that out. p/s: You look okay without eyeliner =) Just a bit different, but still pretty~!

Anonymous said...

You have such good skin! *jealous.
No la, once in a while without eyeliner, is quite refreshing to see. better than always same look leh..


I used to live with these make ups during my teenage years, very very hard to go out without any. Now with slightly better skin, i force myself to stop using foundation. apparently my skin got better la. hehe.

Anonymous said...

hello??? u look so pretty ok!!! roars!

Jacqueline said...

I cant live without eyeliner too! haha

Anonymous said...

definitely concealer. i have eyebags that can scare pontianaks away. i think you look similar without your eyeliner no worries!


joycezhi said...

BB Cream!! coz it gives me the perfect looking skin..with a little glow!!
and oh...i love my blusher!! and mascara!! and eyeliner!! and concealer!! and my BobbiBrown Shimmer Brick!!!

do i have to choose just one?


Anonymous said...

could've popped into any watsons/guardian and used their sample eyeliners for a day.

Anonymous said...

Omg u are so freaking fat in the pics....u need to lose some weight before deciding to put on the eye liner. Please wat's the point of the liner if u are that fat ? no diff...gosh geez

Gwencws said...

I think u look just as nice without the liner...u look fresh and err...girl-next-doorsey? Hehe. Nice!

And i cant live without mascara! Loads and loads of mascara cos im too lazy to apply any other eye make up for day.

And just ignore anon above...jealous people...pfftt~

xiang yun said...

Omg.. I can't live without my eyeliner too!!! It just brightens up your whole face. Mascara I can live without, but not eyeliner T.T I understand how you feel. And, ehhh put up some items on Boudoir-Boudoir leh hehee

ailing22 said...

erm...I think you look the same!! Gorgeous skin!!

Nazi? said...

Are you kidding me?????

This just SHOWS how good you look even when you have no make up on! Which means you are naturally gorgeous OK??? *pissed*

And i love you skin, wennn!!! :D

mustardqueen said...

anonymous 1.12am is not making any sense WHO SAYS FAT PEOPLE CANNOT WEAR EYELINER??? And which part of my sister looks fat?!?? You should get a life first before putting any makeup on your face instead of asking my sister to lose weight before putting eyeliner because WHO IS GONNA SEE when all you do is diss people online. HEH pot calling kettle black.

PVB said...

anon @ 1.12am, you need a life. like seriously.

i wish i have nice body like hui wen and also her perfect flawless skin.

Anonymous said...

bb creamm!!! but when i feel too lazy i will just ggo out with bareface...malas...btw anon u r so bitter alalalal


Nana said...

Yeah, whats with dissing people anonly? Get some guts to show who the hell you are before doing such things. If you cant be bothered looking at her pics just leave la for God's sake.
I acnt live without my eyeliner too! Gimme 5!

carmie said...

yea, eyeliner is quite essential..=) n i cant live without mac powder too. its the bomb!

no 3 and 4 on the list would be eyebrow pencil and blusher..

and i dont get anon 1:12am. fat ppl cant wear eyeliner? where's the relation ?? does he/she knows what eyeliner is for in the first place?

some ppl are jus ignorant fools...=)

revel in me said...

PVB: Haha, thank you dear! Actually if it's up to me, I also cannot part with my BB cream, blush and concealer!! And my lip balm!!

cass: Not the same la!! *touched* HAHAHHAH YAA I feel like without eyeliner, I look 'fresh' but not in a good way!! Like roadkill WTF.

There there, we ARE young!! *sayangs* :P

sarah: HAHHA you are so greedy!! :P mascara? Means you are one of the blessed people with long lashes right!! *jealous* I don't even bother with mascara, 'cause my lashes are so short that even after application, there is not much difference FML. And I have a dark eye-circles problem too! T__T

anonymous: Hahaha, so you are one of those who get bored easily huh. WTF. :P Aah, you are so lucky!! I am desperately praying for the day my skin becomes nice enough for me to go without make-up completely. :( The big step I took to improve my skin was switching from foundation to BB cream! :P

miss hazel: As always, you are too manis ok!!! T__T (eh btw, did you understand the previous pin yin comment I gave you hahaha)

jacqueline: YAAA it makes such a difference to the face! <3

rachel: HAHHAHA scare pontianak away wtff!! You can be ghostbuster ar, HAHAHA. I have very bad eye-circles too!! The worst thing is, there is no cure.. The only thing we can do is to conceal them. T_T

joycezhi: You sound frantic, HAHHAHA! :P Oooh, now I know your make-up regime!! Your make up is super flawless la, babe, damn nice. T___T

p.s: What is a shimmer brick? ;)

anonymous: OK THAT IS DAMN SMART!! But I was just supposed to fetch the bf from his office and bring him to the 'siew yoke' place-- there wasn't any pharmacies/make-up counters along the way! T_T

anonymous (1.12am): Your comment is so laughably childish, and only reveals how shallow and close-minded you are. If you think that is fat, you have critical body image issues. You are the one who needs professional help, not me.

gwencws: Haha, I don't want to look like the girl next door!!! :P I want to be HOT, hehehe. Oh my, I am damn jealous! Layers of mascara do no difference to my lashes! (which is why it's not one of my essentials.. T__T)

Adryna said...

i need the most i really need and can't go out without is foundation. if not i will be looking dull and look so horrible. ehe well other than that it would be lip balm. hehe in this hotness of malaysia all of my skins would be dry like leather. T____T

etcetera; said...

at least you have double eyelid! huhu i have single eyelid and my student asked me "teacher, do all chinese have small eyes like you?" -_-"
then i was lazy so i headed to campus without eye makeup at all, and the coffee shop aunty said i looked like i just woke up FML.

joycezhi said...

Shimmer brick is like a bronzer/highlighter/shimmer powder all rolled into gives a very nice rosy glow to the face...
i LOVE LOVE it!!
and oh...reading my comment again i realized i left out my ULTIMATE FAVE product...the fake lashes!!!
and im surprise none of the girls here actually mention works MAGIC!!!

Ashleigh said...

It would have to be eyeliner for me too! I feel so NAKED without it, the last time I went for a facial and didn't bring my eyeliner with me. T_T

Joie said...

i cant live without eyeliner and .......BB cream! and i do think you look the same with or without eyeliner which means, u dont look as bad as you thought you do! you have excellent skin and style la, dont worry abt the liners~!

fourfeetnine said...

you don't look very bad also! look quite sleepy cute what! /shy

oh i can't live without concealer and mascara!

and i saw kit mey last night and missed you T_______T

Peggy said...

i think you look clean without the eyeliner.. its ok to go without it once a while i guess.. and oh, your shoes are very cute.. :)
i don't always put on make up but i think eyeliner can really make me look better and not so sleepy.. :)

gem said...

i see no difference.

revel in me said...

xiang yun: YAAAA without eyeliner, I look very tired!! Hahhaha, I want to, but I am so lazy! T__T

ailing22: Haha, thank you dear!! <3

nazihah: EHHH love, nono, I do have make up on!!! I had foundation and concealer on!! If not, I would scare all of you away already. T______T

mustardqueen: HAHHAAHHA your comment damn funny!! Thank you /boo

PVB: Thank you dear. :) And EHHH don't don't hope for my body!! I am not skinny!! T__T

yee: Confirmed you have natural good looks!! T_T I can't go out bare-faced laa... unless it's to the mamak, hehe. And haha ya, some people amuse me with their bitterness. ;)

nana: *gives 5 back* :P Eyeliner is damn important! <3 And haha, what to do, some people have to put others down to feed on their ego because they have insecurity complex. Thank you dear!

carmie: Is the mac pwder any good? I gather it's a loose powder? :) I think for me, it's 1. eyeliner, 2. concealer, 3. blusher! :P
Haha, they are just so filled with hatred and insecurity that they can't even be coherent! Oh well! Thank you though! :)

adryna: I need my tinted lipbalm too!! Without it, my lips look very pale (my sisters said 'GRAY' FML) T___T

belinda: *waves hands* I have small eyes too!! :P I may have double eyelids, but they are might small ones. T____T So we are on the same boat k. T__T

joycezhi: WAHHH! I have always wanted to use a highlighter, but I am afraid that if I don't know how to use it, I will make my face looks bigger than it already is WTF. And omggg I still don't know how to put falsies T__________T

ashleigh: But why would you wear eyeliner during your facial!! T____T

joie: You are too nice!! T_____T Let me blow you some kisses!! <3

fourfeetnine: Sleepy cute? Like the dwarf ar wtf!! And /boo with such long lashes like yours, of course you can choose mascara as a necessity la! *bitter wtf*

Omg omg, you mean artistry ar!! I didn't know everyone went, if not I would have gone.. T___T

peggy: Usually I look dirty ar!! T___T

gem: That's a good thing, right? :P