Saturday, July 04, 2009

"Pack light'.

... was my dad's instructions for our Bangkok trip.

But obviously, my dad's concept of traveling light is very different from ours wtf. We have came to a conclusion that for our 4-day trip, we need 5 day outfits (1 spare), 2 on-the-plane outfits (to and fro from Bangkok), and at least one night outfit (I can't imagine hitting a club in Bangkok with my parents to be honest. -_-). As usual, all these excludes pajamas and other lounge-in-hotel-room clothes. *shifty eyes*

And to think that our original plan was to go to Bangkok with empty suitcases. -__-

But of course, I am an obedient daughter. After hearing my dad's words of wisdoms, I have decided to eliminate the shoes that I am bringing from 5 pairs to 3 pairs. T_________T Do you have any idea how hard a decision that was. T____T

(I will still try to sneak in a pair of heels though *shhh*)

Random outfit picture this week:

White tank dress with asymmetrical hem: Mphosis
Pink paisley print opaques: River Island
Pale pink beads: Sister's
Gold chain: Random
Pink bangles: Sister's
Powder blue strappy heels: Online
Bag: Miu Miu

Everyone looked down at my legs that day, haha. Kind of reminds me of my nightmare of appearing in school fully naked WTF.

There seemed to be quite a few people going to Bangkok around this time! So far, I have 3 of my colleagues, and another 3 of my friends going to Bangkok in July. Before I went on leave, one of my colleagues who is going to Bangkok next week begged me to leave some things in Bangkok for her to buy HAHAHA.

Anyway, I am really excited for the trip!! Can you believe it's the first time I am going to Bangkok. *shy* The last family trip we have had was to Japan, THREE years ago! T_T Although there is no full attendance for our Bangkok trip (Brother Hoe is not going, 'cause he knows it's a shopping trip, HAHA), it is something to look forward to! :))))

May shopping god be with us! *kiss the floor wtf*


superumi said...

I totally with capital 'L', Love this outfit. the white tank, colourful tights and blue strappy shoe. bliss.

electronicfly said...

yes hui wen leave some things there for other ppl to buy! and pls don't leave the fresh fruits and vege oni k~~~


Have fun!

xiang yun said...

Yay to not packing light when we're supposed to! =]

Very nice shoes =]]]]

Gwencws said...

I too am going to Bkk this coming weekend for 6 days =D Cant wait...and im just going to bring 3 days' outfit and buy everythg else there. Quite hero haha.

Have a great time going crazy shopping in Bkk, Hui Wen!

revel in me said...

superumi: Wow love, thanks! :)))) I was so happy when I foudn happy printed tights! :P

electronicfly: HAHHAHAHAHAH leave only fruit and vege HAHHAHHA! Your comment is classic, 'cause it's jing always talk about it fondly wtf! :P

xiang yun: HAIHH regret when we packed to go back to KL-- not enough space! T___T

And thank you! <3 I would prefer them to be higher though! :(

gwencws: It's probably a little too late for you to see this now, but HAVE FUNNNN!! 6 days, I AM SO JEALOUSSS!!

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