Monday, July 06, 2009

Random things and would-be dreadlocks.

As you all are reading this, hopefully Shopping God is smiling kindly at me from the (shopping) heavens above. *teary*

Clasp your hands together and pray for me k! If I get to buy a lot a lot a lot of pretty things, and I will be in an eternal good mood! (I can see the boyfriend starting to pray now wtf).

Can you all tell that I have high hopes for Bangkok!! *crosses fingers*

Random thing #1:

Teeny and I had a little DIY session, and we made pretty things! Going to wear mine in BKK. :P

Random thing #2:

What I wore for Transformers!

Charcoal gray boyfriend blazer: Topshop
Denim tank dress with cutouts: Supre
Silver double chain trinket necklace: Australia
Black suede shoes with fringed studded ankle straps: Zara
Bag: Chanel

Did you all enjoy Transformers? I thought it's too much of action (and too much of Megan Fox, it's all the boyfriend talks about now WTF T_T) I can't even differentiate the Autobots from the bad guys! But I guess guys would love the movie, as the boyfriend called it: "action pornography" -__-

Random thing #3

I have really weird family members. Just now when I wanted to go into my room, I noticed that the door was left ajar (it's usually left shut). Curious, I walked into my room to find my mom standing in the middle of the room with a walkie talkie in hands, talking into the walkie talkie: "Lou Gong (husband in Chinese), can you hear me? Over! Over!"


I have yet to find out what the walkie talkie is for, though I have a nagging feeling it has something to do with BKK. *dark*

Random thing #4
While I was typing away, Teeny was braiding my hair-- my curls gave really good hold to the braids, and now I have a head full of braids.. and Teeny is nowhere to be found. -___________-


The Faux Fashionista said...

HAHAHA your family is so cute! And about transformers, I thought I was the only one who couldn't tell the Autobots from the Decepticons!!!! But seriously, Megan Fox is one hot piece of a$$...

AiLing said...

hahahaha.....I cannot stop laughing when u said ur mum holding a walkie talkie in ur room! Ur parents are so cuteeee!!

revel in me said...

faux fashionista: Hahhaha I guess there is never a dull moment in my family.. :P And YA LA all the robots are of the same color, how to differentiate!! *@#!%$

And megan fox.. Please let her be a man wtff

ai ling: HAHAHHA trust me, after the shock of seeing my mom in my room with the wakie talkie, I laughed my head off at the weirdness of the situation too! :D